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I think I wanna tell you this love story. I will pick up parts from my favorite real love stories and hopefully, this turns out lovely.

“so let me paint you a picture” she loves doing that, she wore that green dress of her and I could have sworn she was glowing green. “I am all green even my skin” she was already thinking of coloring her hair but she didn’t want to have green hair and white skin. “you and me sitting on the beach holding hands.” we were actually sitting in my room cuddled in my bed. “ok done,” I said waiting for the fun to begin. “how are you feeling?”

I felt her hand touching my leg gently. “I am happy more or less, I do have some problems with self-worth but what’s new.” she was gently touching my member, “its about being normal right?” I nodded. it felt really good being heard, this combination of sexual affirmation and listening was always nice. “those girls in 6th grade really got you good”. she knew about my childhood trauma, and she could almost always find the subconscious reason for things.

“ya I am just a bit overwhelmed so it finds easy purchase.” I felt her trying to go faster but I pushed her hand away. “and how are you?” she shook her head “I don’t want to think about it, don’t worry Malory helped me” I nodded and allowed her to continue. *she has been through something so I shouldn’t go dominating* just for the off chance I trigger something. she was already fully into it and I started to squirm. “so imagine 2 other girls coming to hold you down.” I felt cuffs closing around my hands one by one. she climbed onto me and then covered my eyes with a piece of cloth. “I am leaving you to imagine” and I felt something wet on my dick. she went fast and I squirmed. at first, I fought the urge but since I know she loves it when I do I just move freely.

she stopped, “ok now make your queen feel good, later we see if you deserve more”. I knew there is no way she is not gonna take care of me. so I felt like she wants me to cum. filled with happiness I started to let my tongue work on her clit. she moaned a little but not too much, and it was clear she was thinking about something. “ok spill your mind I am here”. “quiet slave”. she gave me a kiss on the forehead. “I am just feeling unloved lately” I went faster, there was not a lot else I could do. we kept at it for a bit she kept to her thoughts and shivered from the strength and my mouth was occupied. my mind went to the happy moments we had together. I remembered how much I love her.

I could feel her getting wetter and wetter, at a certain point she undid my cuffs. and cloth. I remembered we are not on the beach and that made me gigle. I still felt sand falling from my back either way. the invitation was clear so I turned her around and pushed her back down. her bare ass was towards me and she heled the bed. she yelled “daddy” as I went in and was going crazy, it was very hard fighting the urge to go faster but she didnt want that. it didn’t take that long… she started to cum and i slowed down a bit but not too much trying to maximize her enjoyment. after she stopped yelling she started to savor the end of it. “ok stop I had enough”. I did and she stopped to catch her breath. “thank you that was wild” I smiled and she returned a one with malice.

“Now its my turn” I laid down. “oh baby has a throbbing cock, let mommy get it for you” she went for a blow job, as she did she made sure her tits will be squshed on my cock, she always did that when she wanted me to cum. I knew it was painful for her but it got me going so much. she used her hands to play gently with my balls. and I could feel the end of it coming. I squirmed like a little worm and she loved it. she slowed down a bit to make the experience last longer. but as soon as the first drop of cum came. she went ham again. I could feel myself being milked dry by her it was so amazing and I yeled “I love you, mommy”. my back crashed against the bed as I spasmed out. “thank you” I said without any breath left.

she smiled and kissed me with her cum filled mouth. I pushed her away touching her boobs. she smiled and swallowed. I gave her a nipple pinch. and she choked down a scream. “you came so fast I couldn’t get one in.” she slapped my dick gently. “quiet you are completely spent and happy” I nodded “ya I am! thank you” she smiled “I really needed the distraction, besides you know how much I love having this power over you”. I nodded “ya I know”. we hugged in bed. I felt completely accepted and I knew she felt it too.

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