Unexpected Need short sex stories

You find yourself in a Target or Walmart or some other similar store. You are looking at clothes, not really finding anything you like. You look up to see a man walk by on their way to a different department. You can’t explain it but something about seeing him makes your whole body tingle. You decide to follow him to the edge of the clothing department. You still can’t figure out what about him is making you tingle, he’s not overly attractive. The more you watch me the more the tingling centralizes in your pussy and you know that you need to fuck him. He turns a corner and you can only see the top of his head, you are grateful that he is over 6 feet tall. A plan forms in your head and your pussy pulses at the thought.

I make my way through the store, taking my usual route through the various departments. I always seem to spend more time than I should looking through the movies, always hoping there will be a good deal on something. I make my way towards the small grocery section and I’m greeted by an amazing sight. A woman in a short skirt bent over looking at something on the lowest shelf. She is not wearing any panties and her pussy is glistening in the florescent lights of the store. My cock hardens from the sight and it takes all of my willpower to not unzip and fuck this mysterious woman in the store. I watch for a moment as she grabs a different item to look at, but I decide to make my presence known. I clear my throat loudly, she looks over her shoulder, smiles at me and stands up.

You see that the man is staying in the movie section for a while. You decide to make your preparations for your naughty plan. You find an empty fitting room and remove your panties. You can’t believe how wet you are. You stuff your soaked panties in your bag before shortening your skirt by folding the waist over on itself. You leave the fitting room and look to see if he is still in the movie section. You catch him leaving, moving towards the grocery side of things. You take the opposite route there hoping to meet him along his path. You see him head down an aisle, you find one a few more down to lay your trap. You bend over and pull up your skirt to insure your wet pussy can be seen. You hear someone walk behind you and stop. You shake your ass a little as you read the back of some  packaging. Eventually you hear a man clear his throat. You turn to find the man you have been following , a clear bulge in hid pants. You smile as you stand up. 

“Ummm, ahhh, I hate to bother you but I was able to see up your skirt just now.” I say clearly flustered.

 My cock was already hard because of the site of your pussy but now that I can see your breathtaking eyes it’s starting to throb. 

“Oh?” You say innocently. ” I didn’t realize my skirt was so short.” You step closer to me, your eyes locked on mine. “Did you like what you saw?”

“Very much.” I reply. You move even closer. You smell incredible. You look down at the bulge in my pants.

“Oh my. You definitely did.” My cheeks become red from imbarcement. You can’t help yourself but touch my bulge. I gasp. “Would you like a closer look? I would like to see this”. You squeeze the trapped head of my cock. 

“Fuck yesss”. I blurt out as you squeeze. I grab the back of your head and kiss you. The kiss takes your breath away. “May I see your phone?” I ask quickly. You oblige and watch as I enter an address in your map app. “Meet me here in 20 minutes”. I say as I hand back your phone. You nod your approval. We kiss again before parting ways. 

You make a b-line to the parking lot, having found nothing to buy. You saw me get in line to buy the few items I had picked out. You hop into your car and start the GPS fiction on your map app to guide you where I want to meet. You find yourself in front of a modest house with time to spare. You park and realize you don’t know what I’m driving. Every vehicle that comes up brings a renewal of excitement followed by a wave of disappointment when they pass by. You start rubbing yourself as you wait, bringing yourself to the edge multiple times but not allowing yourself to go over. You want me to pull you over the edge. Finally a car parks behind you and you see me get out. The whole body tingle returns. You get out of your vehicle and walk up behind me as I unlock the door. I let you in first. You wait at the entrance as I come in and place my purchase in the kitchen. 

I quickly put my purchase on the kitchen table. I return to the entrance to find you bent over just like you were at the store. You are shaking your ass waiting for me. I walk up behind you and rub your beautiful ass as I unzip my fly. You feel the weight of my hot hard cock in the crack of your ass. You are dripping wet with anticipation. I rub my hard cock over your labia, coating myself with your juices. A wave of pleasure shoots through you as I do this especially when my cock grazes your clit. Without much warning I penetrate you. My cock’s engorged head stretches you as I slowly push my entire length into you. You moan as I reach the end. You feel full and want nothing more until I start thrusting. With each thrust you become more and more desperate for an orgasm. You meet my thrusts by pushing yourself back on me, letting me know you want it faster and harder. So I grab hold of your hips and give you what you want. Soon you are cumming on my cock as my balls slap your clit. You lose the ability to stand and find your face buried into the carpeted floor as I continue to pound myself into you. You are no longer able to make coherent words, speech replaced with whines, moans, and screams of pleasure as my cock encourages you to orgasm over and over. 

You give a disapproving whimper when the fullness you were feeling suddenly goes away. Growing annoyed with how my zipper is digging into my skin, I stopped the pounding I was giving you to remove my clothes. You turn around and watch me discard my clothes. Seeing my hard cock coated in your love juices makes you feel great about yourself.. You crawl over to me as I’m now completely nude and take one of my balls into your mouth as you stroke my rod that was giving you so much pleasure and hopefully more to come. I moan with pleasure and gasp as you lick me from behind my balls all the way to my tip in one motion. You touched almost every sensitive spot of my cock doing this and I almost cum. You take me into your mouth and savor the taste of my precum leaking out of me and suck as much as you can out of me. I bring you up to kiss you before you can make me cum. Your hand continues to stroke me as we kiss and I pinch your nipples through your top. 

I surprise you when I lift you up and carry you to my bedroom. I let you down gently on my bed and I remove your top and bra. Your breasts are too enticing not to take into my mouth. Your hand finds my cock again and you squeeze its head as I bite your nipples. You want me back inside you, you pull me off your breast and push me onto the bed. My cock is sticking straight up as I lay on my back. You leave your skirt on and position yourself over me. You place my cocks head at your entrance and begin to tease me by only taking the head into you. You bounce yourself on my head and it feels amazing but I want more and I can tell that you do too. I grab your love handles and impale you onto my cock hard. The sudden return of the full feeling from before knocks the wind out of you but a big smile comes over your face soon after. I let you take control as you ride me. I focus on how good it feels to be inside you and how much better it gets when you cum on my cock, your pussy trying to coax my cock to cum in you. I play with your nipples and your clit as you grind into me until you collapse on top of me after a big wet orgasm. 

You try to catch your breath but it’s not long before I start thrusting again. You can’t believe that I haven’t depleted my stamina yet. I’m not getting enough leverage while on my back so I bring you close and hold you as I flip you onto your back without leaving your pussy. I now can thrust as hard as I want and you seem to love it. I place your legs over my shoulders so I can get as deep as possible in you. It is amazing how good my cock feels inside you, you are torn between the want to keep me inside you and your need for me to cum. The need outweighs your want and you try to beg me to cum, but you are incoherent. The pleasure is too much so all I hear is whales and moans. I pickup the pace, you cum again and give the most pleasurable scream I’ve ever heard. I can’t hold back any more. My ball clench as I explode pulse after pulse into you. I pull out as I’m still cumming and shoot more onto your chest and stomach.

I watch as You rub my cum into your skin. You look like you are about to pass out. The look of satisfaction on your face. I kiss you on the forehead before going to the kitchen filling two large glasses full with water. I hand you one when I return. You drink it down before falling asleep in my bed. I join you, holding you closely as I drift off to sleep. 

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