The Trade [MF][Dom/Reluctant Sub] Part 9 erotic short stories

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Here is the background. This is a fictional story.

**Kate**: *F23. Main female of the story. 5’5″, b cup, slender, perfect ass. Feisty, irritable, playful at times, defensive, sexy, vanilla with subpar past sexual partners. Jen’s slightly older sister.*

**Jack**: *M25. Main male of the story. 6’0″, athletic, womanizer-type, suave, confident, amazing lover.*

**Jen**: *F22. Kate’s younger sister. 5’6″, c cup, slender, not as good as Kate’s ass. Typical, slutty, yet romanticizes too much.*

**Setting**: *Kate’s apartment*


*She loves the lollipop*


Drops fell to the floor. It wasn’t a long distance. Kate’s pussy dripped as her eager expectation of Jack’s member fueled her arousal. Her thighs were slick, her heart raced, excitement and humiliation filled her. Kate held firm in her kitten posture, pondering on it. It made her feel dirty, slutty, and it felt degrading. Her mind quickly flashed back to when she couldn’t stand him, even hated him. Now, here she was, on her hands and knees, completely naked for him, gladly. What a transformation, she thought. The old Kate would’ve been disgusted by what was going on — it would have to be mind control or something. The new Kate was Jack’s sexy little kitten, and she liked it. Being submissive to him made her feel sexy and made her aroused again. The dripping of her juices and Jack’s slobber creating a bit of a pooling beneath her.

“You look so cute sitting there like that. You’ll be doing that more often.” Jack said confidently to Kate as he looked down at her.

Her trance broke as she heard his words, accepting them willingly though with a hint of reluctance. She recognized this positioning and dreaded it. The man standing in front of the woman on her knees with the expectation being obvious.

***Ugh…I can’t believe I have to do this.***

He was finally doing it. He was finally telling her to suck his cock. He had never asked and Kate had never volunteered. She wasn’t a big fan of giving blowjobs anyway. If past experiences were any indication for her, it always seemed so one-sided in nature. She somehow thought that Jack would have never asked though given their interactions. After all, he seemed to be more interested in satisfying Kate. He monopolized their time together making her cum repeatedly.

Noting the damp spot on the floor, Jack smirked and reached down with his hand, a finger slipping between Kate’s legs to wipe up a bit of her juices, massaging her clit in a circle before his finger retreated. Kate trembled with a hushing gasp as Jack made eye contact with her and stood back up, immediately licking his fingers clean.

“Good girl. I can see that you’re very excited too, kitten.” Jack said with a grin.

Kate looked away and on towards Jack’s pants in front of her. The bulge in his jeans was quite large now, erect and ready for Kate. She crawled a bit closer so she could reach and raised both of her hands up, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants slowly. Jack looked down at his kitten, watching as she methodically and slowly started to unwrap her reward. She yanked a bit on his jeans to allow some more room to work and then pulled his boxers down slightly, forcing Jack’s cock to spring out towards her. She recoiled slightly in response.

She glared at the thing. Was it really this cock that had been inside of her the whole time? Up close, it looked much bigger than she remembered. Kate just stared on, a bit speechless. The scent hit her quickly. Jack smelled… a man — a bit sweaty, but good. It made her feel extra feminine and attractive in that moment.

“Go on.” Jack said smugly.

Without looking at Jack, Kate carefully took hold of it with her right hand. Her soft hand made contact with his warm cock, causing Jack to sigh. Kate wrapped her hand around him, and gently stroked his cock almost mesmerized. Her left hand remained on his thigh above were his jeans and boxers were pulled down. She continued and slowed her already slow pace, simply lifting the cock and moving it around, carefully examining it now as her new toy suddenly created a strong effect on her, leaving her feeling weak and aroused.

Kate stroked him for a few moments, Jack reaching full strength as he wasn’t far off already.

“….was it always this…big?” Kate said, a bit stunned and shy, still staring on.

Jack chuckled.

