Wild Intimate Party, (pre-Covid). short sex stories

Wild Intimate Party, (pre-Covid)

This happened in September 2019. We had been planning a fun erotic party for a small group of friends we have made through the years during our travels to Desire Resorts in Mexico. It’s 5 couples of mainly wealthy friends that like to live large and share our erotic fun. Everyone is in their 40’s pretty much. Everyone is super fit, as most are Triathletes or Crossfit athletes which is how we all initially became attracted to each other while in the lifestyle resort. We alternate years when we meet in Mexico and we meet a second time at one of our homes, this was our year to host and boy did we have a fun plan.

We arranged for everyone to travel to our city, (Boca Raton Florida). We had a great first night dinner in Delray Beach and everyone turned in early since some travel from far distances in the US. The next day, we rented a party bus and took the entire group to Haulover Beach for some nude sunbathing, volleyball, drinks and fun. While we were gone, I hired a small crew to clear my living room area and set up massage tables, and put up curtains, (I’ll explain in a second). We live on the main Intracoastal and have large windows facing the ocean in a very large living area with a bar to the side.

When we got back, I instructed the ladies to go shower and wear robes. I asked the men to do the same. We had purchased a robe for everyone (white for ladies, black for men) with a name we have given our group and the date as a memento of this trip. When the ladies came down we told them to pick a massage table and to lay down. They can pick to lay on their back or front to start but change as they want to through out the experience. The curtain which were set up perfectly covered half of their body from the waist up. When they laid down, the guys now had full control and the girls would not know who was touching, licking, fingering, fucking, etc. them. I had laid out oils by each table, condoms, blindfolds and I spent nearly $800.00 on brand new adult toys of every kind to be used including some S&M stuff, (whips, gags, etc.). We spent the next 4 1/2 hrs doing pretty much everything you can imagine to these girls. Every girl was able to experience each guy in one way or another. They loved not knowing who was doing what. I looked over at my wife at one point and she had her legs straight up while one of my friends was balls deep in her ass while he had a dildo in her pussy and she was crying from the orgasm that ravaged her for nearly 45 seconds. I was balls deep in one of the girls who was in doggy position while I gently pulled out a string of balls I had inserted in her ass while I fucked her.

Once we were done and completely physically spent, we stayed up enjoying wine, cigars and talking about what everyone enjoyed. In most cases the women had no idea who was doing what unless the guy spoke during the act. Some girls laid face down with their legs dangling down while the guy fucked them doggy style, some girls eventually asked to suck cock so they would put on the blindfold. One girl wanted another girl to straddle her face while she got fucked by someone. One of the girls wanted to try DP so she put on a blindfold and two guys took her. It was wild and so amazing in so many ways. Can’t wait for 2021 as the couple hosting next year said they have something crazier planned and this excites and scares us at the same time. Lol.

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