Sister-in-law Cliché erotic short stories

So my sister-in-law, Lisa, is quite plain. By no means unattractive but not exactly sexy. We’ve never, ever had any kind of flirty relationship or innuendo or anything like that but we do get along very well.
One night, whilst she was visiting there was an incident.

She was staying over and we all had drinks etc and had a fine evening. That night, when everyone was in bed I woke up to use the toilet, I was also quite peckish, so I decided I’d use the downstairs bathroom and grab a snack form the kitchen.

I walked into the bathroom, only to realise Lisa was currently on the toilet, peeing and having a smoke. I was wide-eyed and slack-jawed at the sight and just stood there momentarily frozen in shock.

She said ” are you just going to stand there and watch me piss, your perv” whilst laughing. She the proceeded to stand up and wipe herself off, in front of me, making no attempt to be modest.
I’m not gonna lie, I was very aroused by this. She had a great little puffy pussy, very tight and tidy looking, with just the right amount of hair. I was starting to get rock hard and she just stood there, panties round her ankles, smoking a cigarette, with one hand on her hip and staring at me with an amused smirk.
She stared at the bulge in my sweatpants and said

“I can see you’re enjoying the view, didn’t know you were this much of a perv, but I like it”

still standing there staring at me (well, pointedly staring at my cock, now) she says “okay you’ve had a good enough look at my goods, now it’s my turn”
She slowly pulled down my sweats, whilst getting to her knees. She (very surprisingly) just started sniffing my cock and moaning in appreciation “hmmm I wonder if this thing tastes and good as it looks and smells” she rubbed my cock all over her face, nose and mouth. By this point my cock is twitching and throbbing and she opened her mouth, tongue out and moved towards the head of my cock, then stopped. Got to her feet, pulled up her panties and walked out the bathroom door, with a wink and a dirty smile.

I was just left standing there with a throbbing hard-on, feeling dumfounded.

The whole thing really messed with my head, I felt incredibly frustrated and also guilty from what happened, so much so that I couldn’t go back into bed, with my wife. I grabbed some blankets and a pillow and decided to sleep on the sofa.

A few hours later I woke to somebody loudly whispering my name. I opened my eyes only to find Lisa was straddling my face, her panties pulled to the side, just hovering a few inches above my mouth.

“I needed to pee again, I saved you some, this time”
and she squeezed out a few drops piss onto my face, while giggling. Then before I know it, she’s grinding her pussy all over my face. She reached her hand behind, under the blankets and (expertly) stroking my cock, whilst still grinding on my face. She then turned her body round, ass on my face and began to lick my cock. Long, slow hot licks, with the flat of her tongue, from the bottom of the shaft right up to the head. She then takes it all in her hot, wet soft mouth, all the while practically twerking on my face. I’m alternating between tongue fucking her asshole and sucking her clit and she’s devouring my cock. I told her she was going to make me cum…”No! Not yet, I still have some left” she gets up and leads my be the hand, to the bathroom and starts slowly stroking my cock again. “I want to piss on your cock, while you cum” she’s stroking me, one-handed whilst spreading her pussy with the other. She guides my cock towards her cunt and starts jerking me harder and quicker, whilst staring into my eyes, telling me to cum.
When she senses I’m ready to blow, she pisses all over the head of my cock and the hot piss, combined with the stroking males me explode, like a river bursting through a dam. I’m shooting out ropes, legs trembling, cock twitching in a ruined orgasm, while Lisa is still pissing all over it and cum harder than I’ve ever done before in my life.

Barely able to stand, I’m panting, and Lisa drops to her knees and begins to lick and suck my cock clean.

I had no idea my sister-in-law was so freaky, so sexy, so fucking dirty.

I haven’t ever been able to stop thinking about that experience.

I can’t wait until she visits again.

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