Secretly training [M]y wi[f]e real sex stories

My wife [38] has always been a generous lover, even as I [40] hoped she’d become more comfortable experimenting or even just initiating with me. (A delightful exception is when she introduced me to rimming – story in my profile.)

Recently for a variety of reasons she’s lost a bit of interest in our sex life, among other things and I’ve been a bit resentful of having to put in all the extra effort to make up for it. A silver lining has been that she’s acquiesced to some of my more dominant tendencies, even if she’s not really into submitting. It’s kinda like, she’s indifferent to whether or not we do a particular thing at a particular time if I ask but she doesn’t want to stop having any sex altogether.

So sometimes I just masturbate in the shower and tell her to kneel down because I need her mouth to cum into. Or, more recently, I’ll give her a massage while fingering her pussy and arse. Then when she’s sufficiently prepped and relaxed, I’ll put her buttplug in and fuck her just for my release instead of her returning the massage.

I’ve had a couple of work trips and the Sunday night before I went away for the first one, she surprised me by suggesting we could try it in her arse since she’d be too busy for sexting while I was away. It was – as anal almost always is – glorious. For her to actually enjoy anal I really have to work her clit good, and sometimes she wants to be held down by her hair or arms above her head. For the first time in a while she really let go and got into it and had an amazing orgasm. So did I.

I happened to return on the following Sunday and though she couldn’t let got and get into it, she was happy to give anal another go before I changed condoms and switched to her pussy to bring her to orgasm.

Two weeks later and it’s another Sunday night before I leave for a work trip and we unsuccessful try anal again. I got back Friday and that night and last night gave her two nights of her favourite – missionary with PiV, me working her clit and a finger or two in the arse.

This morning she came back from the shower and got back into bed naked, clearly wanting some slow Sunday fun. So I gave her a nice long massage with some fingering. She was really getting in to it which is a surprise because she normally doesn’t like morning sex, although we’d had a very decent amount of foreplay. So I asked if I could try it in her arse, and she was very happy to. Again it wasn’t quite working for us, so changed the condom and finished with her favourite. But during that she surprised me by suggesting we should do anal again tonight, this time with her rabbit in her pussy – a guaranteed way for her to cum. The exciting part is the anticipation, and it’s showing in her choice of clothing – or lack thereof. Skimpy thong, no bra and summer dress that’s not quite see-through.

So four out of the last five Sundays we’ve at least attempted anal. And today I’ll have been in her arse twice. Unfortunately I don’t have any plans for any work trips for the rest of the year (though she has one!) but I am very much putting the effort into massaging, fingering, plugging and otherwise toying with her arse so we can make every Sunday an anal day.

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