Temptation and Hell short sex stories

I knew I was going to Hell the first time she looked in my direction and smiled. I was sitting in the pew beside my wife and she was singing in the choir with a voice that would make angels jealous. My wife and I were friends with her parents and had started attending there at their invitation. Her dad and I got along famously, both outdoorsmen, we soon became hunting and fishing buddies.
She had caught my attention immediately however. She was that black haired beauty with big dark eyes that Bob Segar sang about. She was in her early thirties, married to a clean cut, preppy, accountant. It was obvious to me that she was adventurous and craved the ruggedness of a man like her dad, but had just settled for that safe guy she had met in college.
Sunday after Sunday, I was reminded of my fate as she smiled and watch me squirm in my seat a little. Fuck she was gorgeous. She would linger after service, as her dad and I talked fishing or about hunting.  I remember seeing a gleam in her eye one Sunday and her typical grin in my direction as her father and I discussed what I was going to be doing on vacation the next week. That bite of her lip sealed my fate when her dad threw me the key to their cabin on the lake.
I left on the following Monday evening, kissing my wife goodbye for the week. She had to work and had no interest in roughing it for a week away anyway. I soon found myself  two hours away from home and out of cell range, dragging my stuff up to the cabin door. I saw a little smoke coming from the outside wood stove and thought it odd but Gary was just the kind of guy to have come out and started a small one to warm the place up.  It wasn’t until I opened the door that I learned the truth.
The whole cabin smelled of springtime and glowed of candlelight.  I knew immediately what was happening. I can’t say that I was upset. My heart raced as I sat down my bags. I could smell her perfume, at least that’s what my mind subconsciously registered. My Sunday temptation had already started a burning desire deep inside. As I made my way up the stairs to the loft,  My hunger gnawed at the pit of my stomach as my mind ran through the thoughts of eternal damnation and what I should do. I was almost 20 years older than her, both of us married, and her dad was my new best friend.  We saw each other at church every Sunday dammit, this shouldn’t be happening. As I topped the staircase, I froze immediately. There she was, standing at the top step, dressed in nothing but a small white tank top and a very small pair of white panties.
I wanted to rush for her immediately, push her to the bed and take her right there. My heart throbbed so hard it was only matched by the tightness that throbbed beneath my jeans. My god I’m doomed I thought.
Before I could utter more than a few syllables she was on me. Her arms and legs wrapped around me and holding on for dear life while her mouth covered my every protest. When she pulled back for a brief second I managed to blurt out “but I’m old enough to be your father…”  Once again the firestorm of Hades roared through my mind and devoured the last vestiges of moral thought as she whispered in my ear “If that’s what you want Daddy…” Within moments she was on the bed, panties ripped away, trembling as my mouth tasted her sweet nectar. Her hands gripping my hair as she was lost in the waves washing over her. I fed on her passion, my tongue licking every drop, exploring every fold and crevice as her hip pushed against me. I growled deeply as she tried to pull my head up to her face, my hands locked across her hips holding her down as I sucked on her lips and swollen little button. Her moans and whimpers filled my ears as her sweetness coated my lips. My own desires intensified as I relished in the way her body reacted to me. That night and several nights after were filled with our secret forbidden desires. I marked her and claimed her as mine in ways only she and I could witness to and she claimed my heart and soul as well. I found out she was on a business trip officially. She had been waiting for the opportunity to “seduce me” she giggled. Her husband, like my wife was very much the love of her life but lacked the raw masculine passion that she saw in me and needed so badly.
Sunday service has never been the same. The smile she flashes from the choir loft burns my soul like a branding iron every time. The “unintentional” touches as she passes by sear my flesh. Those dark eyes ignite a flame of desire when our gaze meets, and now there is a new torment as she rattles the key to her fathers cabin as she swiftly passes by. A signal of her own desire to unleash the demons, the doomed souls that drive us together…
As we lay here again months later, tangled and exhausted, her head on my chest, both dripping wet from sweat and passion, we may be doomed to eternity but right now it feels so much like heaven…

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