True story of my wife’s dirty thirty short sex stories

It all started with our first reddit post “Joining finally Friday fun”. The wife loved reading through the comments and all the attention it created. So we decided to see how far it could take us. After sorting through dozens of dm’s seeking an immediate hookup or Snapchat’s, she found a guy that was willing to work a bit for it. If you are curious for more on that part, check out our “thank you reddit” post. The journey and talking leading up to actions, can be the MOST fun.

So after a few days of talking between the wife and her play friend, let’s call him “B”. Along with laying out some ground rules and providing more info. (Hotwife situation not cuckold, humiliation/degradation are a big no go). I gave them permission for a meetup. Figured coffee and see if there was any chemistry. I guess you could say there was certainly chemistry because they ended up fooling around in the truck. By messing around I mean she sucked his dick, flashed him, and he devoured her pussy with great interest. He made her cum twice all in the back of our truck. When she got home and gave me all the details I could not contain myself, I HAD TO HAVE HER. I believe at this point, we were both hooked.

We decided to pursue more with B after this. He was respectful, generous, and put in the work. It was only 8 days later that they requested permission for a second play session. This time around of course I had another request. I wanted to see the action when they played. B agreed and so I gave my blessing for the next session. Chemistry and lust clearly played a role again because this time they met at his place of work. Let me just say the videos B took might not have had the best angles, but seeing the wife put in work being naughty? Yes, that did amazing things. Again the real “act sex” didn’t happen. Up to this point their play sessions had been limited to just oral and hands. So the videos were fun but obviously all parties involved wanted more.

So the three of us planned for two weeks. I got a hotel room for a Saturday night, she bought new jewelry for the just occasion, he bought condoms. Finally the night came for the meetup. Nerves at an all time high now. No backing out anymore.

As I sat in the room, my wife at the mirror doing her makeup, trying on different sets of lingerie, I gave her one last surprise. Her necklace to commemorate the occasion when she would become my hotwife. We kissed and fondled but no playing, because the time was almost here.

Her phone went off, “B is downstairs, will you meet and bring him up?” How could I tell her no to anything at that point? After meeting and inviting him to the room, we entered to the wife now covered up in sweat pants. Had she backed out? Guess not because she came over and they met in a hug. Looking back I could see them kissing and his hands wandering. She invited us both to sit down on the couch and sat between us. We sat there and chatted a bit, probably each wondering who might make the first move.

The question was answered when she turned to him and they started kissing on the couch. I took this time to get up from the couch and move to a side table. Her phone was there, she had spent so much time creating a playlist just for the night, I didn’t want it to go to waste. I started up the music and turned her Bluetooth speaker up. This was it, this was real.

When I turned back to the couch she had already moved to straddle him. They were furiously kissing I watched as his hands drifted and found their way into her sweats. As his hands moved lower I could see her thong make its first appearance of the night. I could feel the bulge in my pants growing. Seeing her be naughty with someone else was so sexy.

They repositioned on the couch and she ended up on her back. The sweat pants ended up on the floor and there she was, black lingerie and the thong. He was leaned over her, kissing her neck and inching his way further south. For the first time she glanced she over at me, I could tell she was lost in bliss and lust, but she looked at me and smiled. That did it, the bulge in my jeans couldn’t be contained anymore. I let me jeans fall to the floor and slid a chair over by the couch to get the best view.

His face had disappeared between her thighs, her face contorting in the sexiest ways possible. Again she glanced over at me, smile still spread across her face. She raised a single finger to me and motioned me over. I finally gave my cock the release it desired and walked over to her. Her lips greeted my head with a long, wet kiss. Slowly letting me inside and gliding me along with her tongue. I glanced down to see B putting in serious work with his tongue and hands. She continued to work me over but only for a fleeting moment. Before I could enjoy myself too much she had stopped. Her grip on my cock tightened, and I met her eyes. She was going to cum, and I couldn’t wait to see her reach the big O. Her eyes grew big, the grip almost too tight, and then she let out her moan. Then she let out her giggle, my favorite part, she always has that giggle after a great orgasm.

-(Now here is the thing guys, that giggle…It means the world to hear that giggle. On this night we would hear that giggle 9 times!)-

Now this next part, you know the part where another man enters my wife for the first time…and is only the second man to EVER enter her…I think it might be best to hear it in her words…so here I will let her take over.

—As I remember my excitement is at its highest. Never have I ever let another guy get this far except for my husband. I’m laying in the bed and I could feel my pussy wet, my clit throbbing, “B” is touching me, caressing me, being so gentle with his every move. He separated my lips but that didn’t stop him from playing with my clit. The way he knew my pussy gave me goosebumps. His hands inside of me quickly finding my g-spot felt heavenly. I was grinning from ear to ear not to mention being bashful over having 2 men desiring me and pleasuring me at once. I give him “B” a look and tell him I’m ready he grabs the condoms and slips one on. He slides his dick into my wet inviting pussy. His length is noticed right away and I begin to moan in ecstasy. I could see his face change from excitement to concentration he lets out a “damn you weren’t kidding about being tight” he works my hips and gets a rhythm down. I cum when he cums and it’s strangely satisfying. My giggle overpowers the room they both KNOW I’m fucking loving this. That’s not enough though I look at my husband and tell him it’s his turn. They switch spots and now the hubby is the one inside of me. —

Now it’s my turn, I hand B my phone to record. My time to reclaim MY hotwife, to reclaim MY pussy. As I slide in between her legs I take the time to kiss from navel to neck. When I reach her mouth she tells me, “It’s all yours, take it.” I slide my cock inside, her pussy warm and inviting as always. As my hips rock, thrusting deeper and deeper, my lips drift to her nipples. The rose nipple rings, bought for just this occasion, are now glistening with my saliva. As my strokes quicken I move to her neck and became to kiss/suck on her earlobe. She pulls me in close and whispers to me, “Are you going to cum?” I can only look down at her and smile, “Not even close love.”

I pull her head to chest and feel her bite down, intoxicating. I raise up and unwrap her legs from around me. I climb off the bed and walk to the side. I motion for her to come over, she knows what her king wants. She comes to the side and bed, assuming her position on all fours. As I enter her again, I can feel as she squeezes me. Love when she does that, and her lips that grip. As I build a rhythm the sound of us slapping together fills the room. With one hand I reach and grip her shoulder, the other on her hip. I’m giving her my best, and she rewards it with that DAMNED giggle. Almost as soon as I hear it I can’t contain myself, I burst deep inside of her. Slapping her ass I do, leaving her an imprint, a mark of a great fuck.

She rolls over on the bed, and we embrace. A long kiss, before she escapes to clean up. Me and B are getting dressed, when idk what comes over me. I invite him to stay longer. No reason the night has to end already.

—- Ok guys. Obviously this was only the first round of what ended up being an incredible night. It took longer to write up than I anticipated. The picture on this post is a teaser for the rest of the night. Stay tuned for the next write up. Feel free to let us know what you think. 😉—-

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