The fairy girl erotic short stories

You are standing at your front door your back against the threshold. She’ll be here soon.
It’s dark out, the moon is full.
It’s silvery light dancing on your driveway .
You have “In A Week” bye Hozier queued up to play when she see’s  you.  She pulls up and into your driveway, out of sight. She takes a while.
You hear her cars door and adjust yourself.
There she is. More beautiful than you could have imagined.
A masterwork.
You forget to press play, but you do not forget yourself and flash her a wink you’ve been practicing.
It’s a good wink.
“Heyy!,” She starts,”it’s nice to meet you! Well ACTUALLY meet you.” She giggles
God she looks Stunning. With a capital S.
“It’s nice to meet you.” You try to put a light rumble in your delivery. She removes her shoes and turns to you.
You take a few measured steps toward her licking her eyes. They are indescribable. You take her small pointed chin in your hand and direct her mouth upward. You plant a kiss on her mouth and step away.
“Wow.” Is all you can manage, before producing two orange nerf pistols.

“Oh no!” She squeaks, and a bullet squeezes from your sidearm and hits he in the left nipple.
You pop off 2 more shots
“Ow, ow! You hit both of my nipples man!”
You laugh collecting the darts. ‘I didn’t know I was such a good shot’ you think to yourself.
“I didn’t do it on purpose I swear!”
“Yes you did.”
“How would I know where exactly each nipple was come on.”
“Fair. You should have warned me you had nerf!” She says with an impish grin.
“Oh you’ve got the good stuff?” Is your reply
This is met with a cute little nod. She imitates holding a juicy gun.
You chuckle.

“Let’s go have a fire!” You take her small hand in yours and lead her into your back yard. Tickling her palm with your middle finger you lean in “this is code.” She looks at you with what can only be called a befuddled expression. “Well, for what?”
“I guess you’ll find out.” You trail off , looking forward.

You’ve already prepared a base for the fire in the steel drum you’d found in the woods and dragged home.
You put your arm into it and flick your lighter. The cardboard and tinder catch quickly and the drum gives off a lovely warmth that washes over you and eases your muscles. You stare at her through the flames.
“Come you’ll enjoy this.” She follows you and you drag out you mace. A 41” 28 lbs steel pole and ball. You have a tall bar stool standing on a patio stone.
The pole reaches about her breasts as she stands only 4’10” in shoes. You stand next to her . At 6’5” with your boots on the size comparison is impressive at the least.
“I don’t know if I can do it!” She giggles.
“You can here I’ll help.”
You approach her from behind and coach hr through the movements as you would a pool partner. She giggles and you can see you’ve made her feel powerful when she bring the nasty weapons weight down on a patio stone, crushing it into a display straight out of the popular show Dragon Ball Z
She brushes her sweet pink bob back and you enjoy watching it fall back into place. It looks soft.

Now she approaches the chair. She is so small that to save her balance you cup the mace at its head and guide it through a swing putting all of your force into the downward push. She gives all her strength and the chair explodes sending wood in all directions .

You guide her through some poses. As you often say, masterpieces are meant to be photographed. You take some phenomenal pictures of her.
You decide to serenade her with Hoziers – Arsonists Lullaby. You dance around the fire thematically drawing attention to it as you sing specific verses. She is putty in your hands. You go inside and sit in the lounge for a time. You show her some of your favorite comic books and novels arranged on your shelf and fireplace mantel.

You are sitting on the couch beneath your shelf’s and your remove “Southern Bastards Vol.1” To display for her. You get into character and read for her. She smells unbelievable, her head on your shoulder her bright silvery eye twinkling at you from behind her big glasses. Your delivery is good, very passionate and animated. You love this fucking book.

“I have to go soon…” she mumbles
“Awe how soon doll?” You are hoping for at least two more hours with this… this fairy goddess.
“Mm like and hour?” She  brushes her hair back.
‘Sure’ you think to yourself.

You hand her a Toonie, a gold and silver colored Canadian two dollar coin. Named for being worth two loonies, coins named for having a loon on them.
You set up a single dart at roughly a 7 meter distance.

“If you hit this you win the toonie.”
“Oh and if I lose?”
“ you owe me a really big kiss.”
She takes aim. Six shots, no hitter.
“ I guess I get a big kiss!”
“No sir! You have to hit it!”
You take aim and squeeze the trigger.
Once. No
Two. No
Three. Shit
Four. Nope aaaaaah come on
A deep breath. Eyes focused you squeeze off your fifth shot and peg the little standing dart on its little rubber tip and it flips off the countertop.
She looks at you, with some amazement.

