Victoria’s Secret (Part 2) short sex stories

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James wasn’t sure what time he’d finally managed to fall asleep, but the sun rising and shining through the windows woke him far earlier than he wanted. As he woke, he tried to block the sun with his hand, but the cuffs on his wrists quickly confirmed that it hadn’t just been a bad dream. The condom on his chastity cage now held an impressive amount of cum, the plug in his ass had done a great job of milking him. The TV was still on, but the bedroom was empty. He didn’t have to wait long to find out where the 2 girls were though, as he soon heard the door open downstairs and footsteps start coming up the stairs. Victoria walked towards James and rubbed his face, while Emily stood at the top of the stairs and wouldn’t make eye contact with him. He began to protest, but Victoria threatened to gag him and he fell silent again.

“Come here Emily, tell James what you’ve decided about his future….” Victoria summoned Emily who moved awkwardly and still wouldn’t look at James. The awkward silence was broken when Victoria spoke again “Fine, James, if she is too embarrassed to tell you, I will. You see, Emily here left me a year ago because I wanted more than just a girlfriend. I wanted a slave, someone to own and control 24/7. She wasn’t ready for that sort of commitment, she liked fetish play just not full time, but has been so desperate to rekindle our love… And that’s where you come in!” She reached out to Emily, and put her arm around her, before guiding her face to a passionate kiss which, despite his situation, caused James to start to strain in his cage again. Emily mumbled that she was sorry, but Victoria continued “See, Emily thinks our relationship will blossom if I have someone else to own, and although she wasn’t planning on it being you, you just kind of fell in to this position. I explained it to her this morning, and she has agreed I can keep you!”

James finally managed to muster some words, and began to protest, which led Victoria to gagging him again with a ring gag. “When I want you to speak, James, you will know. Until then, silence please. Now as I told you last night, you will refer to me as Miss Victoria, or one of my other titles. Emily here you will refer to as Miss Emily. If the 2 of us are playing, and she is submitting to me, she is still your superior.” James just stared at Emily now, his eyes begging, but she wouldn’t make eye contact with him and just looked at the floor. Victoria ran her hand down Emily’s back, before giving her a gentle slap on her ass. She instantly moaned and bit her lip, it was obvious how much she loved Victoria and craved her attention. Both girls were wearing satin pyjamas with the really short shorts, and Victoria slipped her fingers inside the shorts and began to probe at Emilys pussy. Emily just began to melt with her touch, letting out soft moans as Victoria picked up the pace, which led James to be painfully straining against his cage.

After a minute or so of teasing Emily, Victoria withdrew her hand and offered a finger to Emily, who sucked at it passionately, she then rubbed another finger inside James’s mouth. “Why don’t we test your loyalty Emily?” Victoria spoke confidently, handing Emily a key. “With this key, you can unlock James from his chastity here, and fuck him. You may both orgasm. OR. you can go and get a dildo gag, put that in his mouth and fuck it, while you get to lick me to orgasm”. As soon as Victoria finished speaking, Emily was on her way to the wall to select a dildo gag. Victoria teased the chastity cage which contained James’s desperate cock which was now throbbing. Soon Emily returned and offered the gag to Victoria, who instead told her to fit it which meant removing the ring gag. As soon as it was free from his mouth, James began to plead for the cage to be removed too. “Oh shush James, I offered Emily the chance to unlock you and she decided her orgasm, and mine, is more important. Besides, we’ll be changing that cage soon so you will get your release. Be careful what you wish for though”

The small end of the gag was offered to his mouth, and as he tried to fight it, a tap to his balls forced him to open and quickly it was locked behind his head. The gag was surprisingly filling inside his mouth, and he had to concentrate to breathe and to fight his gag reflex. Rising from his mouth was a big black cock, and beyond that he saw Victoria caressing Emily who just melted with her touch. She kissed her neck, and ran her hands across her body, and Emily looked on the verge of orgasm already. “Climb on” Victoria whispered, and Emily knelt over James’s face, before impaling herself on the dildo. Her already soaked pussy causing the dildo to glide inside with no effort, and her asshole rested just above his nose. He couldn’t see what happened next, but guessed by the movement he felt that Victoria had climbed on the bed too. Emily started to ride the dildo slowly, and the sound of her eating pussy could be heard, followed by moans from both of them, which was driving James wild. This was a dream situation, and yet he couldn’t see anything, or even get hard because of the cage.

