Your hot coworker pt 1 erotic short stories

“you’re late, again” your boss says as you clock in 10 minutes late, “for the third time this week, seriously?”

“sorry, my bad. The train just wasn’t on time.”

“it’s always the train, riiight. Well since you can’t manage to be on time, you have to help Monica clean the back room.”

“wait, what? that things a mess.”

“maybe don’t be late and you won’t have shitty assignments.” she says as she walks away.

You make your way to the locker room, and then the back where you see Monica bent over trying to pick up a box. Her slender ass looks like a perfect peach in the black dress that she is wearing and you immediately regret not jerking off before work as you start to feel your dick rub up against your jeans. “Hey Monica, let me help you with that,” rushing over to her side to help her with the box.

“you got stuck back here too?” She asks while you carry the box to the end of the room.

“yep, all because trains can never run on time”

“or because you can never be on time,” she says with a smirk on her face.

” or that. I guess we’ll never know. How many of these things are there?”

“about 50, plus we have to organize them and tag them. Honestly it’s probably going to take us all day.”

“damn, that honestly sucks, stupid train.”

“Hey, the bright side is that like no one comes back here and we can basically listen to music and take out time. I don’ think they expect us to finish today, ya know?”

“yeah, that’s not too bad I guess.” As you turn back around Monic is bent over looking through a box, her dress coming up right below her ass.

“Honestly there’s noth-” she turns around, catching you staring at her. “Umm, excuse me. Is something distracting you?” She says with a teasing smile on her face walking towards you.

“Me? oh nothing, just… thinking ya know?”

“Thinking about what?” Monica is standing right in front of you looking up. She’s a little short, but then again you’re tall. “Mmm what’s this?” Her right hand starts to rub your groin through your jeans.

“Monica,” you say stepping back, “we’re at work. You’re hot but I’m already in enough trouble-”

“You think I’m hot?” A smile spreads across her face as she moves close to you again, getting on her knees. “Honestly, we’re going to be back here a while and no one is going to come in and check on us until we have to leave.” She unbuckles your belt. “So we might as well have some fun.” Her brown eyes widen as she pulls down your pants and pulls your cock out. “I’m not going to lie, I didn’t think it’d be this big.”

“Hey-” you let out a soft moan as she puts your whole cock in her mouth. You can feel her tongue moving on the bottom of your shaft as some tears roll down her brown skin.

“Sorry,” she says gasping for air, I just wanted to see if I could fit the whole thing. Hold on one sec,” Winking at you she pulls the top of her dress down exposing her small breasts. “Mmm, someone likes that, huh?” She gasps your cock with both her hands, stroking it. Her top thumb playing with the head of your penis. Moaning, you move her hair out of her face as she puts the tip back into her mouth sucking on it. Her lips gliding up and down your cock as she uses her body to steady herself.

“Fuck Monica, that feels so good.” Monica makes eye contact with you and there’s a lustfulness’ in them you haven’t seen before. She grasps your cock, to the point where it might hurt if she holds tighter.

“Give me that fucking cum,” she lets out as she jerks you off faster. Both hands moving up and down your shaft, as you can feel the tension in your body increasing you close your eyes letting out soft breathes. You’re about to tell her you’re going to cum when she says, “look at me.” as you open your eyes she takes your cock and smacks it against her face, then puts the whole thing in her mouth again.

“Fuuuck, Monica,” you let out as your cum fills her mouth. She moans with pleasure as she gulps it down.

“Mmm, that was some good cum. I needed that.” She lifts her head back up and heads to the bathroom. Alright, so I say we work for little bit and then you go down on me.”

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