Spoiled Princess into Little Green Fucktoy Part Four (Monster girls, Shortstacks, Exhibitionism, Cumflation, Noncon) erotic short stories

The Tinkerer, a poor little gnome named Rena Sparksputter was in hell. Or something like it! It had to be! Terrible hoards of demons screaming for blood! Ok, they were actually a bunch of horny humans, and they actually wanted to see cum and other bodily fluids… Demons!! She’d watched the one, the monster that had to be the great beast of the underworld itself come up and… and expose it’s great damnded TOOL of Suffering! She was a tinkerer, she knew a thing about tools.

That massive length of meat was like nothing she’d ever imagined. It was bigger than her biggest wrench, and probably even harder while it was rearranging the guts of that poor goblin with the mohawk! Oh, poor Lizzy, Rena had only heard her name barely, and then the girl was taking this beast deeper than should have been physically possible!

Because it was huuuuge… Rena was a skilled tinkerer. She always measured precisely! But to be fair, she had a nack for eyeballing dimensions. It was like a little game she played with herself, guesstimating a measurement before she the proper tool. And she was usually pretty dang close! And that ability she was so proud of told her… based on the size of the stocks they were all in, on the length of the beast’s hands as he grabbed Lizzy’s hips, and of course, the way the small half goblins belly bulged as it was filled with cock, then cum… That Tycho, the half orc King of this underground hell, had a schlong that was at least 14 inches long.

And behind it were a set of hairy hanging balls that had a rough circumference that together outsized her own head! And as big as those massive things were they filled her belly with so much splooge that it truly defied possibility. But he did… he inflated Lizzy like a water balloon, then pulled out to take a victory lap for his audience.

She watched through tear filled eyes as the monster showed off for the raucous crowd, then actually surprised them by taking a moment to undo the shackles, and letting Lizzy drop out to the floor. Sure, she’d collapsed into a puddle of cum… but at least she hadn’t just hung there unconscious in the stocks till she died.

But more importantly… the announcer, that monster who was narrating their DOOM-! Spoke up again.

“Talk about a hell of a warm up lady’s and gentlemen! The champ just reduced that little greenie to a wet cumrag!” There was more than a bit of cheering. And worse, it was very true. She laid there limp, on her side with cum still oozing slowly out of her ass. Her stomach swelled out to appear pregnant… and Rena was sure that if he’d used the other hole that would have been the end result.

Wait… use the other hole. She was another hole! Oh gods! She watched him let Lizzy drop, then put his hands on his hips and grin as his cock rose back to prominence. And she screamed. “AAAAGGGHHHHHH!!!” A high pitched exhalation of terror. That almost, but not quite drowned out the cheer of “YEEEAAHHH!!” From her direct right. Her eye’s, and more than a few others snapped over to crazy ass barmaid goblin.

She was taller than Rena but still as short as any goblin. Her frame was skinny, but with some curves. And an outfit that seemed to accentuate those. A slutty wrench outfit that pushed up her tits and was cut high around her thighs. Tycho looked at the two goblins, and how they couldn’t be any more different. And he laughed heartily, as he moved to stand in the center of the ring.

The third locked up figure, Princess Charlotte, heir to this very kingdom! And cursed into the body of a goblin… Bit her lip and just thanked the gods that he was very clearly not looking at her.

“Alright folk’s time to start up the roulette, and see just what, and WHO gets done next!” But then Tycho held up one hand. His fingers were extended and it was clear he was calling for a pause. Then he pointed at the barmaid. “This wun… Wants it!” The greeny in question got wide eyed for a moment at the attention, then beamed to show off her white teeth in a wide smile.

“I do! Yeah! I can’t wait to try that fat fuck stick out! Ooh… put it in me! Let everyone watch!” She literally bounced up and down in her stocks. Her back end bounced anyway, her perky bubble butt giving a nice shake to the viewers on that side of the stage.

Tycho smirked at her, then his face went dark. “No.” The barmaids eyes went wide, and the other two short stacks thought they even saw a bit of moisture start to form in her eye’s. Then Tycho grinned, showing off more than just his prominent tusks. “You gotta work for it!” he boomed out, then laughed. The audience wasn’t sure what he was up to, neither was the announcer, but they trusted the King!

