The best thing about sex with her was going skinny dipping afterward [MF] short sex stories

AdultFriendFinder had worked for me a few times and I was back to it again looking for someone fun to spend some time with. One day I stumbled upon a profile for a girl that had just joined, had face pics up, lived 30 minutes away, and was ready to fuck according to her profile. I reached out in the chat and she responded right away, we talked, and she invited me over right then and there. That had never happened before so I was pretty stoked and, since I was on AFF, I was already quite horny and this was an easy — bad — decision to make.

It was the middle of summer, nice day, very hot out, but otherwise great. I took a shower, headed out to her place — she had just moved to town from Arizona, her family bought a small farm nearby — and enjoyed the music with the windows down the whole way. When I arrived she came out to greet me and she was really sexy. Tan skin, raven black hair, dark eyes, and full lips. She was probably 5’5”, 100 lbs, and very athletic.

Talking to her was a little awkward, she had a lot of disdain for her situation and was mostly complaining about living in a new place, away from her friends, etc.; I just wanted to make a good impression to ensure that I would get in her pants, but I couldn’t get a read on her at all. She gave me a quick tour of the farm, the pool, the house. She walked back to one of the bedrooms and started to take off her clothes. Things were escalating quickly from ‘what is going on here?’ to ‘oh shit, we’re fucking.’

She was pierced and had a few tattoos, the most interesting one was her family name and a tiger (lion? panther? cat? paws) on the V-line of her abdomen. I kissed her, but that wasn’t what she wanted. I made a move to go down on her, but that wasn’t what she wanted. I took one of her nipples into my mouth, but that wasn’t what she wanted. Instead, she just grabbed my cock and slid it inside her. Less than one minute in the bed and I was insider her. She started to buck her hips and fuck me as I was still wrapping my mind around the situation. It was so absolutely sexy and I was so worked up I came right away. I was inside her for less than a minute when I had to pull out and cum all over her tummy. I was embarrassed, but I knew I had more in me; it wasn’t uncommon at that stage of my youth to be able to cum and stay hard and just keep fucking so that is exactly what I did. Once my balls were empty, I shook off what was left and went back inside her.

The bedroom was incredibly hot — the old farm house had no AC — so we started to get sweaty very quickly. My cum was all over her which meant that in no short time it was all over me and the bed spread as well. I wanted to show her that I was a good lay so I put my back into it trying to make up for my early nut. I had her in a half-dozen positions over the next 30 minutes as I tried desperately to make her cum. I was incredibly grateful for my years of martial arts training during that encounter as I had killer stamina. That said, the heat got the better of me, she wasn’t cumming — or really giving me any solid indication she was having any fun — and there was no way on earth I was going to cum again without hydrating.

So I stopped, panting, covered in sweat, and asked for a glass of water. She hopped up off the bed right away and headed for the kitchen. She came back in and handed me the water then walked back out to the living room naked as the day she was born. I chugged it then went back for another glass. I remarked about how hot it was. She said “yeah,” I told her I needed to cool down for a minute, she said “okay.” There was a pool table in the living room and I asked if she wanted to play. “No.”

“How about a swim?” I asked, having thought that would be a great way to cool down.


We went outside nude, she walked right into the pool, and I did a dive. I had never been skinny dipping before and I thought that it was a pretty fun time and reason to do it. I swam from one end of the pool to the other and back again. By the time I returned she was out of the pool and walking back to the house.

‘What is with this girl?’ I was thinking to myself. Well, I was cooled off, hydrated, and ready to make up for my early orgasm. I grabbed a towel and started to dry off as I strut back in, my erection already coming back in anticipation of round two (three? two and-a-half?). She was sitting on the couch playing with her phone and I confidently went up to her and got down on my knees in front of her. I wanted to eat her pussy badly — that was my thing — and I thought it would make up for earlier. She kept her legs pressed closed and didn’t budge. I tried something else, but she didn’t look up from her phone.

“Do you want to go again?” I asked.

“I guess.” She was unenthusiastic.

“Do you want me to leave?”

“I guess.” What?

“Everything okay?” I had never interacted with someone this closed off before.


I sat there next to her for a minute. She just played on her phone. ‘Ghosting’ wasn’t a thing back then, but in retrospect, she was ghosting me live and in-person. I decided it wasn’t worth any additional time or effort so I got dressed, said goodbye, and headed out; shaking my head in confusion.

I headed to the bar where I worked to grab a late lunch and a beer. A buddy of mine from my martial arts classes was there watching soccer and I joined him. He asked what I was up to and I told him about my day. When I was done he looked at me like I was an absolute maniac; he was probably right. I had just had very unprotected sex with a very strange girl and it was risky as hell. If it weren’t for the premature ejaculation (first time) and skinny dipping (first time) I probably would have forgotten about her completely.

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