You shrug with an light bow, while you close the distance between your two bodies. She’s so small. You pull that move from earlier and tilt her face to meet yours . You run your splayed fingers up the back of her neck, slowly curling your knuckles entrapping her hair in a strong grip.
You push your lips against her mouth in a powerful show. Three slow passionate kisses, flicking your tongue into her mouth with each and finishing with a slow toothy tug  in her bottom lip. Out of breath she looks at you

“you shouldn’t have kissed me like that..” she pants. You know you’ve got her now. She stares deep into your eyes, studying you. Her big silver eyes flick back and forth at each of yours as her tongue lightly runs along her bottom lip. You are transfixed. Then you pull her in close. dropping Low you grab her huge thighs and heft her up to a rest on your hips. She draws you in for a deep kiss and you push yourself against her as you grope hers thighs.

It’s clear she wants you here and now “ your roommates are home?” She asks. “Yah.” You set her down and you study each other for a moment before embracing again. You begin making out and You work her pants down her legs to mid thigh Before lifting her up again. You work your cock out of your pants as the two of you continue to kiss each other. You rub your dick head against her warm wet cunt. She moans and rocks her hips, Your cock slowly working in to her. Finally you thrust up and push your whole cock in. She shudders with a stifled whelp.
You bounce her up and down pumping your meat into her. this is insane. You carry her to the couch and set her down, still thrusting away. She is struggling to catch her breath when you kick it up a notch, Bracing yourself foot against one arm of the couch and grabbing the other with your right hand. You slam into her , putting all of your effort into pushing off of the couch with your foot and pulling forward with your arm. At the same time, with your left arm wrapped behind her neck your push her down onto you. You feel your cock pushing deep into her.

After a while the two of you are gasping for air now and decide to move upstairs.

You carry her up the stairs and into your room, throwing her onto your bed. Pink light produced by your lamp Plays across her shape so beautiful, you can’t help but stare for a while. You crawl onto the bed until you are face to face with her. You stare into her eyes deeply and kiss her just as deeply. You tickle each other’s mouths as you guide yourself up toward her. Rubbing yourself in her hot smooth cunt you shake a bit and start kissing down her neck and tickling her skin with your tongue down her body , you point your toungue and expertly trace her hip over and around until your face rests against her sopping cunt. You lick and suck and smother yourself between her beefy thighs. You relish in this amazing moment, insatiably eating her vagina. Then you test her , tickling her asshole lightly. She responds positively, rocking her hips into you. You lick harder, pushing against it, sucking and biting lightly. She is quivering and moaning. Your cock is so hard it’s unbelievable.

You move upward and lock eyes as you press against her. You rub your cock against her for a moment before pushing yourself into her. You slowly slide in and out, guiding your full length all the way into her over and over , making sure the both of you enjoy every inch. After a while you flip her over and brace yourself on the headboard. Using it to pull yourself forward you ram her aggressively. Sinking down onto the bed your wrap your arm around her neck in a loose headlock. You then brace your feet against her leg just below her knee. Using her like a toy you push her down onto you and pull her down with your feet. This works magnificently well and using the beds movement your allowed to pump her back and forth on your cock very easily. You wish this would never stop, she’s all yours right now.

Eventually the two of you feel as though you are making to much noise. The bed is squeaking like crazy. Both of you get down onto the floor and continue fucking. It becomes euphoric at some point and after an intense session you lay on top of her, she looks back at you and you slip out of her. Her hair is all messed up and she is panting heavily. “Wow.” She says “yes” you respond, also out of breathe. “What time is it?” She asks. you reach for your phone “I don’t know.” Your phone screen blinks on and you see it’s nearly 5 am. “Oh my god.” You exclaim. “What?” She asks “you know we have been fucking for like 4 hours?” “No! really?!” She laughs.
“Yah hahaha!”
Putting her glasses on she fixes her hair and gets up. You stand up and pull on your pants. “ I should probably go.”
“I guess so…” you agree as she starts getting dressed.
You walk her out to her car and give her a passionate kiss. “Call me ok?”
“Yes definitely.” And then she’s gone.

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