The barmaid just struggled to nod rapidly, trying to devote herself to him. “You’z is gonna help Tycho out… By making that one take my GaGunga DEEP!” He pointed one hand at poor Rena while at the same time gripping his revived cock and then letting out several sharp barks of laughter.

The audience cheered and the unknown announcer worked quick to go with the champ’s orders. “Well folks looks like the King has gotten himself a little green helper! Hehe, a thirsty gobbo slut, just like the rest of them… But this one is BEGGING to take the champ’s cock! Instead he’s going to have her help keep that slippery little gnome in place! Which is going to be handy, because we did our spin… and it looks like our little pink topped friend better work on her gag reflex!” Rena’s eyes went wide and started to fill with un shed tears.

The barmaid looked almost as upset herself. “What?!” She squealed in a nasal whine. “But I don’t wanna help, I wanna take it! Deep! Gimme the good stufffff! Please…?” Tears actually welled up in her eyes, and the the massive half orc let out a rumbling chuckle.

“No.” And he flipped the latch off her stocks. The small maid stood up straight, pouting as she put her hands on her hips. Then she tilted her head to the side, “Can I get sloppy thirds?”

The looming orc, towering well over twice her height when she wasn’t on the lifted platform put two fingers to his chin. He’d never had such a willing partner on this stage. And despite himself, his cock throbbed with interest. The barmaid saw it and gave a toothy grin. He nodded. The petite goblin jumped up and down with a cheer, and the audience was honestly a bit shocked.

‘She stark raving bonkers…’ Thought our blonde heroine from her own stocks. She’d given up trying to get out, but was glad it wasn’t her on the menu. Even if that Tycho had a truly massive cock, bigger than anything she’d ever imagined taking in her royal pussy. He made a horse seem tame and… What the fuck, why was she starting to get excited! She was cursed, not a goblin slut for use! Not to be face fucked by guards, or bent over for a beast! Too late…

While Charlotte approached a rapid break down over her physical and now mental transformation, Rena knew she was truly in danger. That monster had just recruited one of her ‘co-prisoner’s’ to help in her torture! The skinny barmaid came over to her side, and looked at her with a downcast expression. “You’re so lucky… look at that thing!” her face immediately brightened as she looked and pointed with her entire body like a expert sale’s woman at Tycho and his monster cock. The honest glow of appreciation on the goblins insane little green face was startling. She put one hand to her chest and let out a sigh. “So lucky… Oh! I’m Tesa by the way! But don’t worry, I’m not just a tease.”

She winked as she said it, and Tycho chuckled. It was a line she’d used often and she beamed that he enjoyed it. The size of his cock had pretty much cemented the half orc as the closest thing the little goblin had ever had to a god. She couldn’t wait to make him feel good with this pink haired little twit! She turned to face Rena again, expectant eyes on the gnome. “Ready?”

Rena’s panic filled eyes met her’s and she shook her head as hard as the stocks would let her. “What? Oh come on, it looks sooo tasty… And its been juiced up extra by Lizzy!” She carelessly hooked a thumb over her shoulder where the punky adventurer was still passed out on one side of the stage. Rena made a high pitched whining sound in her throat. “Oh! Of course, we’ll have to get you out of there!” She reached for the stocks but turned to reassure her new overlord. “I don’t think you’ll get too far down her throat if she’s stuck in here boss!”

Tycho had been about to reach to stop her from freeing the pinky, but her reasoning was infallible. He frowned, then nodded. It was handy having a helper for these things! Maybe he’d keep the little cock sleeve around…

Tesa popped the latch, flipped the top of the stocks off the gnome’s neck and wrists. Rena’s eye’s went wide. Was she really free?! She just started to lift herself when Tesa grabbed at her. They were only slightly different in height, but Rena was a gnome, not a dwarf! She was light, had little muscle mass, and even the wiry strength of the slutty barmaid was more than enough to over power her! “Ugh! Nnnno! Lemme go, please!!” she blubbered in her high pitched tone as Rena aimed her at their new master.

