The initiation [M21 F21] [Home video] short sex stories


I was 21. I had flunked out of college, enlisted in the Air Force, and had been at my first assignment for only a month. I was still learning my place and meeting people. I heard about an upcoming party Friday at a coworker’s house yet had not been invited. I was planning on another quiet evening until I got back to the dorm after work. At the dorms we would hang out in the hallway and chat after work. People would chat and catch up and make plans ect.. Samantha, or Sam as everyone called her, was a short blonde hair vixen who liked to wear her sports bra during hallway social hour. She lived three doors down from me. She worked in the media team and her enlistment was almost up. I found it weird that she lived in the maintenance dorm but she seemed to fit in with us and even enjoyed passing out beers to anyone with an empty hand.

That afternoon as I was about to close my door and hit the shower when Sam rushed over to me beer in hand.

“ Hey your Jay right?” she put a fresh can of beer in my hand. “ You hear about Chris’s party tonight?”

“Thanks for the beer, Yep heard about the party. No one invited me me…so” I really didn’t know what to say and was a bit taking back at the suddenness of Sams introduction. I opened the beer and sipped it.

“Well you’re invited, and you are taking me! We will leave at 6. Go get cleaned up! Is it ok if you drive?”

Who was I to tell a cute blonde with C-cups and a sport bra standing in front of me no?

“Sure 6 it is. Meet out here?

“Yep, see ya!” with that Sam bounced off making more rounds chatting with others in the hall.

I showered and dressed. As 6 on the dot I opened my door and Sam was there at her door ready. We walked out to my truck as she finished another beer and threw it into the nearby dumpster.

“Damn dude I am buzzed as fuck!” She screamed a little victory cheer as we drove off making me laugh. The house party was close to an hour from base. Sam gave me good directions and played the role of navigator and DJ. She cranked the radio and made sure I helped her sing along. About halfway to the house as we began to wind through the backroads Sam turned down the radio.

“Dude I can’t hold it those beers ran through me pull over!” I pulled to the side of the road and she immediately whipped open the door, dropped her shorts, and began peeing. I looked ahead trying to be polite.

“Tell me you’ve seen a pussy before!” She yelled. I turned my head looking at her laughing.

“Yes, just being polite some people don’t like being watched.”

“Well, that’s not me! Hell if this is your thing let me know I can save up the next round and give you a nice..”

I cut her off.

“Fuck no, especially with that piss beer you drink if it tastes that bad going down I can’t imagine how bad it’ll be after!!”

With that she nearly lost her footing and shot back

“ Stop making me laugh I’ll get piss everywhere! By the way find me some napkins or something!”

I dug through the center console and handed her some napkins. She stood. I saw her very nice body. She was shaved except for a nice little blonde heart above her clit. She shot me a smile and she climbed back in. The rest of the ride was uneventful.

When we arrived, everyone greeted us and there were screams and hugs. Sam told me to enjoy myself and she would catch up later. When that she disappeared. I spent the night nursing a beer or two and watching a pay-per-view fight. At 10pm the party had died down people had left to hit bars and clubs. It was then Sam reappeared and came bouncing up.

“There you are! Parties dead ready to go!” I nodded and asked where.

“Back to the dorms and you are going to get drunk with me and finish the night!” Again, how could I tell this wild cute blonde no….

On the drive back we chatted some and she told me how she couldn’t wait to move back home in a few months. When we got to her room she sat me on a futon she had in front of her nice entertainment center making sure I had two beers to drink. We shot gunned one to start off.

“I’m going to shower and freshen up.” She turned and began turning on her TV and sound system. “I’ll leave some movies for you to enjoy while you wait! Drink up!” She inserted a VHS tape into the machine pressed play and bounced into the shower.

I thought I knew where this night was going and I definitely didn’t mind. I was working on my beer when I saw the tittle of the tape begin. A banner appeared and it said ‘My fun 3’ As the title faded there was Sam nude on this futon. She began to masturbate and fuck herself with a nice dildo. That scene continued for 5 minutes. Then another started, it was titled random and had a date. This was her and some guy I didn’t recognize. That scene had her doggy style and lasted another 5 minutes. Over the next twenty minutes I had downed three beers. During her shower I watched Sam pleasure herself, three guys and a girl. I was rock hard and buzzed when Sam stepped out the bath naked drying herself off.

“Like anything you’ve seen?” Sam asked drying herself as she walked towards the entertainment center.

“Hell yes!… so are you going to video us?” I asked. The actual thought of making a porn excited me.

“Nope unfortunately I had to return all the equipment because I’m getting out.” Sam said smiling.

