The Dishes Aren’t the Only Thing That Needs to be Done [MF] short sex stories

As I close the patio door behind me, grill finally put away, I turn and see you standing in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes from dinner, your movement slow as you stare out the window deep in thought. So lost in thought it seems that a plate dropped from your hand and splashed in the sink full of water in front of you, splashing water down the front of your tank top.

“Shit! This is why I need a dishwasher!” I hear you groan as you reach down to pick it up, elbow shooting out to the side and accidentally knocking over a glass half full of water onto the counter next to the sink.

“Mother–!” You catch yourself but I hear an almost defeated sound in your voice.

“What’s with all this noise? So much yelling for dishwashing.” I say as I walk up behind you, my hands gripping your shoulders firmly, holding you in place with your arms in the soapy water up to your elbows. My 6 foot frame towering over you as my chest presses tightly against your back. 

 I can’t help but look down the front of your tank top. My eyes are greeted with that hint of cleavage and a tank top that is almost half soaked in water.

“What happened to your shirt?”

“I’m having a battle with the dishes and it seems like I’m currently losing.” I hear you say, still annoyed though you seem to be relaxing somewhat.

Leaning my head down and I kiss your neck softly, pulling first a giggle, then a long sigh from you. I feel you try to pull away telling me that you need to finish the dishes, but my grip on your shoulders tightens slightly. 

“It’s good for them to soak in their wetness isn’t it?” I say with a smirk on my face. My lips continue to move along your neck, then out to your shoulder. I feel as much as see you begin to pull your arms out of the water and I slide my hands down your arms, holding them in place.

“No,” I say as I move my lips to your ear, my warm breath flowing over your skin, “you’re going to keep your hands in that water no matter what happens. Understand?”

A breathy “Yes,” is the response I’m greeted with as my hands begin to move again. My hands move slowly down your arms, then to your sides until they grip your hips and pull your ass back and out, bending you forward. I take a step back, letting my eyes move over your body. Bent over the sink, the bottom of your shorts being pulled upwards almost to the point of showing off the bottom of your cute little ass. One of the reasons I love these particular workout shorts is that they aren’t skin tight, and can be moved to the side without much effort. 

My fingers dip into the leg of your shorts and pull them to the side, revealing a lacy black thong that I had told you earlier I wanted you to wear for me today.  The tips of my middle and index finger brush against your panty covered pussy, and I hear a moan escape from your lips. I can feel the heat and wetness emanating from your pussy as my fingers continue to move up and down along the soft material, and it’s not long before I feel the wet spot begin to form on them. Your eyes close as your hips follow suit, matching up with the pace my fingers are setting.

I can tell you are getting lost in the sensation and I can’t help myself as my two fingers dip inside of your panties and push into you. You’re already so wet that even though you are the tightest woman I’ve ever been with, my fingers easily slide inside of you, until my knuckles are flush with you in one movement. Your eyes shoot open as your legs begin to wobble and go weak. My free hand moving around the other side of your body and pressing the fabric of your panties against your swollen clit, rubbing it in circles. 

I let out a soft laugh as I slowly draw my fingers out of you, feeling your walls gripping them as though you were trying your best to keep them inside of you. My other hand continues to move in slow, almost lazy circles around your clit as I bring my fingers to my mouth, smelling you, before licking them clean. Knowing that this wouldn’t be the last time tonight I tasted you. “God you taste like honey,” I say with a deep moan.

With what I could only describe as an animalistic growl escaping my mouth I finally take my hand off of your clit, and tug your shorts down until they are a puddle around your ankles. I smirk as you begin to move your hips with a silent need, your body’s way of begging for what you want, what we both know you need. My hands move to my jeans, my belt giving a soft tink as I undo it and you can hear the zipper on them before I push both my jeans and my boxerbriefs down to my thighs. My cock springs free as the cool air of the kitchen hits it and it swings forward and slaps against the bare part of your ass. 

“Please, God I need it,” I hear you whimper beneath me, eyes still closed, hips still moving. But instead of giving you what you want and pushing into you, my hand moves quickly and smacks the bare part of your ass, hard. The sound echoes through the kitchen, breaking the silence. I see your eyes shoot open as you let out a gasp of surprise, then a moan as my red hand print blooms on your ass, your lips curling up into a smile.

My growl grows and I grip my shaft with one hand, my thumb and middle finger barely touching, and snake my fingers into your panties with the other. Pulling them to the side I press my swollen head against your wet entrance, and push my entire length into you in a single, long, slow thrust. I stop when I feel your ass pressed against my hips.  

“Fucking God please fuck me, please use me,” you whimper, begging, pleading for me to take what we both want. I’m too filled with lust to start slow and I pull my cock out until only the head remains inside of you, your lips gripping it tightly. Then I slam into you and begin fucking you, hard, fast, deep… not holding back. The sound of our flesh slapping together echoes off the walls of the room. 

I know I won’t last long, but with the sounds you’re making neither will you. My hands find your hips, gripping you so tightly my knuckles begin to turn white. I can feel my balls begin to tighten, my cock swelling even more as that telltale cliff of orgasm approaches. 

“Oh fucking God cum with me please,” you say as your voice starts low and ends in what is almost a scream. I feel your pussy clamping down on my cock as your orgasm begins to rip through you. Your walls quivering and spasming around me as I continue to pound into you. I let out a long, low growl through gritted teeth as my cock jerks inside of you and send the first rope of cum into your bare unprotected pussy. I don’t break my rhythm as I continue to cum, filling you as your entire body spasms and then goes limp under me, only being held up by my hands and the counter.

As the last bit of cum leaks out of me into you I hold myself against you, both of us panting and coming down from our mutual orgasm. I softly kiss your shoulder and neck as I withdraw my cock from you, letting your panties snap back into place before a single drop of my cum escapes. Bending down I grip your shorts and pull them back up your legs until they are snug against you again.

My arms wrap around your waist, my lips finding your neck once again as I look down into the sink, your arms still submerged. “Good girl,” I say softly, a wide smile spreading across your lips as you open your dazed eyes and smile up at me.

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