Taking my son to the dr. Covid style. [Mom/son] short sex stories

I could tell something was wrong with son, tim. He was walking funny and seemed sore when he stood up. After some embarrassing talk i finally got him to admit his groin area hurt really bad and the only relief he could get was by masturbating.

After some calls i found a doctor. Of course everything these days is zoom meetings. I had to rush home from the office. I didnt have time change. I walked into our home office and tim was already waiting. My heels clicking on the floor brought his eyes to me. He is very handsome young man. With dark blue eyes like mine. I undid my jacket and tossed it on a chair. I had a simple white chemise on with a black pencil skirt. As i sat down i felt my large breasts sway. Damn strapless bras barely contain me.

I notice tim glancing at me. Ive noticed more and more his little glances. I didnt really mind. I was even a little flattered. Ive been single way to long and to be noticed by a 18 yr old even my son was something.

The computer dinged and the doctor was on the screen. After all the normal beginnings the doctor asked tim what the issue was.

“Uh well ive been getting this deep pain in my groin during the day. It seems to go away when you know… When i masterbate. And when i finish there is just so much.” Tim had turned bright red as he talked to the doctor. It was really cute to see him so shy. Sex wasnt any thing to be ashamed about.

“Well tim this pain is sharp or more like a throb? And how often do you masterbate?” The doctor asked very nonchalantly but i even felt my blush rise.

“Well its more of a throb and i would say 5 or 6 times a day if i can.” Its good thing i was off camara bc my eyes got huge. 6 times a day. Damn! Where does get the time. I knew i shoudnt but i felt my pussy start to moisten hearing that.

“Ok tim now when you ejaculate roughly how much would you say you produce?”

“Uh i can fill a plastic cup half way i guess.” I almost gasped. That couldnt be right. That much cum? I thought.

” ok one last question. Now at the end of the night do you produce about the same amount?”

“Yes” tim said. “Ok tim we are about done here. One last thing. I need you to stand up and pull your pants down. I need to see your penis and scrotum.”

Tim hesitated and looked my way. I motioned i would turn my head. I heard him stand up. I couldnt help but peak. My son lowered his shorts. His cock was amazing. Maybe a bit above average and thick. Tims balls were very large. Not grotesque but large. I heard the dr direct him to raise his shaft. As he did it i saw a stream of precum ooze out and down.

“Ok tim you can raise your pants. Is your mom around?” I moved into the picture. ” ok so it seems like tim is suffering from hyperspermia which is a condition where a man produces a large amount of seman. I will be referring him to a reproductive dr for some tests. In the mean time i would suggest continue on with masterbation when needed. I will prescibe a pain killer that should help.”

Tim stood up when the call was over. I went over to him and hugged him. ” honey everything will be fine. We will figure it out.” I heard him say thanks mom and sorry for having to hear about that. I puller back and looked my son in the eyes. ” hush tim. Im your mother. I wiped your butt remember. All of that is normal. Nothing to be ashamed about.” I let go of his face and saw him glance down again. I quickly realized my nipples were very erect and outlined in my shirt.

I turned away and he said he was going to his room. I gathered my stuff up and went to my room. I needed to change. As i undressed i saw i wasnt just a little wet i was very wet. I had to change my panties. Once dressed i went down to tims room. Maybe it was subconsciously or just a blonde moment but i just opened the door.

I was greated with a view of my son naked and a very hard cock. “MOM!” He turned away and i turned to go. Apologizing something stopped me. I turned back to him. I saw the boy in his face still but a manly body. ” tim i think i want to see how much you know… Produce.”

I stood there in front of my naked son. His face was amazing. He was embarrassed then it dawned on him what i said. ” mom you want to watch me cum?”
” well yes. Listen i know its weird but what you told the dr is extreme. I wont tell if you wont.” I sat down on his bed. “So what do you say. Want to cum for mom?” I said with a giggle.

Tim had by then dropped his hands. His hard cock swayed like a drunken sailor. “You sure mom?”
“Yes. Im your mom but i am a woman. I even think im not bad looking. Ive seen men cum before you know.”

” mom your much better then bad looking. Your so hot.” Tim realized what he said and stopped abruptly. “Well tim thank you. Im flattered. You are very handsome as well. Now stroke that cock for mommy.” I winked at him as i said it.

My son resumed his strokes. Watching him lean back on his chair and move his hand up and down along his shaft was so erotic. I was barely 2 feet away from him. He had his eyes closed. I watched as his precum moved from dribbles to nearly a steady flow. He heavy balls swayed slowly as he pump. My mouth was watering with anticipation of this. My pussy was on fire.

I didnt really mean to but i softly said ” stroke your cock tim. Stroke for mom. Let me so how much you cum.” He moaned out mom yes. ” you are very sexy tim. Your cock looks so good and hard.” He groaned and his eyes opened wide. ” shit mom the cup”

I realized the cup wasnt around. Before i could even look for it my son erupted. He wasnt joking. This wasnt just spurts of cum. It was nearly a fountain. And he was pointed right at me. I felt my own son cums hit my shirt and neck. The rich smell and heat made me moan loud. I felt my pussy spasm and knew i was cumming too. I leaned back and watched as tim showered me with his love. It felt like hours but i bet it was only seconds. Either way. He finished and opened his eyes.

“Oh shit mom im sorry.” He sputtered. I stood up feeling his hot thick cum on my clothes. ” no worries son. Remember i will do anything for you.” I glanced down and saw he was still leaking cum. I reached down the caught some on my hand. ” better get dressed getting cum stains out are a bitch.” I winked and walked out.

I collasped on my bed soaked with my own sons cum. I licked my hand and tasted his rich sweet seed. God what am i going to do know. I wanted more of my son.

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