Using his Asian fetish to have him [F] sexual confession

So this is my first time admitting this and not sure if this story is even good for this thread but it’s one of the first “slutty” things I’ve done.

As a typical shy highschool girl I always checked out the hot guys but never say anything. One day in my chemistry class, a hot guy was in my class. He was a year older. He was very popular, if it weren’t for the class I don’t think he’d know I exist, even being in the same class I doubted he even noticed me.

Since he was popular a lot of people knew about him and his relationship status. I knew his last 2 girl friends were Asian. Then his who sat with him in the class told me how he has a weakness with short Asian girls. I’m 5ft flat, so I definitely fit that category. He mentioned he’s caught him eyeing me down. I was in disbelief, didn’t even believe him even though I was blushing. I didn’t make much of it, even half the time I was always starring at him. I knew a few of my friends liked him too, being the only Asian one I knew I had to play that card. I started talking to him in almost a soft fake accent (I know I was weird) but we actually talked more after that.

At a party everything changed, he’d have a few to drink and started talking to me. This was like the first time he’s ever talked to me out of class, I was being flirty. He was 6ft, and we wrapped his arm around me. Knowing he liked short girls I curled up, making myself smaller. He eventually had his hand on my ass and started complimenting it. He’d say how it was really big and he’d always check it out during class. I was so flattered. We eventuality told people we were going for a walk. We found a fence, it was dark out and no one was around. He started kissing me. He asked me for a blowjob, at the time the most I’ve done was kiss. I knew this was a chance I didn’t want to miss. So I did it (horribly) but it was still a great memory. We never dated after that, he’d occasionally grab my ass whenever he wanted it or kiss me, but he’d date one of his ex’s and didn’t do anything more with me. I still feel good about the new experience.

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  1. I had a similar experience in high school as well. We knew of each other since elementary but we wernt friends, went to the same junior high and it wasn’t till first year in high school I started to notice her. We were complete opposites of each other but somehow we connected. First year of high school we became best friends and then we dated for a few years. She too knew weaknesses and used them to her full advantage and next thing I knew she had wony heart. What a time it was to be a high school student.

  2. It’s always hot to hear about a gal honing her oral skills. Your crush was lucky. Wish it had been me.

    Every experienced person has to have had a first time, and blowjobs are no exception. Him being a guy you were hot for probably helped you get past the jitters.


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