“Chill it pipsqueak, and open wide!” Tycho loomed over them both, but with the two of them standing and not bent over in stocks they were actually at a good height. He only had to push his cock down a bit to be at level with the wide eye’d gnomes face. “Woah! Look at that thing! Ever wonder what its like for a mouse about to get ate by big ol’ snake!” The excitable tavern wench squealed out the words, and got a laugh from the crowd.

“Oh god, Oh god, oh gaagh!” Rena’s hyperventilating was cut off as Tesa shoved a finger into her mouth and fishhooked her. “Uh uh, no more talky talky, time for sucky sucky! Maybe some licky licky for you’rs truly…” Cheer’s went out and the slutty gobbo was quickly growing her own fanbase.

“HNnng!!! Ngnnooo!” She tried to talk as her mouth was pulled open but suddenly that cock was thrusting forward. And it really was like a snake! Or maybe one of those locomtion engines she’d heard were being worked on by the southern gnome enclaves. Her panicked mind tried to find something comforting to relax her, but even the gadgeteer’s interest in machines couldn’t find the excitement in being run over by a metaphorical train… not when a monster cock was rammed into her mouth!

“Atta girl! Yeah!” She felt his cock fill her mouth, the ridged bumps on his orcy knob rubbed roughly against her lips, then pushed her tongue down. Her eyes ran freely with tears as she tasted his cock! It was foul, musky, and part of her wondered how much of that was his cock, and what was Lizzie’s ass! But on the bright side, there was no way any more of this foul thing would possibly make it deeper. And then Tesa’s small hand laid flat against the back of her skull. “We can do better than that!”

**SHOVE!** “Gurk!” “Hnnng…” The big half breed let out a pleasurable groan as the gnomes mouth took in a good third of his shaft. “Yeah!” Cheered on Tesa, echoed by the crowd. She grabbed at Rena’s pink puffs of hair and used them like handle bars, a manic grin on her grin face as she bounced and pulled, and shoved. She made the little gnome take more and more, as the fat cock pushed to her throat, past it, then back in a hard yank. A little too far actually as his cock left Rena’s mouth.

“Blagh!” And Rena puked up a mess of goo onto the floor. The gnome gasped desperately for air, and the fat cock bounced up, then came down to slap her in the face with a wet smack. Tesa winced, embarrassed that she’d let the cock get out, but when the audience cheered at the show she looked around in wonder. Then beamed for the crowed while Tycho rumbled out a laugh. Tesa let go of the gnome and took a second to wave at the crowd, they cheered her on and for a moment Tesa knew this was where she belonged…

In a dark underground arena putting on shows with a god cocked monster like Tycho… A loud THUMP got her to look back at the collapsed Rena. “Hey! Don’t be a quitter!” laughter boomed. She put her hands on her hips and dramatically rolled her eyes, “Can you believe this girl?” She waved a hand at the literal gobsmacked gnome as if to ask ‘Kids these day’s, I tell ya!’ And with roaring laughter she reached down and pulled her back up.

“Hnng… N-no… no leave me… unnnnnn!” Rena was sure her jaw had dislocated a few times there, and her throat hurt enough to make it hard to talk louder. But Tesa didn’t care in the least as she was brought back up into position. “Alright, lets keep going!” Tycho grinned, and answered by reaching down, gripping Rena’s top, a simple cotton shirt and a leather apron hanging by a strap. A grip and a rip and it was gone. Well.. the top was, but the loose apron was still there, and actually worked to frame her chest. “Oooh, nice!”

Rena squealed in shock as she was made topless and reached down to cover her shame. But somehow the slut Tesa was faster! Her green hands were already there, grabbing at her modest breasts and giving them a good squeeze. “Hey! You got a pretty nice rack for a gadget girl!” Then to make it worse she flipped her hands up, and got the little gnome in a full nelson. Rena let out a strangled shout as Tesa spun with her and showed her to the crowd “Check out these cute little knockers erry’body!” The crowed loved it, and the gnome felt like she was on fire her face was so red.

“Oh my gaaawdssss!” She cried out as she was put on full display. “Eh… they’re ok.” Muttered Charlotte. Then closed her eyes and bit her lip. She should NOT be proud that her green gobbo tits were bigger than both of those other two floozies together! Thankfully she wasn’t heard over the crowd.

