The Dream short sex stories

I had a dream about you, again…
I woke up in the middle of the night after hearing something in the kitchen. I walked in and someone was standing bent over in front of the open refrigerator.  I thought it was my her at first, wearing one of my old t-shirts and nothing else.
Quietly I moved up behind, the first touch of your pale white cheeks elicited a gasp that I knew was yours, not hers. I saw your hands grab the door as you pushed back into my hand as it slid up your inner thigh. “Maybe we should have a late night snack together Baby… ” I whispered as my fingers rubbed against you wet silky folds. You moans in response but did not turn around. 
I’m not sure how long we stood there, me sliding my fingers deep inside you as you pushed back again and again, fucking yourself with my touch. Your whimpering moans filling the room better than the dim light from the refrigerator. You came for me. You came hard your knees shaking as I slide my hand around your waist. Pulling you against me as your knees buckled.
When you finally stood, you turned, holding a bottle of plum wine you had found. Our eyes locked as I watched you without a word, open the bottle and tease it with your tongue before taking it between your lips seductively. My cock was already hard but it ached and twitched as you playfully took a mouthful of the liquid.  I hear you purr as you continue to my chest, playfully sucking and biting my nipples as you begin slowly stroking my cock. I groan as you continue to my stomach, kissing and biting the soft skin on my hips.  My hands find your hair as I let out a loud groaning curse as you mark my hips with hickeys, before teasing my tip with your tongue.
You slide me deeper into your mouth, swirling your tongue and pulling back with suction. My hips roll and thrust instinctively as you take me quicker and deeper. My hands tighten in your hair as you release your hands from my body. I hear you moan as I begin thrusting, my moans louder until I feel like bursting. I groan in release with curses as you pull back enough to catch my gift in your mouth. Looking down the glimmer in your eyes catch my gaze as you show me your full mouth and then swallow. I pull you to your feet and kiss you as I grab you up and carry you off to bed.
You hear me tell you it is time for my snack as my mouth slowly kisses up your thighs, and I wake up.  Dreams for another night.

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