“You used military stuff to film this!” I exclaimed laughing.

“Hey I was media and they wanted us to get practice so everyone could borrow what they wanted. Up until a month ago this looked more like a production studio than a dorm room. Sucks I had to return it… anyways…” Sam turned dropping her towel and turned down the video and turned on some music. She pulled me off the futon and began to dance with me. She began to grind her naked body into me and undressed me.

“I want to get off a few times tonight. I’ve already had some dick at the party but it wasn’t good enough. So, I want you to eat me and use some toys on me till I’m satisfied, ok?”

I nodded as Sam finished undressing me dropping my pants and boxers to the floor. She tossed my clothes and shoes to the side and pulled our bodies together continuing her grinding dance.

“Don’t worry because I will finish you off with the best head you’ve ever had. Deal?” Sam now looked me in the eyes as she used both hands to fondle my balls and cock.

“Deal” I said.

With that Sam kissed me deep and kept massaging my member. I was rock hard and let my hands explore her tight body. She moaned as I squeezed and played with her tits. I moved my hands to her mound and explored her growing wetness. She sucked at my neck and pushed herself into my fingers.

Just as I was getting carried away with Sam’s moaning she pulled away and grabbed a beer. She ejected the still playing tape and put another in.

“I want to watch my favorite video while you eat me. Could you get my small vibrator and big dildo from the night stand.”

I walked and grabbed a small pink vibrator and a large 10 inch dildo from her nightstand and walked back to the front of her futon. Sam had sat down, playing with herself. She had put one of the pillows down and motioned for me to begin my task.

“Use the vibrator first…” She guided my head down. I turned the back of the vibrator and began to rub her slit. I licked the edges of her lips. Each time I reached her clit she let out a moan. I worked the tool inside her slow. I could taste her wetness grow with each thrust and lick. She began to guide my head with her free hand moving me to her clit.

I held the vibrator inside her and moved it up dragging and pushing it against her pussies wall. I kissed, and sucked at her clit feeling her hand grip my hair tighter as my tongue found it’s target.

Sam’s toes curled and she ground herself into my face and hand. Her moans and her scent filled the room. I was moving the vibrator fast now pumping her deep my hand was dripping with her wet I could smell and taste her it drove me wild. With a loud scream Sam tensed she pushed my head away and I watched as a puddle formed under her.

“Fuck Yes!! That’s what I needed!” Sams body shook and she was winded. “Now get back down there and for god’s sake don’t get near my clit just the pussy! Eat it nice and gentle”

Smiling I knelt back down and began to taste her. I licked and sucked at her enlarged folds. Her wetness soaked my face and her juices flowed into my mouth. I grabbed her firm ass and pulled my face into her. She moaned and I could hear her sipping her beer as I devoured her wetness.

“Use your fingers too, spread me open and eat that pussy!

I moved my hands from her ass and began to explore her. I spread and massaged her folds and buried my face deep into her. My tongue lapped and tasted her. My lips pulled her into my mouth. My face was dripping with her juices and I was going wild with lust.

“Use the big one now baby… Nice and slow”.

I grabbed the large dildo and marveled at it’s girth and length. I drug the tip across her lips and teased her with the tip. I watched as she pushed and more slipped in. I reached up and began to fondle her tits as I worked more of the shaft in her.

Each stroke I worked it deeper. I could feel resistance and worried it might be to big, but just as I thought this Sam grabbed my hand and shoved. The full length plus some of my hand buried itself into her and she let of a cry.

“Fuck Yes that’s good! Now FUCK ME hard!!!”

I began to move the massive tool in and out. She squirmed and bucked moaning whorishly. She had spread her legs wide and she was started to beg.


My arm and hand pounded the massive dildo into her. Her wetness grew the smell of her sex filled the room. She bucked and growled, her body shaking. She grabbed my head and began kissing me as another violent orgasm washed over her. She closed her legs tight holding the dildo deep in her. I could feel the explosion of juice flowing out her as her body continued orgasming.

She pulled away from me gasping. Smiling she tapped the seat next to her and I sat down. I very badly wanted to climb on her and ravage her with my cock. I sat down and she caught her breath.

“Damn that’s what I needed give me a bit… And I will get my job done.” Smiling she motioned like she was giving and blow job. She greedily drowned her beer she had put down and gingerly stood and walked to the mini fridge returning with two more. She sat down and I focused on the TV again. She was on screen this time with a very cute blonde woman. They were 69″ing and entangled.

Sam smiled as she saw me transfixed by her movie and began to rub me. I moaned and she began to massage my swollen balls.

