When I was a teenager I fingered (m)y pastor’s daughter in (f)ront of my pastor and his wife 👀. adult confession

So I grew up in what we’d call today an evangelical church. One day they decided to have a pool funday. I don’t know what possessed them but a bunch of horny teenagers were running around in bathing suits at a church event. We know how well that ends 👀.

So I knew the pastors daughter J was into me and she was hot but I always saw her as a friend and I had interest in some other girls in our church so I always stayed away from her. But that day she was looking particularly yummy and I could tell she felt like she wanted to move on me based on her subtle hints and I feel for the bait.

At some point J came up in the water and hugged me from behind like she wanted to ride on my back through the water. I obliged and it was all fun and games, as all is with teenagers in a pool frolicking, until she kind of wrapped a leg around me from behind and touched my dick with her foot a couple times then smiled at me when I looked at her. I got the message. But in my mind I was like what will we do in this public place with all our parents watching. I reached around with her still behind me and gave her ass a couple pats thinking that’s probably all we can do.

At some point though, my fingers slid along the edge of the leg of J’s bathing suit and then I made my move. I slipped a finger in and started to feel around. I was still novice to female anatomy and I was finding everything from her belly button to her ass crack. Lol.

She would help me search her lower half with some gentle pelvic thrusts and leg stretches to help me find my way to her pussy. It felt nice. Her bush was nicely trimmed, her clit was easy to find and her pussy was plump. I thought, “well this is nice. This is probably enough.”, playing with her bush and clit. Her pussy felt so nice. And she was so compliant. But I could tell she wanted more. Clearly more did not involve my dick because that would me impossible to hide.

She lifted both her legs up and wrapped around me at my thighs and I realized what more J wanted more. I immediately felt the lips of her pussy slide open and give my finger a gentle pinch. I slowly pushed my way in, my lone “fuck off” finger making its way inside. She felt it. Don’t know if it was pain or pleasure but she doing her nails into my flesh. This whole time we weren’t speaking to each other. As a matter of fact, while this was going on, we were still chatting with our friends and making jokes. Trying to deflect from the fact that we were skin to skin and not moving around just leaning against the wall.

By now my finger is deep inside her. She is sooo fucking wet. We were in a pool but I could feel the distinct difference between her cream and the pool’s water. It was my first time with this much pussy play. It was cute. We just kept giving each other gentle touches for direction.

This must have gone on for 15 mins. The adults must have been suspicious because out of nowhere the senior pastor was standing at the pools edge to ask me some random question about something for church the next day. Freaked me the fuck out. Pulled my finger straight out so I could have them out of the water while speaking with him like see nothing to see here. Lol.

As soon as he left I fingered her harder for probably another 10 mins. Never knew if she came but we both had fun. The rest of the day her pussy was mine to play with. Anytime I wanted her I’d give her a look and she swim over and spread in some way so I could touch her privates.

To this day I think her dad suspected something. I see him once every few years when I go visit my home town and I still feel like he knows and gives me the evil eye. Haha. His daughter I also see too when I go back home. She’s married and has kids now, as do I, but I always want to ask her about the few times we fooled around. Haha.

So not everyone was fooled that day.

One hot chick, K, who I was into and the feeing was mutual, figured out what we were doing and kept dropping hints to me that she knew all day. K was jealous and probably wanted to get involved too. Getting K to keep her mouth shut involved a promise, the fulfillment of which ended in me making out with her in my truck a few weeks later and sucking on her oh so gorgeous tits.

But that’s a story for another time.

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