Tales of an Elven Alchemist, Part 1: Halga [mf][fdom][oral][rimming] short sex stories

It wasn’t a busy day at The Elven Brew. Whether one wanted to call it a peaceful quiet or just slow and boring was, as always, a matter of opinion. Just as the owner of the cozy little potion shop was about to stand up from sorting out some of his stock, the doorbell rang, and the sudden entry of a customer prompted Adiran to get up too fast and bump his head on the bottom of the table. Rubbing his head, irritated and in pain, but nonetheless excited to have a potential client, the elf stepped up to the shop counter to meet the entrant: a voluptuous, lightly-armored orc woman twice his size, lugging a hefty battleaxe on her back.

“What can I help you with, ma’am?” Adiran spoke with a sincere desire to help out, expecting her to be an adventurer looking to stock up on healing potions. The orc began, with a wide smile, “No need for formalities, you can call me Halga, hon. I’m actually looking to get a custom potion made; I heard from a friend of mine that you were the person to come to for quality custom work at a reasonable price?” Before she’d even finished, the elf had a notepad and a quill out, ready to jot down her request. “Sure thing. Depending on what you need, it might take some time to get the ingredients and make your potion, but I’ve certainly got you covered on the quality and price front. What is it you’re after?” Adiran began to scribble on his notepad as Halga described a potion that would allow her to assume the form of a human for one day. “I can do that without too much trouble,” Adiran began. “The only thing I don’t have in stock right now is zonark weeds. They were actually on my list for a regular stock-up, but if you want this potion done as soon as possible, I can head down the river a ways and have it for you as soon as two days from now. For a custom job, I’ll need payment up front; It’ll run you 132 gwyll.”

Halga gave him a look of worry. While she was clearly suited for combat, Adiran was quite the opposite–he was short, slender, feminine, and quite frankly had a body that screamed ‘kidnap me and sell me as a sex slave’. Going out to gather ingredients on his own sounded awfully dangerous, especially considering… “Wait a second, you’re planning on heading down the river on your own? To the south? There’s been a lot of talk of bandits gathering up down there. I was actually going to go clear them out for some bounty money after getting a partner or two for the job.” Adiran returned her worried frown. “Yes, well, I’m afraid that’s actually the reason I hadn’t restocked on zonark weed yet. I do take a little bit of pride in being able to maneuever around wildlife and get what I need, but unfortunately bandits are a lot more of an obstacle. That said, I’ve never gotten caught before, and–” “I’ll go with you.” Halga’s interruption caught Adiran entirely off guard. “…Pardon?” “I said, I’ll go with you. I’m a mercenary. Combat for hire is what I do, and I was planning on taking those bandits down anyway. So, I’ll go with you, and if we end up running into those bandits, they’ll be sorry they set up along the Innes.” Adiran brushed his hair back, a tad flustered at having the powerful, beautiful orc woman demanding to protect him. “…well, I don’t have any problem with that, I suppose. What are your rates?” Halga openly scoffed at him, leaning over the counter and invading Adiran’s personal space in one fell swoop, prompting him to blush and back up nervously. “Don’t you worry about my fee, cutie. Tell you what; I make sure you get your stuff from the river safely, and in return, you can take a little gwyll off my tab.”

And so, it was a deal. For a 32-gwyll discount, Halga would accompany Adiran on his trip down the bank of the Innes River, prepared to keep him safe from any threats that might interfere with his collection of zonark weeds and opther various reagents spotted along the way. Rumors of the bandits seemed to be just that, and the two had begun the journey back after an uneventful gathering trip, until a sudden ambush partway back. In a single flash, two bandits sprung from the shadows, and an arrow from across the river pierced Halga right through the thigh, preventing her from moving around. “We’ve been watching you two for a while…now, tusk-face, sit still. We’re gonna take the little knife-ear here and have some fun with him back at camp…’course, we’ll take all yer money, too.” Adiran was about to break into a sprint, but it was Halga herself who reached out to grab his shoulder and practically throw him under her. “If you want him, come and get him. Get anywhere near us and I’ll cleave you in two, cunts.” Adiran panicked–it almost seemed like he was a hostage, at first. But after closer inspection, he realized what Halga was planning. They wanted Adiran alive. While he was right there under her, the posted archer wouldn’t risk firing on her for fear of hitting him, and Halga’s reach was far greater than that of the bandits’. Every time one of the ruffians dared come close, Halga would lash out with her axe, sending them reeling back to avoid a deadly blow. The bandits finally decided on charging forward at the same time, intent on striking at both sides…but Halga performed a brutal cleave, downing both bandits in a single swipe. With heavy injuries, the bandits fled, leaving Adiran and Halga alone on the side of the river.