James moaned in to the gag as his frustration peaked, and just as it seemed the 2 girls would orgasm, the movement stopped. Emily slid off of the dildo which glistened with her juices, and revealed Victoria stood over them both, Emily continued to lap at her pussy as she repositioned herself on the bed. Victoria told her to stop & remove James’s gag from his mouth, which trailed strings of drool as she did. “We’re both SO close to cumming James, maybe you can finish us off?” Victoria had a knowing look in her eye, but he was desperate to cum and quickly agreed. The minute the lock came off of his cage, his cock sprang to life and the feeling was immense. “You’re going to eat my beautiful pussy until I cum, and Emily is going to fuck you until she cums, all you have to do first, is swallow what’s in this condom…” She peeled the condom off of the chastity cage, which had a lot in from the plug all night. “If you please Mistress now baby, you get to make us BOTH cum and I’ll be SO happy” Victoria spoke in a sweet tone “But if you spill any you will be punished” and as she finished speaking she poured the entire load into his open mouth. The cum had been in there for hours and had no consistency, so quickly ran down his tongue and he swallowed. He began to protest but Victoria quickly cut him off by instructing Emily to kiss him, and they were soon locking tongues.

Her mouth tasted of pussy from the oral she had given Victoria, and it was a much better taste than the cum in his mouth. Soon she was moved aside, and Victoria lowered herself over his mouth, her ass on his nose and she faced his cock. “Climb on to his cock baby, make yourself cum”. James almost blew his load the second Emily’s wet pussy began to slide down his cock, and as he moaned with pleasure, Victoria thrust her pussy over his mouth. He began to lick and suck, desperate to impress but also to get the cum taste from his mouth. The girls had a wand vibrator as he suddenly felt intense vibrations, and Victoria reacted with some intense moaning. “Swallow every drop” he heard her command, and soon after she began to cum hard, filling his mouth. He swallowed as fast as he could, and she kept filling him up, before settling down and telling him to slowly keep licking. After another minute or so, she rolled off of his face and he felt her juices drying to his skin, his whole face covered from her orgasm.

His eyes focused on Emily who was slowly fucking him, she seemed to be keeping herself on edge. Victoria whispered something in her ear, and as they began to kiss again, Emily picked up the pace. Almost immediately James felt his orgasm building, and Emily began to moan more and more. The addition of the wand to her pussy was enough to push him over the edge, and he shot his load deep inside her, but she kept going. The vibrations didn’t stop, and she kept her quick pace as she drew her orgasm out, which caused intense post-orgasm torture for James who bucked and begged her to stop. Almost a full minute later she finally slowed down and just as James began to relax, she lifted herself from his cock and planted her pussy straight over his mouth. “Lick” came the command from Victoria, and as soon as he started, his cum began to ooze back from her pussy and in to his mouth. It was another 5 minutes before she came again, and by then he had cleaned every drop of cum from her pussy.

When she finally lifted herself off of his face, his eyes were immediately drawn to his cock, which had been locked back up in a new cage. Victoria was just finishing up the lock as she spoke “This new cage is MUCH better than the last, it’s just so versatile!” She spoke like a salesman “You’ll find out it’s features in time, but it can deliver shocks powerful enough to bring you to your knees, or massage you to make you cum. But I can also do this….” As she stopped speaking she began to fiddle with something, and then James felt a cold pressing sensation against the tip of his cock. A sick feeling grew inside him as he felt a cold metal intruder force itself inside his cock. It felt like it would never end, and then it began to twist. This was Victoria screwing the end of it to the cage, and she marvelled at the urethral sound buried deep inside his caged cock. “If I put this stopped in the end, James, it will effectively block you from cumming, or pissing, and I’m sure that would be VERY painful, so it’s best you don’t upset me!” She tapped her smartwatch, and the chastity cage and collar beeped together. Clearly they were synced, and he didn’t want to find out how much it would hurt.

