The Shower erotic short stories

Woke up this morning bleary eyed with the urge to pee. You were their, already naked in the bathroom. You held my cock for me as I stood to pee. Your warm hand holding my member as I relieved myself.

When I was finished it was your turn. As you sat down to pee you licked my cock, started to kiss it as you were peeing. You know I love the sound of you tinkling. Seeing the stream between your legs.

As I am looking down at you, you take the tip of my member in your mouth. Swirling your tongue around the head. It feels so good when you do that, drives me wild, makes me hard. You take my cock in your mouth, bobbing your head up and down on it looking up at me.

When you are finished relieving yourself, you help get out of my night clothes and we head to the shower. The warm water cascades down your body as I begin to wash you. Your back is facing me as I soap up your firm breasts, you nipples hard and rigid, You moan as I caress and pinch them. My hard member presses against your ass cheeks. Your mouth searches for mine as we kiss.

Continuing downward, I wash your stomach. Gently tickling your belly button. Then it’s time for your back. First you shoulders, then the area between them. You flinch as I touch the small of your back delicately. I have a way of touching you there that makes you tingle. Makes your body tremble.

Next it’s your private area, your garden. I gently soap up tour thighs and work my way towards your labia. I rub your lips gently between my fingers, softly polish your clit. I work a few fingers inside you making you moan. Keeping your insides clean too.

Soaping up your tight little bottom, i part the cheeks and tease your tight hole. I insert a finger, you feel the slight burn of the soap as I finger you ass, you gasp, your legs shake. Your body trembles. I then begin to wash your legs. Your muscles are taut, tense. I massage and caress them. Washing then, feeling their shape and form.

Then it’s your turn to wash me.

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