Pool Surprise sex stories

I’ve been the corporate HR manager for a major retail company for the last 6 years. Every year in May I’m sent to Florida for the corporate company wide yearly refresher & training. I’m always super pleased with the hotel room I’m provided as its always luxurious and comfy. This year I was sent for 4 days. After our daily 3 hour meetings followed by our 4 hour webinars I’m exhausted to say the least.

Today I decided after logging off I’d go down to the pool. I was so excited to be off the computer I could barely close out the browser before I stripped off my blouse & bra. Next the skirt came down & the panties right after. I went through my luggage to realize I had packed an OLD bathing suit from 4 years ago. I didn’t even know why I still had it. Four years ago I was a B cup, now I’m a triple D. I had no clue how I would fit into it but knew I had to make it work so I did just that..

The outdoor pool was filled with families and dozens of children. Not quite the vibe I needed considering my breasts were spilling out of my top. I turned around and headed back through the lobby to the opposite side of the hotel & peeked in the window for the indoor pool. Empty. Not a person in sight. I headed in. When I walked in and released the door handle it snagged the tied strings on one side of my bottoms. My bottoms shifted as they were caught on the floor handle, the material pulled up in between my pussy lips, rubbing against my clitoris. It felt good. But I pulled the bottoms out of my crevice in case someone were to come in.

I walked over to a chair and sat my towel down. I walked straight to the ladder and stepped down into the pool in the 4 feet section. The water wasn’t cold, but it certainly wasn’t warm either. It felt good on my skin. I went further down in the water. As the water reached my breasts my nipples got hard. My insides felt tingly. Overall I felt relaxed. I felt good.

I looked around and still no one was in sight. I backed into the corner and all I could think about was how my clitoris was tingling. I turned my back towards the door and reached my hand into my bottoms. My clit was swollen. I pushed 2 fingers into my vagina and all I could feel was slippery warmth. I pulled some of the juices to my clit and circled around it over and over.

The door flies open, I snatched my fingers out of my bottoms and turned around. I was very startled. Its a couple, it appears they were just married this past weekend from the “New Bride” t-shirt the wife had on. She was beautiful, blonde, tall, and skinny but super snobby. She was pulling her husband by the arm and making him carry all of her belongings while she gossiped and shouted orders at him. He, on the other hand, was godlike. Charming, sexy, dark hair, honey eyes, muscular arms.

She snatches her bags from him and threw them down and started going through them almost in a panic-like way. “Where’s my phone?” She yells. He can’t even answer before she starts telling him how much he sucks at being a husband. “I’m going back to the room to look for my phone. Stay here, I don’t even want to look at you right now, you disgust me,” she says to him. She walks out slamming the door behind her. He looks at me and apologizes explaining how she probably didn’t see me in the pool, otherwise she would’ve contained her behavior and acted more appropriately. I told him it was absolutely fine and I noticed he’s staring at my breasts. He steps down the ladder, and starts climbing into the pool, I prop my arms on the side of the pool and he starts coming closer to me. He’s still staring and he realizes I can obviously tell he’s staring at me. “I’m sorry, it just looks like your bottoms are twisted.” I look down and noticed they are pulled to the side of my pussy, my whole pussy is exposed.

I frantically reach down trying to adjust them but they won’t budge. Somehow the strap on the side is looped around the bottom part and pulled tight, leaving no excess material for coverage. “I caught them on the door handle coming in,” I say. He watches me fidgeting and I explain there’s a huge knot somehow. “Let me help you,” he says. He comes over and un-loops the strap and slides it through my bottoms. The knot is untangled and ready to be tied back. We make eye contact. “Thank you,” I say as I take the strap from him and start tying it back. He reaches into my bottoms and grazes my pussy. “May I?” “Go for it,” I say. My clit is still swollen. He turns and looks at the door. “This will only take a minute I promise.” I feel my pussy get wetter and warmer just from the excitement of having a man touch me. He takes his index finger and starts flicking my clit, he circles around it. We both keep staring at the door in case someone comes in. I’m thinking to myself where is his wife?

He puts my legs around his waist and backs me into the corner of the pool. “This is a little more hidden from the window,” he says. He pulls my bottoms to my knees and inserts 3 fingers into my vagina. He pulls his hand back out and licks his fingers. We turn and check the door again. Nothing. He puts his fingers back in, this time he’s pounding my pussy. He’s pounding me so hard my body is jumping and making small waves in the pool. He starts going faster and faster. I can see his dick swelling through his swim trunks. “I feel it coming,” I whisper to him. He goes faster. My eyes roll back into my head and lean down onto his shoulder and he starts circling my clit again. I open my mouth and scream into his shoulder and feel a release of slippery juices exit me.

The door flies open again, hard. She’s back. He backs away from me quickly. My legs are trembling so bad I just stand there for a moment. “That was quick,” he told his wife. “Did you find your phone, honey?” She looks at him.. “What do you care, just get over here and give me a backrub.”

At this point I’m ready to leave. It’s awkward now. I go to the ladder and climb out of the pool, grab my towel, dry off briskly, and head towards the door. I exit, then back up and peek into the window. He’s rubbing her back in the pool. I stand there a moment and he turns and catches a glimpse of me through the window. He catches me looking back and gives a quick wink. All I could think of was how I didn’t even get his name.

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