The College Reunion, Part Two (of 6); Teresa’s Story sex stories

Five college roommates reunite to celebrate turning 40 and tell their stories about the best sex they’ve ever had….


Teresa’s Story, as told by her….

So Brad had been working really hard on a case the last two months. We both knew the demands of our jobs were going to sometimes take away from not only our family, but also us. And I was feeling it.

After another grueling week I texted him late on a Friday morning and told him our nanny would watch the kids so we could go out. My plan was a late dinner and a relaxing night at our favorite 5-star hotel.

Earlier in the day I had went to my favorite boutique and bought some very erotic and sexy lingerie. Under my coat I wore just a lacy push-up bra, crotchless panties, and thigh-high nylons excenuated by my favorite pair of black heels.

The Uber ride to meet Brad made me feel so sexy. I looked perfectly normal in my attire to the driver, but he had no clue what little I had on underneath. And neither would my husband.

I met him that evening at his office. The place was empty as his colleagues had already left for the weekend. My plan was to start our night out by seducing him right there on his desk.

As I suspected, he was still deeply immersed in his work. We made casual conversation but I could tell I was going to need to take control. He left his office to use the restroom down the hall and I took that as my opportunity to make things happen.

When he left, I took off my jacket, sat in his office chair and kicked my heels up on his desk. To add to it, the tie he had been wearing earlier in the day that was now on his desk I placed around my neck.

I can’t tell you girls how nervous and wet I was at that moment. At any second, he was going to walk back into his office and find me there like that. I’m getting worked up again just telling the story.

So a few minutes pass and I can hear him coming down the hall and talking on his phone. When he entered his office he froze. I smiled my best and most seductive smile. He ended his phone conversation.

“What’s this?” he asked, standing at the entrance to his office.

“Well, you’ve been so busy the last couple weeks and I thought we both needed to relieve a little stress,” I told him. “Do I look inviting?” I asked him.

He smiled and I swear I saw his cock twitch in his fitted suit pants.

“Come over here,” I commanded him.

He walked over slowly saying nothing. I sat up in his chair and unbuckled his belt, my eyes never leaving his. I unzipped his pants and reached my hand into his briefs, greeted by a hardening cock.

“I’ve wanted this in my mouth all day,” I told him, lowering my mouth over his cock as he let out a loud sigh.

I proceeded to suck his dick with my warm mouth and tongue. Brad loved when I gave him head, and his appreciation over the years always made me more willing. Hearing him moan while his hands ran through my hair just made me more wet.

When I took his hard cock out of my mouth I could sense his displeasure, but I needed that thing inside me. I stood and we kissed passionately, his hands feeling the curves of my body. But before we were to fuck, he had other things on his mind.

He cleared his desk with one swipe and had me lay back. He wasted no time and went to his knees. He then realized my crotchless panties with my pussy juices dripping onto his desk. I’m not sure who it made hotter. I hadn’t been this wet in a long, long time. Brad was shocked, because this wasn’t something I did on the regular, or hardly ever.

My pussy glistened and waited for the touch of his tongue. At the first touch on my clit, my body released a powerful and wicked orgasm. As he continued and put his mouth over my clit, I exploded again. I hadn’t had orgasms that close together ever in my life.

Brad also knows that sometimes I like it rough. When he stood, he turned me over and entered me angrily from behind….and I loved it. I started imploring him to fuck me harder and told him how good his hard cock felt in my pussy. Was I turning him on more or me? I couldn’t tell.

He pumped in and out of me at a feverish pace, slapping my ass and kneading by tits , all while telling me how he was going to cum in my pussy. That was it for me. I orgasmed again as my nails dug into his desk.

“I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming,” he grunted as he filled my hot pussy with his cum.

That night we had a relaxing dinner at his favorite steakhouse, and then we fucked into the morning back at our hotel. Nothing was ever wrong in our relationship, but sometimes you need to put in extra time to rekindle and regain that spark.

We seriously couldn’t keep our hands off each other in the weeks following that night. No matter how busy either of us got with work or the kids activities, we made sure to make time just for us. I’d like to say that passion is still always there, but it takes work.

So….that’s my story.
We all cackled in delight, high-fiving our friend.

“I’m not sure I’d have that kind of courage,” remarked Jenna. “Wow! So hot!” she said.

“Yeah, you just gave me an idea the next time Mitch and I go through a rut,” said Emma. “Fucking in his office would be so hot.”

The back-and-forth went on for a few minutes among all of us, when Maggie reminded us it was time to spin the bottle again.

“Before we do that, I think I need another drink,” Teresa exulted.

While mixing drinks I casually pulled Jenna aside. I had to make sure telling our story was going to be fine with her.

“Is your story what I’m thinking it is?” I asked her.

“Of course,” she replied. “Is that something you’re comfortable sharing? I’d completely understand if it’s not.”

“No, I think we have to. Justin and I haven’t ever really done something more exciting. Are you ok with it?” I asked.

“It’s the same for Mark and I,” she said. “So who is going to tell it?” Jenna asked. “How about whoever the bottle lands on?” I suggested.

“That’s fair,” responded Jenna, as she smiled and rolled her eyes, wondering how our girls vacation had come to this.

Everyone mixed their drinks and got back in their usual spot in and around the pool.

“Here we go,” said Maggie spinning the bottle.

“Emma!” we all screamed as she laughed and covered her face with her hands.

“You’re up, Emma,” said Maggie. “Let’s hear it.”

Emma took a swig of her drink, sighed and took a deep breath. “Here we go,” she said.

To be continued.

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