Tesa gave her a full spin, then came to a rest pointing right at Tycho’s waiting hog. Rena, well and truly on the way to losing her mind, could do nothing but hyperventilate and blubber. And then that hand was back on her head and shoving her in… but lower? “Lets show our appreciation Pinky! Tongue those balls sis!!!” And with a roar of approval she had her face shoved right between the massive hanging sack. Tycho raised an eyebrow, then cracked a tusk filled grin. “Ha!” then he laughed more… because he’d never felt anyone scream into his balls before! What an interesting feeling…

“No! Hey, cut that out, don’t make noise, work your tongue ya daft cunt!” Tesa smacked the gnome on the back of the head, but it was useless. She couldn’t get her to lick like a proper slut. “Here, I’ll show ya’s!” She let go of the girl and dived in herself. Licking, sucking, and working his set like the pro she was. Tycho put out a hand and grabbed Rena’s head. Almost as if to brace himself as he let out a loud satisfied groan. “Oh…” It was quite a show watching the thirsty goblin lick his sack, rubbing her face against his balls, then started to lick at his shaft. “Mmm.. I want alllll of this…” Then she went stiff, Tycho was growling. “Oh.. not my turn, sorry boss!” She snapped back half a step and stood straight, if breathing a bit fast. Her lipstick was just a bit smeared and now he had dark stains on his balls.

Tycho reached out and ripped her top down, her own tits bouncing free, bigger than both of the last two girls now out of her barmaid out fit. She looked down, then up, and grinned. “Hey thanks! I hate undoing all those laces!” The crowd exploded in laughter, and Rena, fully embracing her approaching madness found herself tittering as well. Bit of a mistake there, the attention fell on her and her mouth snapped shut as a small whine came from her throat.

Tesa looked like the cat who got the canary, and grabbed the gnome. “Oh yeah! Now you’re getting it! So open up… and take every inch of that big beautiful monster!” “Uh, uh, n-n-n-nooooo-GURK! MMMMM!!!” And now, both topless, they began their show anew. Tycho growled with lust, and just barely resisted the urge to grab and manhandle the gnome himself. Tesa was doing it for him! The crowd roared its approval, and bearing her teeth Tesa shoved the gnome for all she was worth! Rena’s mouth was filled, and then her throat was invaded. She couldn’t even try to scream instead just struggling to pull in air through her nose.

Loud GURK GURK GURK! Sounds came from them, and cheers and encouragement filled the room. He grunted and it was getting harder to shove in deeper. Tesa was trying to help, and her little grunts were almost as loud as the sound of Rena’s face being violated. Finally Tycho decided to take matters into his own hands. He reached down, and down, and grabbed the small gnome by her torso. He lifted her, got a good grip, and held her body up. A loud muffled cry came from Rena as she was lifted up and her head went back to line up her throat. With a savage grunt Tycho thrust it all in.

His meat pole speared the hapless gnome. Her throat was filled, and the ridges of his cock felt like they were almost in her belly! Her eyes rolled up to just show the whites as she approached unconsciousness. The crowed screamed, and the loudest was an exultant Tesa as she watched her god-cocked master make the gnomes face into a fuck toy. “Yeah!!!” She screamed out, jumping up and down in cheer.

Then, seeing she wasn’t needed to help maneuver the little twat, she dived under and started to worship his balls again. Tycho’s eyes widened and he groaned with lust as his little helper worked his sack. His balls were wet with Rena’s saliva and throat goo, and Tesa licked it all up. But mostly just worshiped his heavy musky hangers. The half orc moaned before starting to use Rena for her new purpose as a cock milker.

It was an amazing show, like nothing the audience had ever seen! And even the surprisingly quiet announcer was finally shaken back into speaking. He’d given the floor away since the king’s little helper was such a quick crowd pleaser.

“And look at them go! I gotta say, for all the times I’ve seen the Prince of Underground Poonani use these sluts, I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen him have such a good time! What a c-c-c-combo those two make!! Lets give it up to ball licker extraordinaire, TEEESSAAAAAAAAA!” The crowd screamed again, and she almost stopped for a moment, but as the champ thrust deep his sack slapped into her face. “Ha!” She let out a happy cry and dived back in, much to everyone’s delight.

