Wife’s [F] revelation about fellow wedding guest [M] non-fiction sex stories

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So my wife of two years (Cara) and I (both early 30s) were at the wedding of a friend of her’s last year. I was already quite horny that morning because my wife (small, curvy blonde) is looking very hot in her favourite little black dress and I’d seen what underwear she was wearing underneath (no bra and just a tiny black g-string thong) while she was getting ready in our hotel room. This dress has a distinctive neckline which always draws attention to her boobs. I knew I’d be getting laid later and couldn’t wait to bury my face in her tits and pussy. If people like this story, I can maybe share a few pics of Cara later.

The ceremony

At the end of the ceremony, lots of people we haven’t seen in a long time are there and we’re saying hello. I recognise everybody mostly, except this one guy who approaches us and says to my wife “Cara, long time no see!” and he leans in and hugs her (maybe a little too long) and kisses her cheek. Now, nothing unusual about that really, but for some reason, you could have suddenly cut the atmosphere with a knife. My wife says hello back but her face goes bright red and she’s clearly flushed to have seen this guy and been surprised by him. The guy looks her up and down (lingering on her chest), tells her she looks great, and then moves away and I ask her who it was. She says it’s just an old friend of hers and the bride from their “partying days”. She then looks down at her dress and asks me if she’s showing too much cleavage, clearly having noticed him looking. I jokingly say she’s showing enough to give guys something to think about later but not enough for a public hard-on at a wedding.

The reception

While eating later at the reception, I decide to ask my wife again who the guy was and why her face had gone so red. She gets a little annoyed at me and tells me to just drop it. But there’s clearly something going on that I need to find out. I see him sitting across the room at another table and say to her “that guy keeps staring at you” (he wasn’t at this point) and she eagerly looks around and says “oh my goodness, does he?” The nervous smile on her face again suggests there’s more to this.

At the bar

Luckily for me, this wedding is quite a lively one and so much drinking was going on. Much later on, I wind up standing at the bar with the guy and a few men I assume are his friends. They’re all quite drunk and having a laugh with each other. The guy turns to me and says “oh you’re Cara’s guy, how you doing?” I tell him I’m fine and ask him how he knows Cara. He says “oh, you know, just old friends in our 20s. She looks fantastic in that dress, you’re a lucky guy.” I said something like, “yeah thanks, she’s a hottie.”

At this point, one of the guys behind him starts laughing and the guy tells him to shut up. So I say “she seemed a bit shy and nervous about seeing you again, so just wondering what the context of your friendship was”. The guy doesn’t say anything but his laughing friend says, and this is verbatim because I remember it so vividly, “just tell Cara to let us know if she needs to go to the bathroom later”. I’m so confused by this and don’t know whether to punch him or just laugh. In the moment, I didn’t know whether I’d just misunderstood a joke. Before I get a chance to say anything, the two friends walk away from the bar, leaving me alone with the guy. I was like “what was that all about, the bathroom thing?” He replies, “let’s just say I KNOW (emphasis on ‘know’) how lucky you are and you should ask Cara about the bathroom thing”. Then he just walks off. At this point, I feel like I’m being cucked by this guy and I don’t know whether to be angry or horny.

Back at the table

I sit down next to Cara again, who is drinking about her 6th gin and tonic. She’s very tipsy and with her, legs crossed, looks so sexy. The tightness of her little black dress means it’s risen up quite a bit while seated, showing off her gorgeous thighs. I just keep picturing her shaved pussy under there, separated from the whole room by just a tiny black thong. There’s an old guy at our table who keeps staring at her legs, which is always confirmation that you have quite a sexy wife, I think!

Once I’m sitting down again for a few minutes, I whisper to Cara that the guy from earlier and one of his friends had just told me at the bar: “just tell Cara to let us know if she needs to go to the bathroom later”. She immediately grabs my arm and asks me to repeat what I just said. I did and I could feel her body start to shake a little bit and her face getting red again. I initially thought she was angry but I now realise she was actually excited.