“Drink up and enjoy. This is my “best of” tape. It gets real good.”

Sam knelt down and began to lick my balls. She began close to my ass and licked each one softly sucking every so often. Her hands moved up and down my length dragging her fingertips down me sending shivers down my leg with each stroke.

“Watch the video not me, and drink your beer I want this to last a while goofy”

I did as I was told and watched Sam on TV as she finished with the woman. Another scene began as I tried to focus. Sam had begun to stroke me and lick my shaft. I fought to urge to focus on the pleasure of my cock and took another sip.

On screen Sam entered the frame with two very fit men. She knelt down and began to take turns sucking them. Each man vied for her mouth’s attention slapping her with their cocks. She would tease each and deepthroat them for a moment before focusing on the other.

I took another deep drink as Sam began to deepthroat me. I nearly choked as I felt my shaft enter her throat. She was teasing me.. making this last like she said. She rubbed me slow and licked me before giving me nice slow sucks. I was coated in her saliva. I decided I wanted this to last also and turned my attention back to my beer and her movie.

Looking back up at the tv I watched as Sam had now been bent over between the two men. One held her head, face fucking her as the other pounded her hard from behind. Even with the music I could hear her muffled cries.

I swallowed the last sip of my beer as Sam began to attack my cock. My eyes closed and I reached down holding Sam’s head. She deep throated me and gagged herself. She used her hands and moved her head franticly. I felt the build of the pressure. The tightness and surge began. Sam must of felt it too. She paused pulling her head up stroking my shaft with her hands wildly.

“Do it! cum in my mouth!!” Sam moaned.

She attacked me forcing herself deep and fast sucking hard. My hips thrusted and I grabbed her hair. I fucked her mouth and moaned. The first pulse was strong and I felt the throb. My cum erupted into her mouth I and shook as she sucked with each pulse. She pulled her mouth up sucking and draining me. I felt the volume of cum filling her mouth. Releasing me she pulled herself free and I watched her swallow.

“I love that so much! ” She reached down and grabbed her beer taking a swig. Looking back at herself on video she got excited.

“Oh this is close to my best part! Do you mind going once more? That blow job made me hot again!”

“Sure.” With that Sam grabbed the remote, paused her video and turned down the music. She sat next to me and laid her head on my shoulder. She ran her fingers over my hardness and kissed my neck.

“Tell me when you’re ready and I’ll unpause this. I want you to watch too”

She moved in front of me and pulled me down beside her. We were laying side to side now. Reaching down she found her little vibrator and pulled the pillow under her head.

“Ready?!” Without saying anything I pushed my cock to her entrance. I heard her giggle and she unpaused the tape. She pushed her ass back and I slipped inside her.

I moved slow and felt her start to use the vidbrator on her clit. I ground slow and began to hear the sounds from her tape fill the room.

I looked up to the video and watched as the two guys positioned themselves around her on the bed. Their cocks entered her together and she began screaming. Both men ground and thrust in her and she clawed and moaned. I had quickened my own thrusts in response and watched in astonishment on the video as one man entered Sam’s ass. I had never seen DP before( this was before internet porn)

I watched as Sam screamed and bucked wild against the two men. I also had begun to fuck Sam wild I pumped my hips and felt her wetness covering me. Sam’s was breathing hard and moved her hips to meet my thrusts… She began to grind tight ass into me and I could feel the vibration for her tool as she pushed it hard into her clit. Just as her video neared it’s climax Sam began to scream.

“Fuck Yes! Oh shit!!” She ground her hips hard and with sharp fast pumps I brought myself to orgasm. She grabbed my ass and pulled me holding my cock in her as it shot cum deep. I heard her moan as her pussy squeezed and milked me. She pulled my arm around her as I watched the two men on video also climaxed filling her.

“Thanks hun, hope you had fun tonight.” She kissed my hand. “Grab a last beer with your clothes and I’ll see you later I need another shower”

I watched as Sam stood grabbed her towel and walked into the bathroom. I dressed, grabbed my beer and went to my room with a smile.

The next day at chow a few of my coworkers sat with me each giving me a look. They had been at the party and watched me arrive and leave with Sam.

Finally, Packman spoke up. “You and Sam huh..”

I must of blushed a bit as the table burst into laughter.

” You made the video cut or no?” Packman asked.

I shrugged explaining I didn’t get added to her collection. More laughter continued and Jake spoke up.

“We were trying to figure out a way to fuck with you being the new guy, it’s something we do to everyone.. but”

Packman cut him off “But after last night we figure you’ve been initiated enough.’

Everyone at the table burst into laughter.

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