Sex with stranger at work sex stories

Sometimes you just want to get fucked…. you know?

After a dry couple of weeks, I had become sexually frustrated to the point where I was starting to consider going through my phone and asking guy friends to do me a favor. My roommate at the time decided she was fed up when I offered to have a threesome with her boyfriend and her.

“Just, chill out, okay?” she yelled at me, “You will be fine!”

I did not feel fine, but I decided to pick up extra shifts at work to focus on something else. I lived in a town that was mostly centered around the university I went to. I worked at a small restaurant that was away from the downtown area, closer to where the people that actually lived in the town were.

It was a busy night, and my boss had decided we only needed two servers there when a third girl had called off her shift. When I walked in, I saw the relief on my coworker’s face, she looked like she was seriously overwhelmed. I looked around; we were super busy again tonight.

“Just, can you clear all the empty tables and take all the new spots when you get these people seated? We can figure it out later,” she called to me.

“Where’s Ashley?”

“Not coming in… and he won’t call for anymore help. It’s only 4:30 and we’re already slammed.”

We fell into a rhythm, working together as the people began to blur together and time passed quickly. We were a half an hour from closing, and we had cleared most of the place when I told the other girl she could head out. I would close with the cook. She was walking out the door when a last-minute walk in came in.

I wasn’t paying attention when I heard her come running back up to me, “hey, do you want me to stay for this?” she asked.

I looked up, confused as to why she would want to stay. It was pretty clear. The guy that had come in late, was by himself, and boy was he hot.

“I can take one more table,” she told me, pulling the menu I had picked up out of my hand.

“Knock it off,” I whispered to her, “you got the last three single guys that came in. I haven’t had sex in forever. You’re supposed to be leaving.” I turned and called to him, “You can sit wherever you want, they’re all open.”

He smiled and nodded before going to one of the tables along the wall. I actually felt myself shaking a little, was I that starved for sex?

“Go home, I have got this.”

I think she saw that I was not going to let this one go, because she looked at me for a minute before nodding, “Okay, but I swear I would take him home right now if I could. Do not blow this.”

I gave her a not-so-gentle shove towards the door, “Good night!”

She gave me one last look before she opened the door and disappeared into the night. I turned and set myself in the direction of his table. I took a deep breath and pasted a smile on my face, “Do you know what you would like?”

He looked at me for a second before informing me, “Sure, I would really like to go into the back and have wild, no strings attached, sex with you if you’re up for it.”

I felt my heart skip a few beats, and I just stared at him in stunned silence for so long, that the smile began to fade from his face.

“I am sorry,” he began, “I thought it was funny, you know that this place is small right? I could hear you and your buddy, even though you were whispering,” he tilted his head towards the server station that was really only 5 or 6 feet away. Oh gosh I really hope that we haven’t been doing that all night.


“I mean if that isn’t an option… I will take the number 3 and a coke.”

I laughed, a little shaken, a lot turned on, and turned to put his order in. When I got back to his table, he was gone. Just the book he had been carrying was on the table. He must have gone to the bathroom.

I went about closing up the place, I took the extra chairs we had out to the back storage area, behind the kitchen and next to the bathrooms. When I closed the door to the closet, I turned to go back to the front when I jumped. He was standing in front of me, blocking my view around him so all I could see was how close he was to me.

“Want to give me a hand with this?” he asked, flirty eyes looking at me.

I ran through my mind all the reasons I should not walk into the bathroom with this man, but I wasn’t coming up with any convincing reasons not to.

“Why not?” I turned and followed him into the single bathroom and locked the door.

The bathroom was just a sink and a single toilet. It was one that could only be accessed by one person at a time, so we knew we wouldn’t be interrupted. He pushed me up against the door I had just locked. Leaning into me to cover my mouth with his. I upped the pace, frantically kissing him back, it had been so long.

I felt myself grow impossibly wet. I had not realized how much I needed this, I needed to be fucked now. I wrapped my legs around his waist and used my arms wrapped around his neck to climb him. I felt how hard he was against the thin fabric of my panties that were pressed against him now that the fabric of my dress was hiked up and pooled around my waist.

He moved us towards the back wall so we would not keep making the door shake loudly. My back hit the tiled wall, I felt the roughness of it on my back as I slid down a little before and he used his hands to grip my ass tightly, rubbing me against the bulge in his pants.

I gasped, my panties had been soaked through and when I slid my legs to the ground, I saw the wet spot on his pants. I frantically fumbled with the belt and fly on his pants as worked to get him out of those pants. Finally, I was able to pull the length of his fully erect dick from the confines of his boxers. I worked him for a minute before I took him into my mouth. He groaned, his fingers tangled in my hair, as he guided my head.

Suddenly, he pulled me back, stopping what I was doing. He nudged me towards the sink, turning me around and pushing on my back. I did not need to be told what he wanted, as I bent over in front of him. He traced the edge of my very soaked panties with his fingertips before hooking his finger around the fabric and pulling them to my knees.

Anticipating what came next, I pushed into his hand with my bottom. He laughed and thrust into me. My fingers scraped at the edge of the sink. I held on with everything I had as he moved in me, fast and hard. I cried out and immediately bit down on my lip hard, I did not want my final coworker in the building to come investigating. I felt the wet coming from me drip down my leg. He used his hands on my hip to hold me in place as I felt my legs shaking from holding myself up.

He pulled out suddenly, spun me to face him, and pulled me up against him as he braced me against the wall again. He pushed into me once again and I buried my face in his neck to cover the gasps coming from my mouth.

The orgasm crashed over me suddenly, with no warning, my pussy clamping down on him He was panting now too. He kept thrusting into me, over and over. When I came again, this proved to be too much for him. He groaned into my hair as he followed me over the edge.

After we untangled our bodies, I took a shaky step forward, pushing my skirt back into place.
“I bet your food is ready now.”

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