I said “what does he mean by that, honey?” And she just says she doesn’t know. I said to her something like “look, I can see your face getting red when we talk about this guy, if it’s about him being an ex or one of your past sexual encounters, that’s totally fine with me. I wouldn’t normally ask. But the guy has just said something about it to me directly, so I’d like to know”.

At that point, she immediately pulls me up from the chair and says “come with me”.

The revelation

She drags me to a corner of the ballroom so that no one else can hear and we stand there for a few minutes just knocking back our drinks. She’s looking around the room and then settles her eyes. I realise she’s trying to pick out the guy. She nods in his direction and then turns to me and tells me he’s a guy they (Cara and the bride) knew from going clubbing in our hometown and that they’d had chemistry since they first met. I knew Cara had always been a bit of a party animal before we met but going to clubs wasn’t really my thing and not where we met. She goes on to say, “back then, our whole thing was going to nightclubs and ending up in some guy’s bed at the end of the night” (which was news to me at this point!).

“Only” she says “the night I met him, I couldn’t wait for his bed”. My cock was getting really stiff by this point and I’m like “what? As this guy sits only a few feet away from us, a few feet away from my darling wife, she goes on, “I’m not proud of it but I was so horny for him, we’d been grinding on the dance floor and he eventually led me into a cubicle in the men’s bathroom and I got down on my knees on an absolutely filthy floor and I, uh, I, uh, took his dick in my mouth.”

At this point my mouth is open with shock at this story my sexy, but innocent (I thought!), wife is telling me. From a distance, I can feel this guy and his friends looking at us while she tells me. It’s almost like they knew she was telling me. I said “is that all?” She asks if I’m upset and I say no, I’m so horny. This gives her the confidence to go on… “after I sucked him for a while, he pulled me up from the floor and yanked my dress down so he could see my tits. He played with my nipples and licked them, before turning me around and lifting up my dress. I thought he was going to fuck me right away but he bent down, pulled my thong down to my ankles and licked my pussy from behind. I was so drunk but I’m sure he also licked my asshole for a while. I’d never normally let a guy do that the first time we have sex, but I wasn’t in a position to say no. He then shoved his very thick cock in me from behind and fucked me hard until he came. Some of his cum was inside me and some of it got on my dress.”

She then just stopped speaking very abruptly. And I was like “is that it?” Cara just said matter of fact “Honey, it wasn’t a porn film. I sucked him, he licked me and then he shot his load. I was drunk and it was over in a few minutes. The embarrassing thing was his friends were outside the cubicle when we came out, so it became a big joke that I ‘enjoyed going to the bathroom’. We didn’t hang out together much after that became a thing.”

After she told me, all I wanted to do was fuck her slutty brains out. I couldn’t believe she’d been so filthy. We started saying good night to everyone so we could go upstairs to our hotel room. What I couldn’t believe is that Cara took us over to the guy last, who she kissed and said she was so happy to see again. He hugged her and placed his hand just above her ass. I couldn’t help imagining him licking her. The guy then shook my hand and told me to “take care of her” with a big smile. I think he knew I now knew.

The hotel room

When we got upstairs, we fucked incredibly passionately. I kept thinking of him with his tongue in my wife’s asshole. She was so turned on by the whole thing too and fucked even more amazingly than she normally does.

After we both came, we just lay there for a few minutes, before I said jokingly, “so my little bathroom babe, the reason you were getting all shy and red-faced around him was he and his friends knew you’d been fucked in a nightclub toilet cubicle like a complete slut?”

She got out of the bed, stood naked with her pussy lips bright red from the pummelling I’d just given her, picked up her favourite little black dress and whispered “no, I was so, so embarrassed because that night he fucked me was the first time I wore this dress. He and his friends had to recognise it – well, recognise ME in it.”

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