Plugged and fingered in front of his family (F21) adult confession

My ex ignored me quite a lot while we were in the last few weeks of our relationship. He would just sit and play computer games all day, and even if I was naked playing with myself on his bed he wouldn’t flinch.

But… when I bought my first butt plug he briefly changed. Any time I would get it to put it in, he would be straight on me. At that point he couldn’t keep his hands off me, which was fun at the time.

The only issue was that even whole his family were present he would be trying to fool around. He would make me where the plug while we would be eating meals with them. Or watching films, or any time we spent with them.

When we would watch films with them we would have a blanket over us, and I would often feel his hands wandering. At one point I was sat with my knees up under the blanket with him next to me. He starting sliding his hands under the blanket and into my joggers.

Still sat with his family he started rubbing me over my panties, pushing around my butt plug too. I remember how dirty I felt but if I tried to stop him they would have all noticed. Plus it felt really good too.

He did that for a while before pushing my panties to the side and sliding his finger inside my wet pussy. I gasped a little when he did that but luckily no one noticed over the movie. He started fingering me for a little while before pushing another finger in and then even pushing a third in which was really stretching my tight pussy out. I could fell the butt plug pressing as he was pushing his fingers in and out. It was so hard not to make any noise.

He sat playing with me for most of the movie like that. I could hardly focus, especially when he was circling my clit with his thumb. As soon as the movie was over his family went to bed, but we said we’d stay down and watch something else.

As soon as they all left and we knew they were in bed he fucked me on the sofa and creampied my pussy. I really needed it after being touched like that for so long.

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