The time I [M] got caught with my ex [F] at the park non-fiction sex stories

Thanks to all for the positivity on my first post- you guys are awesome. Figured I’d jump to another fun memory I have with the ex.

At this point we were 18, just graduated high school. At that time we both lived in our childhood homes, so there were few options when it came to us having some privacy- a bad mix at the time period where your sex drive is through the roof. As a result, like most kids our age, we would frequent an extremely rural park after school most days.

To paint a picture, she is short and petite, around 5’0″ and long blonde hair. Hour glass body shape and an amazing ass. But, no doubt her best quality was her D cup tits. on this day she wore a short sundress and nothing under it- a common outfit for her, as she knew that always drove me crazy.

We park my car and start following our usual trail, and after about 5 minutes we end up in our usual secluded spot. The spot is a clearing in the woods, surrounded by bushes, shrubs and low trees that completely obscure it from view from the path. Without hesitation she drops to her knees and unzips my shorts, stripping me completely naked in seconds. I lift her dress up over her head as she takes me in her mouth. This girl was an expert, I’m talking taking the entire thing down her throat- even now I’ve never had better.

Finally, I grow impatient and can’t wait any longer. I lift her to her feet and lay back on the sand (she didn’t want to get dirty herself) and she slowly lowers herself onto my cock, facing me. Even with her being soaked, it was always a tough fit with how tight she was. She continued riding me as I couldn’t help but stare at those amazing tits bouncing with each thrust. This goes on for a few minutes before she abruptly gasps and stops- almost launching to her feet. She poorly tries to cover her nipples with one hand and pussy with her other while I lay fully dick to the wind trying to process the situation.

A man had walked up- older, but not too much so. Probably 30. To this day im not sure how he stumbled on us, but I suspect my ex was being quite loud. Not knowing what to say, I start with the time tested “sorry!”

I reach for my clothes and dress quickly. My ex is still standing naked and just trying to cover herself. The man says not to worry and he apologizes as well, starting to back away but definitely staring at her tits the whole time. He’s still watching as she goes for her clothes, at first leaving a hand covering her tits, but she quickly figured out she couldn’t throw the dress on well with just the one. She then stops covering herself and quickly slips the dress on. Finally the mysterious stranger is out of view, and she hurries me back to my car in fear he will report us.

It isn’t until much later she brings up these events and tells me how often she gets off to the idea of being watched/caught. I had no idea she was that kinky at the time, and this was just one of the clues that lead to me discovering the extent of her exhibitionist kink.

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