“Yes, kitten, it was. You just never noticed because you were too busy being pleasured out of your mind and cumming.” Jack said with a smirk, referencing his handiwork on Kate.

Kate’s eyes simply glanced up and met Jack’s, that sufficing as a response as she was visibly red and slightly embarrassed. She continued to stroke him almost mindlessly at a slow, dull pace, not really doing much for him although he liked her delicate feminine fingers around him.

He reached down and raised her head up by her chin with his right hand, using his thumb to circle an outline around her soft lips.

“It goes in here, kitten. Don’t be shy now.” Jack said softly in a teasing whisper.

Blushing even more now, Kate pulled away from his hand to maintain some sense of her dignity again. She simply held the warm erect tool in her hand and looked up at him.

“Jack…can we just not do this? I’m really not a big cock-sucking type of girl.” Kate said innocently, tilting her head slightly to appeal to Jack’s sweet side.

Jack looked down at her and stroked her hair softly.

“Kitten, you’ll need to try….for your own sake. You’ll want it nice and wet for where it is going soon.” Jack said, clearly indicating that it was in Kate’s best interest.

***What does he mean? Does he…no, he doesn’t mean…my butt? He’s going to pound my ass….with this thing?!? UGH…I don’t think so, Jack…***

To make his point more clear as he noticed Kate looking a bit perplexed, he reached behind her slightly, between her cheeks, and with his right hand and used his finger to gently tap her asshole a couple of times before pulling back.

“Wa…wait…” Kate began, looking up at Jack with a bit of a shock, but was quickly interrupted by him.

“That’s right, kitten. When I told you before that you were mine, I meant all of you….including that perfect little butt of yours.” Jack said with an irresistible smirk as he brushed Kate’s hair gently and cupped her face, tickling her chin softly with his pointer finger to let her know just how much she belonged to him.

Kate shuddered at his touch now, the weight of his words sinking in as she felt so totally owned and helpless to resist Jack’s smooth talking and confidence about what he was going to make her do. However, a sense of acceptance quickly started to wash over her almost out of nowhere, but she wanted to resist it, finding herself somewhat caught between feelings of embarrassment and excitement yet again.

“But don’t worry about that now. You just go ahead and enjoy your treat, kitten. Here, start with this.” Jack said, looking down at her as he smiled.

He placed his right hand underneath Kate’s chin again, locking eyes with her, and used his thumb again to circle and outline around her lips, which stopped her from speaking. He then slowly pushing his thumb into her mouth partially, not able to get all the way in before Kate pulled back, still holding onto the cock.

“Jack, I’m not a baby! I’m not going to suck on your thumb!” Kate said, asserting herself.

“You might find it embarrassing, kitten, but you’re going to do it.” Jack said confidently.

Kate continued to look at him and scoffed, but had a scowl on her face that was visible to Jack as she was beside herself. The two stared at each other briefly until Jack broke the silence.

“Kate…” Jack said, clearly using a tone that now struck her a bit differently.

Immediately, Kate’s face lightened up a bit and her resistance faded just enough for Jack to cup her face again as he brought his hand close. He smiled at Kate again as he pushed his thumb into her mouth, this time, Kate not resisting him, but opening her mouth to accept his thumb. Now, with a cock in her hand, a thumb in her mouth, and her eyes glued up towards Jack, she suddenly began to feel even more aroused.

***What is the matter with me? Ugh….now I’m sucking on his thumb?***

“Good girl, Kate.” Jack said with satisfaction.

Kate, still a bit irritated and embarrassed, sucked and tongued his thumb gently until Jack slowly removed it from her mouth, seeing that she was ready to move on. She turned her attention to the cock in her hand and got her lips wet before moving it closer to her mouth. While sucking his thumb, she started to realize that Jack had spent all their time pleasing Kate and this was her chance to please Jack.

Kate extended her tongue out and licked the tip of his cock, before pulling it back and circling around the head with her tongue again and finally letting it enter, wrapping her luscious lips around it, slipping over the head like a well-fitted glove. She went back and forth a couple of times, slobbering over the head a bit before going further down his shaft.

