The Day I cheated on my BF with his Coach sex stories

It had been just two days since I lost my virginity to my bf. We fucked on friday after the cricket finals and went home and returned to school on Monday everything was going fine until the lunch hour as I was sitying in the cafeteria with my friends Coach Brown who was my bf’s Cricket coach came to our table and asked me to come to his office. I was surprised and so were my friends but I finished my lunch and went to his office he told me to lock the door. I found it a little weird but did as he told me to. I sat down and he made small talk and after that told me he had some questions regarding Islam which he saw in this video as he showed me the video it was me getting drilled by my bf on the lockerroom bench. I was shocked to my core no words came to my mouth and I looked at him as he smiled. I didn’t knew what to do he stood up and told me

“Who would’ve thought you are such a slut under all those clothes”

I had no answer he went on

“Now after school finishes you come to my office don’t tell thos to your bf otherwise your parents get this video”

I didn’t know what to do or say I just stood up and left and the rest of the day went by instantly as I found myself outside his office door I knocked and was told to come in.

As I entered I saw the drapes were brought down over his office window so no one could see what was happening inside he told me to lock the door and I did. He was sitting on a sofa wearing football shorts and a polo shirt as I looked at him and waited he smiled and told me to take off my clothes I knew where this was going and I obliged as I started to strip within a minute i stood there naked and he clapped seeing me and beckoned me towards him.

I went and sat on the sofa as he put his hands all over my body and his dick was hard and it touched my thighs from his shorts I looked at it and he looked at me and smiled and without saying anything took off his shorts and revealed his dick which was abt 7 and a half inches quite bigger than my bf. I gasped and he laughed and he came forward and started kissing me and to my own surprise I started kissing him back and this was the signal he needed as he put his fingers near my clit and started rubbing it and with his other hand he took my hand and put it on his own dick as I started to give him a slow handjob.

His fingers found their way towards my pussy and he entered two fingers in my pussy and started fingering me as he was rubbing my clit and my moans were getting higher as I reached close to an orgasm sensing that he entered a third finger and within seconds I had a massive orgasm.

He took his fongers out of my pussy and put them in my mouth to let me taste myself and then we kissed by this time the slut in me had woken up and all the fear and guilt had went away i stopped kissing his lips and bent my head down as i kissed his dick all over and slowly took it in my mouth as he moaned his approval. It took me a minute or so until I finally had his entire dick in my mouth which surprised both of us and then the animal in him awakened and he stsrted to fuck my face. My bf had never done that and I was shocked but I was loving it as his dick hit mythroat making me choke as my face was covered with my sput and the tears coming from eyes.

He finally pulled me from hair and took me towards the table and bent me over in doggystyle and without warning thursted his dick inside my pussy and I moaned from pleasure. He wasn’t gentle like my bf instead he was rough and he pounded me aggresively and I was loving it moaning excessively and saying

“Yes yes yes”

Over and over again he reached underneath and started playing with my clit and that did it as I had another orgasm which was a bigger one than before but he continued to fuck me through my orgasm until I pushed him back.

He gave me a moment to relax and tirned me around and pushed me to my knees again as he shoved his dick in my mouth again and made me suck my own juices. He grabbed me again and put me on his table and spread my legs open and went inside me again and started his rough fucking again as he slapped my tits and looked me in the eye and asked me if he was better than my bf and I shamelessly agreed that he was that made him happy as his speed increased and he told me to admit that i’m his slut from now on which again I did because of the pleasure I was getting and my answers were making him happy and his fucking was getting more intense. He was getting close I could sense it and I told him I was not on birth control which made him angry and he fucked me harder and harder and I could feel.him cum any moment now and so could he but he took his dick out just in time and aimed at my face n tits and i got it on my chin, lups right cheek and my tits. I quickly got up and cleaned his cock clean and then he kissed me.

He told me we will fuck every saturday and I will not tell anyone otherwise my video will be everywhere but he didn’t have to cause the slut in me could not wait to get that dick in ky pussy again.

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