“Alright, now we’ve got a full on gnome face fucking! The timer we had going actually got passed by a while ago! Haha, we try to give the king a challenge, to see how long he can last, but after getting emptied out into Lizzy I think poor Rena doesn’t stand a chance! If anything she better hope he blows his load before she runs out of air!”

And by accident, the only thing that would actually keep the cock struck gnome alive, was a over eager goblin working on her beloved lords under bits. She sucked and licked his balls, then worked her way around. And when he needy goblin tongue hit his taint, then went higher, Tycho lost it.

“Raaaghh!!” He roared out, the sensation startling him, and keying off a massive orgasm. The crowd screamed, and a few laughed at the sight. A massive half orc, grey skin bulging with muscle as he manhandled a pink haired gnome turned fuck toy. And behind him a skinny goblin slut shoving her tongue against his back door. There was a strangled cry from little Rena, suddenly her apron was shoved out and her belly ballooned with cum. Thick gouts of half breed jizm flooding her insides, then spraying out around the tight seal of her mouth, and squirting out of her nose onto the base of his cock.

Tycho let out a moan of lust, and finally pulled her off his cock. He nearly dropped her entirely. Her legs and arms hung nearly limp, and he held one arm as she fell then slid down his thigh. He reached back to grab Tesa and pull her away from his ass, but she had smelled his thick cums’plosion and swung around one muscular leg. “Oh! Look at it! So much! OOoh!” she dived at his slowly falling cock, grabbed up the end and wrapped her mouth around the tip.

“Alright you little, dontcha put your tongue on my-hnnng! F… fuck!” He was cut off mid tirade as his sensitive post orgasm cock was pulled in by her greedy lips. The goblin sucked on his cock head with a will, not like the little Gnome that had to be forced. She moaned and licked the excess cum from around his head, and even managed to get the tip of her tongue into his cock a bit! She pulled off with a loud “Aaaah… Sorry baby, what was that?” Tycho was panting, and one eye twitched as he looked at her.

“Stay… way from my bum… K?” He growled the last bit. She blinked at him, confused, but then shrugged and nodded calmly. “You got it baby!” Then she got to work running her tongue under neath his foreskin, making the massive Orc grown long and loud.

“Damn folks… I’ve never seen the King get his shaft worked, this little slut really is a contender… Hmmm, alright well, I think he’ll be ready for round three soon, where’s she gonna get it I wonder!” Tycho looked around the crowd, a slight daze to his gaze. He had never actually gotten his cock worshiped like this, and as his audience cheered him and his new little friend on, he couldn’t help but grin broadly. Then the mouth pulled off his cock with a wet pop.

“Can I ride it!” he blinked and looked down. She was looking him in the face while stroking his cock madly. Both her small hands wrapped around it the best she could ass she looked up at him hopefully. He was nearly fully hard again, a testament to her skilled and very eager mouth.

“Ride… It?” It took him a moment to process it. He was still a bit dazed, and had never thought of such a request. “Yeah! Just lay back and let me get on top! I’ll show you a real good time!” The announcer tried to say something, this went against their usual format even more, but the audience screamed it approval. Shouts of “Let’er ride!” and “I wanna see those green tits bounce!” were heard. That last one made the big half-orc curious. He grinned. and did something he’d never done in the arena. He dropped to a knee, then sat down to lean back.

“Alright, make it good little slut.” Tesa gave a shout that was stolen by the crowd. She went to pull up her dress, then shrugged and yanked it down instead. The top being ripped it feel pretty easily, and she had no under things to speak of under it. She stood there in nothing but her black work boots and grinned at the cock that nearly came up to her thigh! She stepped closer, had to take a second to grab and move away a insensate Rena so she didn’t stomp on her. Then climbed aboard.

“This ones… for all my fans!” She screamed at the crowed, and they cheered back to her. The little barmaid was having the best day of her life. And as she bit her lip and lined the fat cock head up with her tiny smooth slit Charlotte nearby pouted. She had hoped he’d make her wait again so that the blonde princess could get her turn… Then she promptly felt like screaming as the thought resounded in her head! “Nononono….”

