When my boyfriend [M] 23 fucked me [F] 21 in the picnic area real sex stories

My boyfriend and I had been on a day out to some local caves. I love being a naughty little tease, and as we were towards the back of the tour group, I began stroking his cock through his jeans as the guide was speaking.

At first he patted my hand away, but I noticed his thick dick was beginning to get hard and press against his tight jeans. This began to turn me on even more, and I whispered into his ear how wet my pussy was at the idea of him fucking me in the caves in front of all these people.

I continued to stroke and squeeze his thick 7 inch cock throughout the rest of the tour, brushing my arse against him as we navigated our way through the tight spaces, and whispering into his ear, begging him to fuck me as I made eye contact with an older gentleman who had definitely clocked onto to what I was doing.

As the tour ended and we left the cave, instead of following the group back down, I took his hand and led him over to the picnic area. I began kissing him and pleading with him to fuck me just off the footpath. He wasn’t too sure at first as he didn’t want to be caught. I looked him dead in the eye and said that’s the best part, as I took his thick cock, now oozing with pre cum into my mouth. His eyes rolled back into his head and once I was sure he was enjoying himself, I begged once again for him to fuck me doggy.

I turned around with my face in the grass, and arse in the air. I had to bite my hand as he slid his thick cock into my wet pussy to stop myself from screaming out. I love the feeling of his dick fucking my cunt, I was sure the families in the picnic area would hear how wet my pussy had now become.

Everytime someone would walk by the footpath my pussy would clench on his dick, as the thrill of being caught was just so intense. I began to come so hard, shaking on his dick and clawing at the grass underneath myself, I begged him to cum inside me, and he shot the biggest load into me, as he fell on top of me.

I pulled my lace thong back up and got ourselves redressed quickly and tried to find the rest of the group.
It was some of the best sex we have ever had, and I must say the feeling of his cum dripping back into my thong for the rest of the day reminded me just what a naughty little slut I love being, and I was horny as fuck all the way home.

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  1. Very hot story! As a guy I love knowing a woman is carrying around the mess we made in her all day especially if she’s out in public

  2. My boyfriend only fucks me in the genital area. Still hasn’t me fucked in the picnic area, if you know what I mean.


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