“Emily, why don’t you uncuff him now. He can’t run away without getting some serious shocks to his collar and cage, the last one to try was found passed out in the garden. I’ll be in the shower, I have a client in 2 hours, James you need to tidy this room, and make some tea…” He watched her leave, and once the door was closed, began to beg at Emily. “Please Em, please don’t do this to me! Just take the cage off, I won’t tell anyone!” he pleaded, but she continued to undo his restraints. “James, I’m sorry, I just love her SO much. Just do as she says, you won’t get hurt, just be a good boy for her, and me. You might even enjoy it…” Emily released his last cuff and stepped back. “She will be watching, James, don’t try anything or she WILL shock you, and I’d hate to see you hurt”. He couldn’t believe it, but looking at the cage on his cock he also didn’t want to risk a powerful shock down there. He sat on the edge of the bed, and Emily handed him a box. “She wants you to wear this, I’ll help you put it on, and then you need to tidy for her clients…”

Inside the box was some fetish clothing, some male and some female. James looked curious at some, and scared of others, as he laid it on the bed. Emily helped him put on the more complicated items, and explained the sort of clients Victoria would have. “She’s a Domme James, she dominates men, women and couples. She’s very good, and they pay very good money.” which he could’ve guessed given the setup of the room and the luxury house. Soon he was dressed, and when he looked in the mirror he couldn’t believe the image reflected back at him. Tight black latex stockings, a tight latex corset, a jockstrap over his cage, and a pair of elbow length latex gloves. “Fine, lets just get this cleared up and ready” James sighed, but Emily stopped him. “You also need to wear a bit more, sit by the mirror”. Once sat down, she held a latex hood out in front of him. “These can be difficult, but you’ll get used to it…” and she began tugging it over his head. Once on, it had wide eye openings, small nose holes, and a mouth opening the shape of his lips.

Next came the footwear. “You’ll eventually learn ballet heels James, but for now you have to wear these” and she dropped another pair of black heels, this time with a small platform, and as he bent down to fasten them to his feet, the corset stopped him. He tried to reach blindly, but it was no use. “Oh James, you’ll get used to it all…” Emily mummied as she secured the heels to his feet. Last was a posture collar, and once on, she secured them all with little padlocks. Again he tried to stand, but Emily stopped him again. “She wants a little makeup too…” and James reluctantly slumped back in to the chair. Some eye makeup, and some lipstick, and finally he was ready. “Eventually you’ll have to do it all yourself, but I can help for now. She wants you good enough to do her makeup…” Emily lead the way to the door, and told James to expect some ‘alterations’ to the outfit once Victoria was ready as he tottered along behind her in his heels. “You make the tea, I’ll be in the bedroom with Victoria” and Emily disappeared down the hallway.

When James entered the room a couple of minutes later, with a tray of 2 teas, he was in awe at the sight before him. Victoria was dressed like a perfect dominatrix goddess, her figure was perfect in her latex dress, and her lingerie was all perfectly fitted. Her makeup, hair, everything was just flawless, it actually made James forget himself until his cock tried to grow in his cage. “Finally, slave, I’ll have my tea here. Let’s inspect the job Emily did of getting you ready…” His eyes met Emily’s eyes who was laid on the bed, and Victoria began to walk around him, eyeing him like a piece of meat. Overall she was pleased, her only complaint came when she checked the tightness of his corset. “Now Emily, I told you if you tried to let him off easy you would BOTH be punished didn’t I….”. Emily got up from the bed quickly “Sorry, I’ll tighten it now….” but Victoria motioned for her to sit back down, and handed her tea to James. “Don’t spill a drop James, or I’ll double the punishment for both of you” She had a stern voice as she walked behind him, and the padlock on his corset unlocked.

His already shallow breathing told him the corset was tight enough, but as Victoria yanked hard on the first laces he felt the breath leave his body. “You’ll get used to it James, I hope” she planted her crop on his ass and he yelped. “Here’s YOUR punishment” she handed Emily a small metal buttplug “And here’s YOUR punishment” she handed James a much larger one which had a wire dangling from the end. He looked in shock as Emily sprung from the bed, planted a kiss on Victoria’s cheek, thanked her for the plug, and headed for the shower. “Before you shower, can you help this slut out with her plug please?” Victoria gestured towards James, and Emily instinctively strolled behind him, squirted some lube into her hand, and began to force the plug inside his ass. “Ahh, fuck, Em no it’s too big” he protested, but she wiggled it in regardless. As she started to walk back to the shower, Victoria stopped her again. “Now Emily, this slave doesn’t get to use your name does it? And what did I say about you showing the slave sympathy?” This was clearly a test of her commitment to Victoria, and James watched in horror as Emily squatted in his face. “Now slave” she spoke sternly for the first time “To you I’m Miss Emma as a minimum ok?”. James was already struggling to breathe from the corset, and this change her attitude had rendered him speechless. “Fine.” she rolled her eyes as she unlocked her smart watch. He may have known what was coming, but there was no way he expected it to be that bad. She tapped the screen, and his collar, cage and plug delivered a shock which left him begging her to stop, and in a heap on the floor. “Kiss my feet as you apologise” Emily offered a foot to his face, and between short breaths he kissed them and grovelled.

