You’re not supposed to sleep with him a first date? No one told me that… *photo included* sex confession

We literally have dating at our fingertips nowadays. It’s so easy to swipe right and then poof, you can literally get fucked just like that. So I matched with this guy on tinder and I maybe, perhaps, possibly spoke to him for like a combined total of 2 hours before I told him I was down for drinks. I was also down to go down on him but he didn’t need to know that…. yet.

He picked a semi-decent bar, good music, high sexual tension flowing across the table and before you know it, after just two drinks, I’m in the passenger seat of his car, un-buttoning his trousers and slutting my way towards his cock. Once we stop at the traffic lights I fully take it out and oh boy, was I happy. I spit, drool, slurp and deepthroat it, so much so that even his jeans are wet by the time we get to his house.

We pull up in his driveway and I literally drag him into his house by the cock. I slide off my little cocktail dress to reveal my green lingerie set and before I know it he’s pulling out my big, slutty, 34DD tits and sucking on them as I jerk his Godzilla of a cock off. He turns me around and pushes me up against the wall as he proceeds to slide inside my walls. He however did not take into account how tight of a cunt I have (for a slut) and after about two minutes of drilling the shit out of me, he yells “I’m gonna fucking cum”. I ask him if he wants to cover these big fucking tits… it was more like a rhetorical question, of course he does. And like the good little fuck toy that I am, I get on my knees as he proceeds to drench my tits in cum. I guess when you’re as horny as I am… first dates are always for fucking.[me](

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  1. Loved reading this. Just as much as I loved looking through your lingerie pics. Love the stockings and heels!


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