The College Reunion, Part Three (of 6); Emma’s Story erotic short stories

Emma’s Story

So this is going to sound a little weird, and trust me, I would have thought it was years ago, too.

The first time I was pregnant I found myself always being horny, especially in the third trimester. Mitchell and I always had a pretty good sex life, but my sex drive literally went into overdrive. And it wasn’t just penetrative sex. It was anything connected to sex.

Since high school I’ve happily given head to him, but when I was pregnant there were times I’d suck his dick multiple times per day. And, oh my, my nipples….from just the tiniest bit of stimulation I would cum. If Mitch and I weren’t together, then I was getting myself off.
I started to question whether or not I was normal, but when I’d research I learned that what I was feeling was actually very natural. But what about Mitch?

Well, he seemed to be really into it, as well. At first, I just thought it was him being sweet and taking sex when he could get it, but after digging a little deeper I was starting to wonder if maybe he had some sort of pregnancy fetish. I didn’t even know something like that existed. But it does. Needless to say, the last 12 weeks of my first pregnancy was the best sex the two of us ever had until that point.

Fast forward to me getting pregnant a second time and it started sooner. From the time we knew I was with child we were having sex almost every day. Sometimes more. Both of us were hooked and couldn’t get enough.

As you ladies know, pregnancy can be a lonely and quiet time. For me it was just the opposite. And hardly anything was off limits. Sex in public. Sex in cars. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

I remember with just a few weeks left in that pregnancy asking him if he had a fetish. While you like to think it’s easy to talk about sex, especially with your spouse, it’s just not.

Surprisingly, Mitch admitted to me that he was very turned on seeing me in my pregnant state, combined with my willingness for sex, my belly and sensitive nipples. In fact, I think how hot both of us got from it played a large part in deciding to have a third kid.

Much like during the second preganncy, the third was a joy. When the kids weren’t around or put to bed for the evening, I was usually naked. He got such a thrill from me walking around the house nude while pregnant that he insisted on it if no one else was around. He’d even walk outside at night and tell me to stand in front of a window. Was he a voyeur too?

Truth of the matter is, while I thought sometimes it was a little strange, it didn’t bother me because I was gaining from it too. I might have been just as addicted. The thought of not being pregnant again scared me, because we had decided this was it.

One night I was telling a girlfriend a little about it. I didn’t get into as much detail as I’m telling you ladies, just that we were having a very fulfilling sex life during pregnancy and that sometimes Mitch liked to take pictures of me.
This friend suggested I do something that never would have occured to me.

“Have you ever thought of getting some boudoir photos done of yourself while pregnant?” she asked. “Maybe as a surprise for Mitch?”

I didn’t even know what that meant.

“What are those?” I asked.

“Well, they’re essentially intimate and sensual photos of you posing in whatever state of dress you’d like,” she replied. “If you say your husband is turned on by you being pregnant, maybe this is a way to give it to him as a gift. Forever.”

I’ll admit I was intrigued, although I didn’t give off that vibe to my friend. That night when I got home I did a lot of research online. The more I did, the more turned on I got myself. Was it possible that maybe I had a fetish of my own?

After talking to that friend some more about it, she gave me a business card for a husband-wife photography company that specializes in boudoir photos. I was apprehensive but eventually I contacted them and set up an appointment.

When the day came I still wasn’t sure how far I’d allow myself to go. I did purchase new lingerie for the occasion. Most was relatively modest, but I had an outfit or two that was way more risque than anything I’d normally wear, even for my husband.

The couple was a pleasure to work with and didn’t push me at all. The thing is, though, with every modest set we did, I was getting hornier and wetter. Before I knew it, I was topless. Later I was completely naked and even touching myself. Even now I get wet thinking about how far I allowed myself to go, and these people were complete strangers!

I had to pay a little extra, but I wanted a quick turnaround on the photos. My due date was less than a month away and I wanted to present the album to Mitch before I gave birth. When time came to give him his gift I’m not sure I could be more nervous. But he loved it.

The sex we had up to that point had been incredible, but those final few weeks of my last pregnancy were even better. And now today, seven years later, that album is still something we view at least once a month. Still results in great sex, too. It’s not as great as actually being pregnant, but it’s a nice substitute.

“Pretty weird, huh?”

“Not weird at all!” exclaimed Maggie. “What a story!”

“I feel like I missed out during my two pregnancies,” I said. “I was hardly ever in the mood and whenever Justin made a move I pretty much pushed him away.”

“No kidding,” said Teresa. “I felt like a big old blob. Not only did I not let Brad touch me, but I barely touched myself.”

It was a hot and humid day by the pool, but I was starting to wonder if it wasn’t just the heat making us sweat. I was definitely turned on and knew I still had a story to tell.

Teresa and Jenna, by far the most endowed of the five of us, had nipples pressing against the fabric of their bikini tops. While telling her story, I could have sworn I caught Emma maybe touching herself under the water. And Maggie, well, Maggie hardly seemed fazed. It’s not that she wasn’t turned on, because she might have been, but she was just eating it up seeing her friends share these private details.

“Well, it looks like it’s Jenna or Leah up next,” Maggie announced. “Ready?”

We both shrugged, as if knowing we had no choice.

Maggie spun the bottle and it stopped pointing nearest to Jenna.

“You’re up, Jenna!” shouted Teresa.

“Ok, so Leah and I have the same story,” Jenna told the group.

“No, no, no,” said Emma. “That’s not allowed.”

“Well,” Jenna said trailing off. “What if I told you the story involves four people….my husband and I, as well as Leah and Justin.”

There was an awkward silence, and then I think Maggie figured it out, at least partially.

“Wait, are you saying that the four of you played together?”

“Yes and no,” replied Jenna. “But Leah and I decided that whoever the bottled landed on was going to tell the story. Fair?”

“Well, I’m not sure it’s fair,” said Emma. “But I’m very, very intrigued. Get on with it.”

To be continued.

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