What I want in my erotica writer… erotic short stories

So the things that draw me in, and the things I hope YOU have as my future writer have to do with the softcore genre, you know the late-night movies you used to creep downstairs to watch as a teenager…

I LOVE a build-up. One of the most enjoyable parts of a sex story for me are the events that take place before the actual love goes down. It’s the appetizer before the main course and you can enjoy them just as much as your decadent dinner. The longer the better I say…. plus if there’s no build up, no chase, no setting the table, how are you going to care about the people doing the aforementioned love making?

Secondly, I love the vivid descriptions. Softcore to me has always captured picturesque settings, whether they be a lavish mansion or on a secluded beach after sunset, they totally blow the stereotypical ‘windowless rooms’ from hardcore porn out of the water. And when it comes to the written form, I absolutely adore a vividly detailed place, a setting that I can picture in my head that becomes its own character as much as the actual ones.

For instance, I read a story a while back with a wealthy vixen making love to a young man in the back of her limousine while their driver drove them around town. (Thank god for tinted windows) all the while, the neon lights of the big city coated their naked bodies, turning them passing shades of teal and crimson as their bodies intertwined…. I’d call that cinematic for sure. And that’s what draws me, a beautifully described setting down to the most meaningless detail. Otherwise they’re just faceless pinions fucking in a blank room…

..Goes double for the character description from physical to clothing, down to the clothing slowly being removed.

Do you fit that bill? Show me. Go on, show me.

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