But her muttered words of descending madness were drowned out as Tesa lowered down, and with a shouted “Yes, yes yes yes!!” The massive cock impaled her slick hungry cunny. “Ung!” Seh bit her lip, her eyes rolled back, and her dimples showed in ecstasy as she took his cock deep into her pussy. “Agh! Yeah!! Gods, YESS!!” And promptly came her goblin brains out, juices gushed out to squirt across his broad muscular chest.

“Oh, we got a squirter!!” screamed the announcer, words he’d never actually gotten to shout int his arena, most of the women didn’t enjoy it even half as much as this mad little goblin slut!

Tycho was shocked by hit, but as her pussy came and squeezed his cock, he groaned and reached up to grab her hips. He needn’t of bothered, mouth open in a cry of pleasure Tesa took it even deeper, and started to bounce up and down on his cock. Taking it deep, feeling it plunge into her again and again, over half way in and already the deepest she’d ever been fucked! She was far from a virgin, but this reminded her of that day, so many years ago… When she’d walked in on her mum fucking the married man in the hovel next door, and he’d shoved her down and taken her right there while her mum shed a tear of pride…. “Aaahhhnnnn…” It was a happy memory, and she gushed again her face contorting with orgasmic delight.

Her knees went weak, she collapsed down impaling her pussy, and then it was just Tycho’s strong meat hooks that were keeping her going up and down on that monstrous member. The little goblin’s tits bouncing, drool running down her chin, and her pussy squeezing him. She fully fogged over into a continuous stream of orgasms. She stopped squirting, but she didn’t stop cumming. Her little hands coming up, one groping one of her tits squeezing a nipple painfully hard. The other came to her face, pushing up her cheek and into her hair as her eyes rolled back. All the while bouncing up and down, up and down, up and down in a non stop motion of pleasure, impaled on his cock, on display for all these people.

When he finally moaned out and came inside her, both her hands moved to her belly, and she looked at it with abject worship as his cum filled her up. First it swelled up to look as if she’d had a big meal, but soon she appeared pregnant with multiple little monsters. And she couldn’t be happier. She collapsed forward onto his chest. His softening cock came out, and he rolled the little goblin off to the side. Her swollen belly jiggling. She was on the opposite side of where Rena still laid, and now in a similar state of consciousness. Though Tesa had a smile plastered on her very satisfied face.

The massive half orc heaved himself to his feet. He was panting, and a bit unsteady. The Champion of the Arena was feeling it. He’d gotten more of a work out with those three than any other entries. Damn short stacks could milk a cock… Finally, he turned to face the last goblin. And found her glaring at him, with not a hint of fear in her face. There was something off about her. Her nostrils were flared and her pointy ears bobbed as she growled at him. She had been terrified earlier he was sure of it.

But unfortunately Charlotte… was not herself anymore. Something in her… all the fucking, the constant usage. The transformation and violation of her body. Watching those other three take a cock bigger than her arm, and being so close she could actually taste the smell of it on her tongue….

“Its about time! If that little slag drained your balls I’ll have her HEAD!” She screamed the last word with a shocking amount of authority. And Tycho had the strangest feeling that this was not the first time she’d demanded and execution. And that even crazier, she seemed fully expectant in the outcome. “Now… Get your big grey ass back there… and give your princess a proper rutting!!”

Tycho just started at her, looking at the little goblin. Her eye’s were blue, not a common goblin color. Her hair was a perfect honeyed blonde, even rarer among the little green creatures. Her body was thicker than the other girls, barely hidden under shreds of dirtied pink colored clothing. And as she shook with her words, part of her outfit came free and he saw a dark green nipple, hard and stiff on a very large and full breast.

“Oh! Well that is something special! This one wants it too! And looks like she has given herself a bit of a title… Hehe, I’m pretty sure the champ is the only “royal” hehe, in the ring. But if she wants a chance at the title, we’re all for it, am I right people!” The audience screamed, but for some reason the massive bruiser had a strange feeling about this goblin… but also, a deep desire. To give her what she wanted, plunge his cock into her harder than he’d ever fucked anything else in his life. And freshly drained, his shaft began to rise… He shook off the odd feelings about the little blonde slut, and grinned.

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