“That’s it, Kate. Good girl…” Jack said, letting out an audible sigh as he clearly was enjoying Kate’s technique and her warm mouth. Her eyes immediately darted up towards Jack’s face, meeting his eyes as she heard his affirming response to her actions. Despite a mouthful of cock, she was smiling. She continued to take his length, letting her lips pass back and forth as she sucked hard and wiggled her tongue around him.

She placed both hands up against Jack’s thighs, using just her mouth to do the work now. She finally pulled the cock out of her mouth, a bridge of her spit keeping his cock and her lips connected. She licked the shaft from side to side and took him back in her mouth again.

Jack reached down with his left hand and grasped Kate’s right hand, interlocking his fingers with hers as the two made eye contact.

“You look so cute with your mouth full.” Jack said lovingly to Kate, who responded with a bit of a giggle.

She continued her licking and sucking motions for some time, slurping and slobbering over his cock sensually and letting her lips drag across his shaft slowly back and forth with care. It was so instinctual for her even if it never really panned out well in the past. Jack moaned and then reached down with his right hand to gently caress Kate’s head from behind, moving her back and forth a bit as well as he also started to slowly thrust himself back and forth. Taken a bit by surprise, Kate looked back up at Jack and pushed against his thigh with her left hand as she squirmed a bit from the additional force. Jack then was more gentle, slowing his pace for Kate as he let her work it instead, now simply interlocking his right hand with her left so that she was continuing to suck his cock with no help from her hands.

Kate finally let Jack’s cock slide out of her mouth, swallowing some of the excess spit that built up in her mouth and then ducked her head slightly and used her tongue to guide him back into her mouth again.

“Baby can’t enough, can she?” Jack stated with a chuckle.

***Ugh…he’s right…this is much more enjoyable than I thought.”***

Kate heard, but largely ignored him, continuing to lick and suck his cock passionately. It started to feel therapeutic for her as her mouth glided over him back and forth. She pulled her hands out of his and held the base with her right hand while using her left to gently massage his balls too.

“Oh, kitten…that feels so good.” Jack moaned with delight in his voice.

Kate then pulled the cock out of her mouth with a popping noise that sounded so sexy when she did it. She swirled her tongue around the tip a few times, looking up to catch Jack start to crumble a bit from the sensation. She smirked at the effect that she had on him and took him back in and continued.

Kate felt good finally being able to give back a bit. After a few more minutes of Kate essentially making out with Jack’s cock, he gently pulled his cock out of Kate’s mouth to her surprise as she then looked up at him wondering why he took her toy away. He wanted to be inside her and couldn’t wait any longer. He stepped out of his jeans and boxers and kicked them back towards the sofa. He unbuttoned his shirt slowly as Kate, still kneeling on the floor locked her eyes with his, wiped her mouth of the extra spit to clean herself up a bit. Jack tossed his shirt on the sofa so that they were now both naked.

He looked down at her and reached down, grabbing Kate under her arms and then hoisted her up and into his embrace, making her straddle him as he wrapped his left hand around her left butt cheek to hold her up and wrapped his right hand around her upper back. He held her close, Kate burying her head into his chest and shoulder area, loving when he picked her up and held her as she craved the intimacy. She wrapped her arms around his neck and back and locked her legs around his waist. He leaned his head down and kissed the top of her head before he rested his head on top of hers as he just stood there holding her for a few moments, letting them have a close intimate moment together.

Feeling vulnerable, but safe in his arms as they hugged tightly, Kate confided softly in a whisper to Jack, “I….missed…you.”

Jack thought about her words for a moment, not responding to her as he was focused on them. He was honestly not sure what to say to that because he didn’t really feel that way about any of the previous girls before Kate. Snapping out of it, he realized that he lingered too long and the moment to say it back or something similar had come and gone.

