The password short sex stories

The girl burst into his office.

“How could you possibly dare? You both started to build this company, and what now?

“Hello, my dear. Why are you screaming? Let’s sit, talk.”

“What do you want to talk about? You’ve done this. You put him in such a situation.”

“Um, not really. He had a choice, but he chose to be bankrupt.”

“And what kind of choice he had? You are lying pig.” The girl swung his palm in her intention to slap him in the face, but her tiny hand was intercepted with a strong male hand.

“He could leave everything the way it was, with only one little change.” The man hacked her hand behind her back and pulled her very close. “He didn’t want you to be mine.”

“What the fuck? What do you mean by “mine”? You are married, with kids. You already need to retire.” The girl didn’t like to be so close to a male’s body.

“Only don’t tell me “tales”. I saw the way you looked at me when I was visiting your house and had a dip into the pool. I’m sure 300% you were dripping wet, like a bitch during mate season.”

“Oh, you didn’t.” The girl tried to escape from the strong embrace.

“You are not curious what I offered him?”

The girl dropped his purse and attacked him with a second hand. The man caught her hand very easily. Now both her hands were trapped with a big male’s arm.

“You are in a very uncomfortable position right now. I would be able to fuck you if I want to.”

“Ha-ha, very funny. The whole company knows about your feats in bed. Your wife forgot how a dick looks like.”

He remembered about his wife with ineptness on his face. And about their divorce, which happened three years ago. Not a lot of people knew about that divorce. That bitch couldn’t forget about him and kept spreading rumors about his dick. What a whore.

“Well, I guess you have a very nice opportunity to find out, huh?”

“Don’t even think about touching me. I’ll scream.”

“You know, I think simple fuck with you, it’s sort of boring thing. I’m almost sure you know the password to his offshore account. You’ll tell me that information now, or you want me to fuck it out of your brain?”

The girl stood for a second – he got it right. She knew the password.

She wanted him. Or, how to say it more correct – she masturbated about him a lot of lonely nights. Imagining, how rough he can be. The man was twice stronger, and the girl kept dreaming about his biceps. If he wanted sex from her, she would be okay with light courtship – she would give him very fast. But, he was a gentleman, and she wanted wild animal sex with him. Right now she was wonder, how rough he can be?

He wanted her to beg about an orgasm. That fantasy was so real. He could feel how his perfect dick will enter her wet pussy. The man wanted to fuck her until she faint until she won’t be able to cum anymore. He remembered her since he saw her first time. Long hair and a very cute firm butt. He almost lost his sleep, jerking off about that butt. To wind that hair in his hand, and drive into that wet hole. But the situation turned out a different way. He caught his partner on money laundering. He offered him to hush up a case, but instead he wanted to fuck his daughter. The old fart didn’t want to. So he had to initiate bankruptcy. And now he had her in his arms, laughing about his sexual skills. It’s okay. He’ll fuck her, and will find this damn money.

“I won’t tell you password no matter what.”

“Yeah, I was kind of hoping for that. You’ll scream and cum under me, shooting out those numbers.”

“You are so miserable. I have a boyfriend. He’ll come and beat your ass off.”

“A boyfriend? That lazy guy who is “renting” you for sex? Can he ever turn you on?”

“WE love each other, alright?”

“You can call it whatever you want.”

“I’ll scream and security will be right here. You’ll be done.”

“Actually, speaking of security. I promised one of the guys that I’ll call him when I’ll be fucking you. He wanted to eat you out.”

The girl looked at him with “You are kidding right now, are you?”

“Well, you first started this circus with “security”. One moment, please.” The man pressed the button. “Tomas, buddy, come to my office.”

In a few minutes, a big guy came in and looked at the boss with surprise.

“Did you call me, sir?”

“Yes, Tomas. You’ll have a very important task.”

“Derek, what are you talking about? What’s Emily doing here?”

“You will eat that pussy out, would you?”

The girl saw how lustfully Tomas started to look at her. What an asshole. He promised to take care of her in front of her dad.

“It’ll be an honor for me, sir.”

“You see, my dear, with the common effort we’ll find out about that password.”

The girl tried to escape, but those attempts looked funny. Derek tore apart her silky blouse and found her hard nipple. “Somebody already turned on? I didn’t know you like it hard. You make this whole situation quite interesting.” The man twisted her nipple, causing a moan, while the security guard unzipped her skirt and took off her panties.

“Tomas, you have only one job – suck that clit.”

“Yes, sir.”

The man led escaping girl to the sofa.

“Tomas, you can start. I’m not quite sure if she’s wet.” Holding the girl’s hands Derek continued. “He’ll eat you out and I’ll fuck you till that point where you’ll tell us the password. Even if you faint, it won’t stop us. Remember it.”

The girl tried not to think that two very hot men will fuck her. But when Tomas’ tongue touched her clit, she squeezed her thighs. Man didn’t like it and spread it apart again. Derek was gently teasing her opening. When he got enough of her juices, his big head easily slid in. Emily got a shiver. She supposed to have sex with her boyfriend today, so she was turned on from the morning. And full Tomas’ lips did a very good job down there. Derek’s dick was touching all the right spots inside of her. Tomas wouldn’t let her clit alone. Fucking asshole. The orgasm was so strong, she trapped the guard’s face with her shaking hips.

“He won’t stop doing it. He adores it,” whispered Derek in her ear, “soon your clit will be so sensitive, so painfully sensitive. Password, dear. Just say the password.”

Somewhere, deep inside her mind she understands, Derek was right, but she also wanted money. Father was collecting money for her future.

“I’ll tell you password only under one condition – I’ll get the half.”

“No, I’ll give you only ten percent. Tomas, are you sleeping there?”

“No, Tomas, no. Please, I need rest.”

“Tomas, the clit.” Derek entered her very rough and deep.

Emily tried do not think about those great feelings, which both guys were giving to her. The guard stopped sucking off her clit and started to tease her – which was even worse. She heard Derek’s whisper again.

“I don’t sleep with my wife for more than five years. We are divorced for the last three years. Everything she was saying about me is bullshit, and you believed to that bullshit.” The man gained speed, and the girl had no chance to escape the orgasm.

“Oh my God, maybe I should tell them this damn password?” A tiny idea flashed in her mind when spasms of orgasm “raped” her body. Two guys were still moving and she couldn’t take it anymore.

“Okay, I’ll tell the password. Tomas has to stop.”

“Tomas, have a break for a minute. I’m listening.”

“We’ve agreed about ten percentage, right?”

“Well, now I offer you only five. The time is money, my dear.”

“Only five?” The girl forgot a man was still moving inside of her. His thrusts were gentle but deep.

“The longer you think, the less money you’ll get. I can fuck you for a very long time.”

“Okay, it’s my birthday.”

“Don’t lie to me. I tried it – it didn’t work. Tomas, get back to work.”

“No, please, no Tomas. Dad had everything messed up. It’s not the official date, it’s the next day.”

“My dear, he will go and check now, and I will keep fucking you. Your pussy is so wet. I wanna one more orgasm from you. Or…maybe two.”

The girl lost track of her orgasms. “Tomas, you son of a bitch, hurry.” But, security perfectly took his time. Finally, she heard a click, but nothing was matter. She knew – strongbox was empty.

The girl just wanted to get fucked…

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