The inexperienced youth and the urinating mother erotic short stories

It was typical for me to walk alone in the woods. I hadn’t much better things to do than watch porn and play computer games. I wasn’t particular bad looking. But there was a mental barrier to talk to girls. It was typical for me to keep my hands in my pockets, but I would rather have them on a girl’s ass. I didn’t take the usual trail. I didn’t like running into other people. Especially those that I repeatedly saw. It was slightly embarrassing, as if they thought I didn’t have anything better to do, which I didn’t.

Behind me came someone running. I heard it now by her breathing it was a girl. Among the scent of sweat I imagined the scent of her pussy. I saw her wide ass and slim waist. Her blonde ponytail swinging back and forth. It was a shame I didn’t get to see her face. It must have been cute as hell. But that ass though. If I only I could stick my dick between her buttocks and push it right in. I got really horny somehow. So horny I decided to find a place to masturbate.

I went deeper into the woods and found some thick bushes by a stream. The pictures of that running girl still fresh in my mind. I unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants. I wrapped my hand around my dick and stroked myself. I smiled. This was one of my only enjoyments in life. I heard some sticks break. I flinched. I quickly pulled up my pants. A woman… in her early forties at least. I calmed down. She hadn’t noticed me. Those breasts and Christ those hips. Even juicier than the girl I had just seen. She smiled, relieved sort of, and her dimples, incredibly cute. What the hell is she doing? She unbuttoned her pants and unveiled her bush and pink slit. I started jerking off again, as hard as I could. It got even hotter when she squatted. Those hips looked even bigger. Some strands of her hair were behind her eyes. If only I could see your sweet little eyes. The perfect cumshot. She stopped peeing suddenly and pulled up her pants. Her eyes darted straight at me. I jumped, pulled up my pants and then got the hell out of there.

I didn’t feel embarrassed. My life was already embarrassing already, just two more eyes to avoid in the future. I followed the trail back home. Bummed that I didn’t get to finish. I can take a shower and jerk off there, imagining her beautiful hips and pink vagina, and the stream of urine trickling by. It was hot as hell. I was daydreaming again, so much that I bumped into a woman in the next intersection. “Did you finish?”

Of course it was her, the urinating woman. “Uh… with what?” I swallowed hard at the end. I tried my hardest not to sound like a nerve wreck.

Surprisingly, she smiled. “What you did in the bushes.”

“Uh, I didn’t do anything.”

“Okay, do you want to do something then?”

“Do what?”

“How about you finish inside of me instead of in the bushes?”

My eyes widened in surprise. “Where?”

“We can go back to the stream.”

We started walking back. “Let me touch it for a second.” She slipped her hand inside my pants. I got rock hard. She touched and felt all the way from the root to the glans. She made sure to pull down the foreskin up and down as well. “You are well above average. Let’s go quicker.”

I couldn’t find any words. “Uhm… your husband?”

“I went through a divorce one year ago and haven’t slept with someone since, so even if I’m a mother of three… I promise you it will be tight.”

It turned me one even more and I quickened my pace.

We got there by the stream, left by ourselves. I still couldn’t believe it. It was as if it were all a dream. “Can… can I touch you?”

“Of course.” I went straight for her breasts. I squeezed them as hard as I could. This was real, mature breasts that been filled with milk not once but trice. “Do you like them?”


She took off her sweater and unbuttoned her bra. I squeezed her again while she unbuttoned her pants. This was the first time I’d ever gotten my hands on a pair of breasts. They were softer than fluffy bread. She had unbuttoned my pants. I didn’t even notice till I felt the wind on my thigh. “You are quick.”

“Well, I have more than twenty years of experience when it comes to this.” She got a hold of my dick and kissed me. The first time I’d ever tasted lips. They were sweeter than strawberries. She extended her tongue and played around in my mouth. I whirled my tongue around hers, first a bit timidly and then a lot more. She spread her legs and started rubbing her clit on my thigh. I was melting in her arms. I wondered how those lips would feel like on my dick. “Can you suck me?”

She went on her knees. She spat on my dick and rubbed it in with both of her hands. She got close with her tongue, playing around with the tip and breathing close to my glans. She opened her mouth wide. She held her right hand on the lower part of the shaft while having the upper part in her mouth. She stroked and teased the glans with her tongue. I pushed her head closer toward me. I was a few strokes away from exploding in her mouth. She let my dick slip out of her mouth. She lay down and beckoned me with her finger. I dropped to my knees and crawled up between her legs. I pushed the hair up so I could see her beautiful vagina. I licked it once. The taste made my chest warm. It was the greatest thing I’d ever laid my tongue on. I kept licking and tasting her, enjoying every inch of her vagina. I stuck my finger in by curiosity, rubbing my finger on her upper wall. She breathed harder when I did that, her chest rising and sinking. I then sucked her clitoris. She now pushed her vagina closer to my face and made some hot moaning sounds. I had to finish inside of her. I couldn’t take this any longer. I got on top of her. My dick slid right inside of her. She wrapped her legs around me, clenching me harder as farther in I went. “You can go deeper.”

I went all the way. This warmth. This euphoria. It was completely foreign to me, but I was dying to get more. We breathed harder simultaneously. She got her hands around my back and pushed my body closer to hers. Her hard nipples rubbed against mine. It kept getting warmer. The heat made me fuck her harder and harder. I finally had to let go. It felt like an explosion and there I filled her vagina with my cum. She then squirted all over my chest. “Wow.” I enjoyed every drop of her fluids on me.

“You know how to please a woman,” she said and breathed out. I just leaned back. She couldn’t even tell I was a virgin… well not any longer. We got up and helped each other get dressed. She gave me her phone number and told me I was welcome to her home anytime I wanted. I grinned. “Later this day?”

She hugged me and kissed my lips again. “Yes, anytime you want.”

I was about to melt in her arms. “I will see you then.”

We both went home with smiles on our faces.

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