Timestop 3 (MF) (freeuse) (quickie) (public) fiction sex stories

Kiera was already a prideful cumslut, but with her timestop device, she had become insatiable. Multiple times every day, she was pulling men into her frozen world and hidden in plain sight, the men would happily feed her their seed. They quickly got over their confusion when they saw Kiera’s cute face, perky tits, and hungry expressions and would publicly take her. Her body reacted to all the extra sexual work outs brilliantly. Her mouth and leg muscles strengthened considerably as she sucked, rode, and received in every position or situation imaginable.

Kiera would often debrief her exploits with her friend who endowed her with the timestop watch, in sessions that that doubled as catching up and testing observations. The friend issued a challenge during a whispered conversation over dinner. “I think it would be a good test of the machine and your sex skills if you got off all the guys at the bar. Do you think you could do it?” Kiera’s smile was wicked, “where should I start?” The friend nodded towards a man walking past their table toward the bar. Hastily, she reached out and brushed him as she hit the button.

It took a moment for the man to realize the world around him had frozen, but when he spun around looking for something to move, he saw Kiera approaching him. Peeling off her shirt and her bra, she ran down her normal explanation. Topless, she looked up at him, with a feigned innocence that overwhelmed him. He stared into her inviting eyes as she began stroking his hardening cock, and she knew she had him.

Once unleashed on Kiera, the man was an animal. Her well practiced jaw could handle a man of his size, before he lifted her onto the table and ravenously ate her. Soon she was bent over her table, skirt bunched at her waist and her thong at her ankles. He licked her some more before drilling. She balanced on the edge of table, throwing her cute caramel ass back into his savage thrusts, while she came over and over on him. Abruptly, he dropped her to her knees and exploded down her throat with a massive groan. She needed water and some composure before she could move onto the next guy.

The bar wasn’t very packed, so she quickly planned how to get the remaining handful of guys in the bar. Her next target was standing by the bar waiting for a beer, who excitedly accepted his blowjob. Her swirling, sloppy tongue overwhelmed the man who gripped the bar as he hit ecstasy and shot off like a shotgun.

Her next targets were sitting in a booth. She started with the man alone on his side, thrusting her tits into his face as she rode lasciviously. The man joyfully buried his face in their soft perkiness as he surrendered control. He looked up from biting her nipples to try and pull out, but Kiera rising was unrelenting. He leaned back and filled her pussy with his cum.

His friend across the table had no problems plunging her cum filled pussy himself. “You two must share women all the time then!” Kiera panted, looking up at him from her back while he pounded. Her ankles on his shoulders, he blasted inside her as well. Kiera scooped some on her finger. “I wonder whose this is? Maybe both?” She licked her finger clean. The man laughed and actually urged her to try his female friend.

It took some creative maneuvering from the two guys to give Kiera access, but once the women was frozen with Kiera, they eagerly attacked each other. The women laid Kiera out on their table and buried her face between her thighs, delighting in her swollen, used, and sloppily cum drenched slit. The guy’s frozen but knowing smiles drove Kiera on as their friend pleasured her until she was soaking the woman’s face, grinding up against her tongue in her orgasm.

Her experience lost in time with the woman was refreshing and recharging, but after leaning her against one of the frozen men and licking and fingering her ferociously, she returned to her task. The only man remaining unfucked or sucked by Kiera was the bartender. She was excited, having already made flirting eye-contact when she’d passed before and could tell he was already interested and just needed the opportunity.

Kiera sauntered to the bar and found the sexy bartender to be a willing flirt. She casually touched his hand on the bar, freezing time in an instant. Their eyes were so drawn together, the electric sexual tension so strong, he didn’t realize the world around him literally stopped. But when he did, he asked. “What happened?” Kiera smirked. “Just creating an opportunity for you. Do you want to take it?” “Can i take you?” “I was hoping you would.”

Kiera circled the bar, seductively swaying her sexy little hips, and pushing her tits up to tease. The bartender pinned her to the bar and kissed her lustily, his hands exploring Kiera’s desired body. Her fatigue melted away as she explored his body. She pushed him back against the wall and fell to her knees, springing his cock free and giving a slow sensual oral display. She was hungry for his cum, but wanted to savor him.

He lifted her back to the bar, pulled her thing to the side, and slowly pushed into her, fucking her with deep, deliberate strokes. Kiera moaned, her legs around his waist while he slowly stretched out her sore and sensitive pussy. Abruptly, Kiera was spun around and bent back over the bar. “I love when a big man takes me from behind!” She moaned. “Then, you will love this.” He didint disappoint, as he stroked Kiera hard. The only sounds in the frozen world were their grunts and the claps against her cute, bubble butt, until her orgasmic moans drowned that all out.

They fucked like crazy for a while. Kiera was achingly sore in the best way, as she rode him on the floor and took his strokes against the wall until the bartender sprayed her tits down with a burst of cum. After some cleaning and a promise of free drinks, she drifted back to her seat, dazed. “Wow, you really did it.” “That was a really fun challenge. I gotta fill you in on everything!!”

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