“…I can walk,” Halga grunted, only to drop to a knee in pain after taking a single step. “Fuck…they got me good with that arrow.” Adiran grabbed his hair and tied it up behind his head, motioning for Halga to lay down. “Don’t worry, I’ve got this.” Reaching into his satchel, Adiran pulled out a couple of potions. It took little time for him to expertly remove the arrow without leaving debris and administer both potions for a full restoration of Halga’s leg. Able to walk again, Halga rose back to her feet, and the two returned to The Elven Brew with no further danger in wait. It was only seconds after the two had reenter the shop and set down their belongings on a table that Halga grabbed Adiran by the back of his neck, shoved him up against the wall, and leaned forward to give him a sudden, forceful kiss. Adiran struggled and flailed at first, panicked by the sudden movement, but quickly conceded and made out with the green-skinned mercenary, grabbing her hand and tugging at it to lead her upstairs to the apartment above the store. He didn’t even make it through the threshold of his bedroom door before Halga scooped him up and outright threw him into the bed, pinning him down face-first against the bed. Adiran’s eyes widened in panic and betrayal as she tugged his leggings down, exposing the round, soft curves of his womanly posterior.

“What in Elor’s name do you think you’re–!?” Adiran’s questioning was cut short by Halga’s face planting between his cheeks, tough green hands spreading them wide so a warm, wet appendage could start trespassing by rolling along the flesh of his tight, smooth pucker. He tried to push himself back off the bed, protesting Halga’s sudden intrusion into his backside, only for her to greedily press her nose into his taint, letting it glide up through his asscheeks with a loud sniff. “Haaah…sit still, cutie. I need this…and you don’t need to worry. I won’t put anything else in here…I’ll just make it feel really great for you.” Halga reached between Adiran’s thighs to grab at his half-mast elven member, forcefully jerking it off while her tongue painted his balls with saliva. “I was staring at your sweet ass the whole time we were talking back, aching for a taste. Just relax…I’ll ride that beautiful cock of yours too.” Calmed more than one might expect at Halga’s words, Adiran grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed and wrapped his arms around it, raising his backside and arching his back. Just as Halga promised, she was perfectly content to eat his ass, kneading at his supple asscheeks and thighs while she massaged the first couple inches of his asshole with a long, greedy tongue.

Adiran moaned and shuddered under Halga’s ministrations, practically melting into the pillow until he was flipped around, immediately finding his cock, stiff as a board, wrapped up in orcish lips and tongue, Halga bobbing up and down while looking up to make eye contact with her elven lover. After making an audible pop on releasing his cock from her mouth, Halga crawled forward, sitting down on Adiran’s stomach while she stripped. “I’ll be honest…I only needed that potion because I was planning on disguising myself as a human to recruit some pals to take care of those bandits. There were supposed to be a lot more of them than that…and people aren’t too keen to work with orc mercenaries. ‘Glory hogs’, they say. Now that I’ve crippled them, it’ll be easy to go down there and finish them off so I can collect some bounties. And as for you…since I made you go down there for those weeds, and you saved my life, I think I owe you a lot. Even if I didn’t, you’re totally my type…” Halga threw the last of her clothes on the floor, scooting off Adiran’s stomach and laying back, spreading her legs submissively, sopping-wet after their exchange up to that point.

“Let’s have some fun.~”

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