Wife’s work Christmas party when aged 24 sex stories

I found some photos of my wife on her old computer recently when she was aged 24. We had split up at the time for 6 months in total. These pics were 2 months after we split up and she’s at her works Christmas party. She was with a director who is based at another branch.

The digital date stamp of the 2 party pics are 2hrs 20minutes before the 1st bedroom photo

Let me know what your thoughts are

[director1 party](https://imgur.com/a/ahdN3Xo)

[director2 party](https://imgur.com/a/B5OQCs6)





The 1st pic I didn’t really take much notice as it was a candid photo, a little drunk, glass of wine in hand.

The 2nd pic what struck me was the big smiles on each other’s face, the low cut strapless dress she went out wearing, the way he is holding her tightly and pulling her into him so her breast is touching.

The 4th Bedroom pic, although not clear for you is he said something as she is smiling and looking in the direction of his cock

Just to add I actually met the guy 2 years after that Xmas party, I didn’t know what happened between them. Wife wouldn’t even look at him never mind talk to the guy.

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  1. Well someone took photos of your wife naked while you were on a “break”. Yeah they fucked. The question really is are you hung up on some shit from the past or able to get over it?


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