Emily kissed Victoria, and then finally disappeared for her shower. James was in utter shock at what had happened, but Victoria was in no mood for discussing it. “Come, slave, we have a dungeon to prepare. Today I have a young couple coming for a 3 hour session, she is learning to be a domme and her husband is her submissive. You’ll watch, learn, and maybe partake if you behave…” she beckoned for him to follow and she led the way to the dungeon room. Inside she quickly shuffled a few items around, and it was ready for her clients. “Slave this is your FIRST attempt to get in my good books, and I suggest you do your very best to please me. I am a professional, and I have a good reputation, do not let me down. If you’re REALLY good, I promise you a reward. Now, what do you say?”. “Yes Mistress” came the reply, and she petted his head. “We have a few minutes, let’s accessorise you a little” She sounded excited as she picked a few items from the shelf beside her, which turned out to be cuffs. Soon his wrists were cuffed behind his back, and his heels were cuffed together too as he knelt beside her. “Open wide, this is a very special gag for you” and she fed a large rubber tube into his mouth. This buckled around his head, and the tube led up in to a funnel, which he soon realised meant to he would be forced to swallow whatever went in the funnel.

“That tea you made me has gone right through me darling, so I’ll show you why we have the funnel” She stood before him as he knelt, and lifted her skirt. She wore latex panties too, which she pulled to one side, and then lowered herself to just over the funnel. “I like my slaves to see what they’re getting, to see the pussy of a goddess as they drink from it” and as she finished speaking, she began to pee. Quickly it flowed down the tube and into his mouth, he hesitated for a second before swallowing, and this caused it to start to fill. His already short breaths meant he was desperate for air, and quickly swallowed the rest of the warm piss as it flowed down the tube before breathing in what little air he could fit in to his lungs. The taste lingered in his mouth as she began to undo the gag, and when it was off she asked “So do you prefer your own cummies, or pee from your goddess?”. Truthfully he hated both, but knowing it was important to stay on her good side he replied “Your piss Mistress” and she laughed. “I see you’re getting the hang of it already! Quick clean please” she thrust her pussy in to his face and he licked her clean, before she refitted her latex panties and lowered her skirt.

Victoria sat back on the comfy sofa, and offered one of her heeled feet to James “While we wait, you may as well worship these” she said without even looking at him, and began to browse her mobile phone while he planted kisses on her stocking covered feet. The sound of the door opening caused Victoria to look up, and from the corner of his eye James saw Emily approach. She wore a secretary style outfit, pin stripe stockings, pencil skirt, tight blouse, and perfect makeup. James looked up open mouthed, and Victoria noticed “Slave, you keep your eyes DOWN. Keep worshipping my feet” and she delivered a crack from her crop on his ass. It took everything in him to keep his eyes down while 2 gorgeous women spoke above him, both looking like they could belong in a porno. “You look stunning Em, I’ve missed my saucy little SEX-retary” Victoria teased. “I’ve missed it too!” Emma melted with the praise. “Now they’ll be here in a minute Emily, so you know the routine. Welcome them, lead them through to us, and be ready if we need you to join our fun” she winked at Emma who seemed excited to be a part of this again. “Obviously this little slave will be taking your place for anything extreme, but you can join in the fun whenever you want” Victoria planted a kiss on her cheek, patted her ass and sent her on her way.

A car could be heard pulling up outside, so Victoria sent James back to work on her feet. A faint voice could be heard, and soon the door opened again. This time Emily was leading a couple towards them, and although he tried to keep his eyes down, he couldn’t help but sneak a look. The woman was mid 40’s, with a great figure, and behind her was a guy roughly the same age who looked like he really didn’t want to be here. “Miss Victoria, your clients are here” Emily spoke in a sickly sweet tone, and they had a short conversation amongst the women. Eventually James was introduced, and Victoria explained that he was nothing more than a prop for them to use if needed. Emily would join if they needed another female, otherwise she was going to organise Victorias diary. She turned to leave the room, but Victoria called after her “Emily darling, just quickly….” she turned to look back at us all and Victoria continued “You are still plugged like a good girl?”. Emily flushed red a little, before lifting her skirt and bending at the waist to reveal no underwear and the jewel end of her buttplug “Of course Ma’am” and she carried on out of the room.

“Now, shall we get this session started? This one could do with learning too, so it’ll be a very interactive session today…..”

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