Shower sex with my [M 26] university FWB [F 25] [MF] non-fiction sex stories

Just a bit of background info. Ashley and I are both university students studying physics. In the past, we admitted to each other, that we like each other, but we didn’t want to be in a committed relationship, so we turned to being FWB.

She has long black hair that extends till around the height of her breasts, cute face, a little less than 5.5 feet tall, has slightly perky breasts and decently sized ass, with a slim waist. She’s the kind of girl that looks shy and reserved but is really horny on the inside.

As someone who has never done shower sex before, I asked Ashley whether she wanted to try it, and she excitedly agreed! So we decided to have shower sex at her house. Before stepping into the shower area, we helped each other undress and stepped inside. I turned on the shower tap and used my body to pin Ashley against the wall, close enough to feel her breasts pressing against me, and I started neck-kissing her while water ran down our bodies.

Before we became FWB, she told me her neck is a very sensitive area that gets her extra horny, so whenever we’re gonna fuck, I always go for her neck. She let out horny moans as usual,


While I was neck-kissing her, I could feel my wet dick turn harder and harder, until the point where it was pressing against her wet pussy, but not going inside. I continued to pleasure her for a while by kissing her neck, while exploring her naked body by running my hands along her waist, her back and around her ass. Suddenly, she whispered in my ear,

“Now it’s my turn”

She turned me around until my back was facing her and started neck-kissing me. That feeling of her soft and smooth lips on my neck felt so good. I closed my eyes to enjoy it. Suddenly I felt something wrap around my hard dick, I opened my eyes to see it was her left hand. While neck-kissing me, she started stroking my dick slowly, while saying,

“Tell me when you’re gonna cum, and I’ll stop”

While she was stroking my dick with her left hand from my behind, my right hand reached behind and touched her thigh, from there, my hand traced its way to her pussy. She gave out a loud moan when my index and middle finger entered her pussy and started fingering her. After a while, I was going to cum,

“Ohhh…..ohhhhh…..ohhhh…..stopp…..I’m gonna cum”

She stopped stroking my dick, then both her arms wrapped around my waist while she was still neck-kissing me. I continued to finger her, until I could feel her hugging me tighter and tighter. She was going to cum.


I could feel her body shake a little from that orgasm, while her arms wrapped around my waist. That feeling of cum building up in my balls from her giving me a handjob earlier was noticeable, I needed to release it somewhere, it had to be inside her. Previously, she told me she’s always on her birth-control pills, for us to fuck anytime we want.

So I turned around, turned her until her back was facing me, and bent her upper body downwards as I wanted to fuck her standing-up doggy style. In response, she pressed her palms against the wall for support. I slid my wet and hard dick inside her wet and tight pussy slowly from behind and she moaned,

“Ohhhh……ohhhhhh…….oh gosh……oh gosh”

I started thrusting back and forth, making sure with each thrust inwards, I was thrusting deep enough for my balls to press against her wet pussy. After thrusting for some time, I cummed inside her,


I also wanted her to cum from me fucking her, but I think she didn’t, so I asked to be sure,

“Have you cummed from me fucking you?”


“Then I’ll keep plowing you”

So I started thrusting again, hearing her moan until she came,


With water from the shower head still hitting us and running down our bodies, I slid my dick out of her tight pussy. Afterwards, we helped to rub shower gel on each others’ body and cleaned our bodies of the shower gel using the water from the shower head.

After finishing our shower, we stepped out, dried our bodies with our individual towels and put on our clothes. After she dressed herself, I went to cup her cute face with my right hand, looked at her in the eyes and said,

“Fucking you always feels so good”

“Then don’t ever stop, I’ll always want more of that cum”, she replied, smiling at me.

With that, we went off to study some analytical mechanics.

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