“…Let’s get you to the bedroom and give you what you need, babe.” Jack whispered to her in response. He was a bit taken aback by Kate allowing herself to be so vulnerable with him, the sudden honest revealing of her feelings that reflected how open she felt she could be with him. Although he didn’t say it back, he realized that he thought it as well — he had also missed her during their time apart.

Neither one being able to see each other’s face, Kate simply kept her eyes closed, smiling and enjoying the warmth of Jack’s body. “Okay…” she responded softly.

Jack carried Kate to her bedroom and closed the door before walking her to the edge of the bed, laying her down on her back gently. He took hold of her ankles and kept her legs up and slightly wide as he liked to hold Kate like this so he could see her fully. Kate blushed and placed her arms above her head, giggling as she looked up at a smiling Jack.

“So sexy, kitten.” Jack said softly.

“Oh, Jack…” Kate moaned in a sensual whisper, clearly aroused by the level of intimacy between them now. She wiggled her feet slightly, prompting Jack to then lean over to kiss her soles softly. Kate looked forward at Jack’s body standing over her, toned and fit, his tool hanging at full strength, waiting to be put to work. She bit her lower lip softly as she looked up at him with eagerness in her eyes.

Jack took her legs and brought them together, crossing them and putting them against his left shoulder as he then reached down with his right hand, rubbing her left butt cheek. He then let his finger drift to her asshole, gently massaging it again.

An audible gasp escaped Kate as she naturally squirmed slightly against Jack’s finger. He held her tight to keep her in place.

“Wait! Jack…” Kate began, unsure about if he was serious about earlier.

“Shh…it’s okay, Kate….just giving you a little massage, kitten.” Jack said, knowing her apprehension to what he had mentioned earlier. He pulled his finger to his lips quickly, letting his tongue wipe it gently with his spit as he went right back down to massage her asshole again with his now wet finger. She twitched again, this time because of the wetness. He knew that anything anal-related made Kate uncomfortable and he liked teasing her with that.

“You’re so cute when you get scared or mad…” Jack teased her in a playful tone as he smirked at her.

Kate looked up at him, seeing her feet crossed and resting against his left shoulder near his face, her pink toenail polish standing out nicely, and was unsure of how to respond best.

***I hate being teased like this, but…..I….love when he does it.***

“….Oh, just shut up, Jack.” She said playfully with a giggle, recognizing that their bedroom banter just added to the sexual intensity of their relationship. Giggling in embarrassment, she covered her face with her hands.

Jack grinned, loving to get under her skin a bit. He then intensified his finger massage, which caused Kate to squeal and tremble, attempting to squirm away from his finger unsuccessfully. He reached around her legs and placed his left hand on her belly, letting his warm touch soothe and calm her as he continued to play with her asshole.

Having teased her enough, he spread her legs out again, holding her by her ankles once more. He looked down at her wet pussy and let his hard cock gently brush up against her wet lips. He slapped her pussy lips with his cock’s shifting around as he swung it around, teasing Kate again for a moment before starting to push his way inside her. He released her right ankle momentarily to help guide his cock inside of Kate, pushing inch after inch inside of her. He took her ankle back and pushed himself in half way in.

“Ohhhh….” Kate let out a sensual moan of satisfaction as she felt Jack’s cock part her wet lips slowly, her body desperate for him. Jack smirked, hearing Kate’s soft moaning.

Jack pulled back out slowly, leaving only the head inside and then pushed in further again, until he bottomed out inside of her, Kate’s pussy welcoming his cock openly and hugging him tightly as he moved back and forth in and out of her slowly.

He started going a bit faster, picking up the pace. Kate started to moan tenderly again. Her pussy was throbbing in delight with each thrust and Jack’s cock was perfectly suited to relieve her. Her body knew what to do as usual, lubricating herself so the invader could glide in and out more easily. She let out a deep sighing moan as the intensity increased.

Jack looked down at Kate, sensing and hearing her pleasure. He brought her feet together, kissing them softly before parting them again, locking eyes with his kitten as she looked at him, struck with emotion. She grabbed her breasts and fondled her nipples as she loved looking up at Jack taking her.

