Wife and I had sex while our Gardner was here today sex stories

My wife and I are early 40s with 3 kids. My wife is VERY attractive, and also very modest. For these reasons I’ve always gotten hot over the idea of other men seeing her nude.

We are both too conservative to ever consider actual cuckold or to ever blatantly show my wife off to another man. However, we’ve been a couple for a very long time and have a long history of fooling around in close encounter situations where it could be possible for a stranger to see my wife nude but would be either unlikely or no way for us to know. Examples include having her take off her clothes while we drive in a car, or a super quick streak outside (like for 10 seconds) when nobody is around.

The reoccurring game we’ve played later in our relationship includes men that are doing work at our home, such as a laborer. The most exciting example I recall is when new floors were being installed in the back bedrooms of our house. We were in the kitchen together and started fooling around, which ended with her giving me a handjob while I pulled down her pants (she had on a g string only) and I lifted up her shirt and bra exposing her tits, while the 2 men were just down the hallway working in a bedroom. They never saw anything, but nothing prevented them from just walking down the hallway and looking into our kitchen.

Our latest game began when we moved into a new home recently which has full length windows on one entire side of our bedroom which look directly out into our backyard. These windows are covered by very thin, white and semi-translucent curtains. At night time, when lights are on in the bedroom you can see entirely into the bedroom from outside. During daytime, the curtains essentially become a 2-way mirror. From inside the bedroom, you can see everything in the backyard perfectly clear. However, when you’re in the backyard looking into the bedroom you really can’t see anything. Well, I discovered not long ago you can actually see inside some if you happen to position yourself at just the right spot and depending on exactly where the sun is located. In addition to that, when the windows are open, each time there’s a breeze, it will create some space between curtains leaving portions of the windows fully uncovered.

Over some time, we started to fool around on our bed when the Gardner was in our backyard working. He comes once a week at the same time every week. We never talk openly about, but just started to do it, and slowly worked are way up to getting more daring. The first several times, my wife would sort of hide herself whenever the gardener walked very close by the windows. Then she started to get braver and not hide, but would only pull down her pants and underwear exposing her bare ass to the windows. She’s very self conscious of her smaller breasts which are exactly a small handful. She would also always make sure the windows were always closed so the wind can’t move them or otherwise she would place an object against them so they didn’t move in the wind.

Very recently, she began leaving the windows open and not protecting the curtains. She also stopped hiding herself when we could see the gardener right outside our room. But, she still pretty much would only drop her bottoms, and never face the windows from the front to expose her crotch.

Today all 3 kids went to their grandparents, and last night I asked her to have sex. She said she was too tired but that we could do it in the morning. When saying that, she was aware that the gardener was coming in the morning today.

This morning rolls around. I waited for it to get to 30min before the time he always arrives, and then invited her to the bedroom. Before she came to the room, I grabbed a piece of lingerie and put it on the bed for her to wear. It’s a piece I knew would force her to be fully exposed because it’s crotchless panties, an entirely open butt, and a fully exposed bra (tits fully exposed).

She arrived to the room and saw the lingerie. I was nervous that she might reject it, but she looked at it and didn’t say a word. I knew this meant she’s going to wear it. At this time, we still haven’t mentioned a word about the gardner; as I mentioned we never actually talk about it, it’s just a game we both sort of play without actually mentioning what’s going on. The curtains were closed but the windows were fully open, which meant 2 things: #1 is that anyone in the backyard will easily be able to hear any noise we make and #2 if the wind blows the curtains would move out of place and create open space to see through the windows.

Without much hesitation at all, she grabs the piece of lingerie and strips down fully naked to put it on while standing directly in front of the windows just a few feet from them. While doing this, she doesn’t close the windows or put any objects against the curtains to keep them from moving. I’m now getting super excited. I hope she keeps them like that, but maybe she just hasn’t gotten to them yet.

The Gardner is not yet at our house, but whenever he comes he always just walks directly into our backyard and starts working. My wife and I both are fully aware that at any given second he can be in our backyard standing just a few feet from us, windows open, protected only by these semi-translucent curtains.

Things are getting so exciting.

My wife starts to get into the bed, but I ask her if she can stay standing next to the bed, which is directly in front of the full length windows. I told her I want to be able to see how the outfit looks on her. She agrees, and stands there for several minutes as she’s softly rubbing my dick while I’m very gently fondling her ass and tits.

At this point I’m just waiting for the gardener to show up, thinking it’s gonna happen any moment. It turns out he arrived a little late today. So my wife eventually hopped into the bed and pretty quickly starts to ride me doggy style. She’s positioned with the front of her body faced towards the windows, which means her tits would be fully exposed if someone was able to look in from the backyard. I was surprised she didn’t turn her back towards the windows, but I realized by now she’s fully committed and knows exactly what’s going on. The reason I knew, is just before she changed into the lingerie, she opened the door to let our dog in from the backyard, and said “she needs to come inside because the Gardner is going to be here soon”. I got so excited when she said that. She was now being very clear that she knows exactly what’s going on and has no problem getting getting naked and having sex with a man in backyard just a feet away.

We ended up having sex, and it was the first time we’ve done it during a time the Gardner is at our house. He ended up showing up pretty late and walked into the backyard while we were just about finished. He started to walk around the backyard blowing leaves and walked right by our bedroom windows. I got so excited I ended up ejaculating within only about 3 minutes of him being there.

After it ended, my wife got out of the bed, and is standing fully exposed near the windows cleaning up a bit. She then walks over to her closet and spends a solid 3 minutes looking for something to change into as she is standing there in her crotchless panties and open bra. Her nipples were incredibly hard and her small tits looked swollen.

I have no idea if the Gardner was ever able to get a glimpse of anything or not. He had sunglasses on, so I couldn’t see his eyes. It’s most likely he never did see anything, but the thrill and excitement of it all was so awesome.

Our kids go back to school soon and I work from home. I am excited we took our little unspoken game further this time and can’t wait for future sessions.

Does anyone have a similar stories or otherwise any ideas on how we can take things even further? Again, we won’t ever do anything super blatant or engage in actually cuckold.

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