Will property showings go back to the way it was pre-pandemic? erotic confession

I have fond memories of 2018-2019 when I was looking for a place. Sure, there were shoe covers and the occasional open houses with large crowds. But there were also more intimate appointments where it was just the buyer and the buyer’s agent, no video-only showings, no fear of touching anything or anyone. It could be very spontaneous sometimes, very last minute.

Back then, I contracted a married couple who ran a real estate business. Both were realtors and they would cover each other sometimes. Some days, it was the wife showing me listings, other days it was the husband. They were in their 40s and seemed quite knowledgeable. I trusted them.

On one occasion, when I visited a listing with the husband alone, I pulled out my phone to show him a few things I noticed on the Zillow pics, so I could look at those details in person. Unfortunately, my Tinder app icon was right next to my Zilllow (my two most used apps at the time). He didn’t miss that detail. In fact, he commented on it, and I was surprised he even knew what the app is, let alone what it looked like.

About a couple weeks after that appointment, I went on another showing with him that was by appointment only. We were given the code to enter the building/unit and he showed me a fantastic feature that was rarely seen in urban one bedrooms: a big ensuite with double sinks. It was in fact big, and marvelous. I was admiring the stone counter when I suddenly felt his hand cupping my butt. I jolted a little, and looked up at the mirror to see him standing right behind me. He wrapped an arm around my neck and whispered to me “don’t fight it”.

Did he find my Tinder profile and discover what a sexually “adventurous” bio I had written?? I was too shocked to say yes, and too shocked to say no. I froze there, feeling his hand make its way inside my jeans. I felt his middle finger slide in my buttcrack, and the next thing I knew, my jeans were down to my knees. He played with his cock on my butt for a while, “hotdogging” it while he pulled my hair to make me stare into his eyes through the mirror. Eventually his head found footing in my butthole, and he guided himself in. “Don’t fight it” he reminded me again, “be good” he would tell me as he started pounding deeper and harder, like a wise teacher dispensing advice as things were about to get tougher, for me. And he kept escalating his thumps, making me look into his eyes in the mirror while he utterly destroyed me, and all the while I knew not what his cock looked like. I just knew how his head felt, how his shaft felt, and how his balls felt slapping against the back of my thighs. And I knew that vanity was sturdy.

After he finished dispensing his wisdom in me, I asked him how he knew I wouldn’t resist. It turns out he downloaded the app after he saw I was on it, and restricted the age range of his search to just my age, and swiped until he found me. And he read my whorish bio. He simply said, “Carpe Diem”.

I am glad he seized me that day. I am glad I behaved as he instructed me to. And I continued to be good for the subsequent showings when we were alone. We were not afraid to touch anything, to soil anything. I hope we can one day return to those showings, without seeing the place on my own, without video-only showing, without fear of touching, without fear of soiling, so I can be good again.

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