“Good girl…” Jack said in a gentle whisper.

Jack continued in his passionate thrusting as the sloshing sound of Kate’s wetness filled the otherwise silent mating dance between the two lovers. Jack’s sighing and Kate’s hushed moans started to grow. She began to whimper as her body began to convulse, giving in to her orgasm. Jack felt her grip his cock as she was cumming, he grunted as he continued to thrust into her.

“Hold on.” Jack said softly.

Despite Kate’s panting and climax, Jack let go of her ankles, leaned down to reach around her back and scooped her up, kneeling onto the bed and laying her back down so that he could lay on top of her. He turned her head towards him, cupping her face with his right hand as he kissed her deeply. While doing so, he slide himself back into her and held her close. Kate felt Jack’s breath against her face as their cheeks rubbed together, his thrusting having started off slow and then he picked up the pace, getting into a groove.

“Oh…that feels…so good, Jack…” Kate cooed, embracing him tightly with her legs wrapped around his back and her arms around his shoulders and arms. Jack simply kissed Kate, wrapping his hands around her head and hair, keeping her close.

Like a well-oiled machine, he kept his pace, planning on sending Kate into another wild orgasm. Her moaning increased as each minute passed, eventually finding herself feeling the tension growing in her body as she squealed in delight when her next orgasm arrived, cumming on Jack’s cock yet again as her juices dripped out between them both. Jack slowed down until he was no longer thrusting into Kate, but simply left himself in her as he kissed her neck, her cheek, and then her lips again.

Exhausted and panting, Kate let go of Jack and let herself rest, her eyes closed and head tilted to the side, her arms and legs limp in Jack’s arms. Kate laid there in orgasmic bliss without another care, a smile on her face as she was safe, secure, and sexually satisfied thanks to Jack again. He slowly eased out of Kate’s wet pussy and knelt over, crawling up to her face alongside her. With his cock covered in Kate’s nectar dangling above her face, he gently opened her mouth, using his left thumb to pry open her lower lip without much effort as she didn’t resist, her eyes still closed.

“Here babe, taste us.” Jack said calmly.

He slowly started sliding his cock into Kate’s unsuspecting mouth. He got the head in before Kate realized what was going on. A bit startled, she jolted her head back slightly, but not before Jack used his left hand to keep her from escaping, placing it behind her head. Now with Jack’s cock in her mouth again, Kate’s eyes shot up to Jack who was smiling as he waited for her to suck him off a bit more.

***Hey, what the hell? Way to ruin the moment, Jack! Well…he actually tastes good and he deserves it…***

Kate turned her body slightly towards him and obediently started to bob her head slowly up and down the head of the cock and then moved her head closer to his base, taking in his shaft a bit too to get more of him in her. She continued to slide her lips back and forth as her right hand reached up and gently massaged Jack’s balls.

“Good girl…” Jack moaned.

He placed his right hand on Kate’s right ankle, bringing her foot to rest against his mouth as he gently kissed her sole. The result was that Kate’s legs were spread open slightly. Kate smiled at Jack as he kissed the bottom of her foot as Jack smirked back at her in between the soft kisses that he was delivering to it. He slid his left hand down the front of Kate’s body and between her butt cheeks until he reached his destination — her asshole. He rubbed her asshole nice and slow in a circular pattern to a shocked Kate. Her eyes went wide as his finger met her again, using her eyes to communicate to him her shock. Naturally, she still sucked his cock and didn’t say a word, but simply reacted by placing both of her hands around his forearm, squeezing him tightly in an attempt to get him to stop playing with her asshole.

“Settle down, kitten…it’s going to be fine.” Jack said to reassure Kate, kissing her foot once more to comfort her.

She maintained eye contact with Jack, almost sucking on his cock like it was her pacifier. Her resistance faded soon as her grip on his forearm turned to just hold his forearm loosely.

Kate stopped sucking Jack’s cock and pulled her head away from him to catch her breath realizing that she was lubing him up for what Jack was planning next.

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