Part three: The Lonely Omega [ff] [fm] fiction sex stories

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She didn’t have to wait long. Mere minutes later, still shivering from her hard fucking, Meenie hears the click of heels and and angry hiss as a woman approaches her.

“You filthy girl.” The feminine voice huffs. Meenie knows it’s her Luna, and another shiver wracks her body.

She feels a graceful finger trace her spine along the small of her back where the pool of cum is on her. She hears a delicate slurp from behind her.

All she can see is the pitch black night through the window. The lights are low enough in the room she can’t even see a reflection. Only her sensitive hearing lets her know what is taking place.

“Oh god, he tastes so good.” Her Luna sits next to her and Meenie feels her hands on her ass and shoulder, holding her in the position she has been ordered to stay in.

She feels her Luna’s soft tongue begin to lick the pool of cum off her. She bites her lip as a small whimper makes it out of her mouth. She has never been so honored. The Luna almost never pays attention to lowly omegas like Meenie.

Relishing in the soft tongue bath, Meenie loves the feel of the hot tongue and the chill from the Alpha leaving her disappears as the familiar warmth of arousal allows a soft flush to creep over her body once again.

The Luna leans back, apparently finished with her snack. “Darling, tell me, did he fuck your mouth, or just your sloppy pussy you’re showing off?”

Meenie gasps at the lewd words coming from her Luna’s mouth. She has never heard the elegant woman speak anything other than the practiced platitudes of an elite, far above Meenie’s station. “J..Just my pussy, Luna.” Meenie stutters, her gaze locked on the glass still sitting on the window sill.

Without hesitation, her Luna grips her ass and pulls, “Lean this way.” Her Luna commands. Meenie obays, rotating so she is hands and knees on the bench, able to see the corner of the room where an active pool table is being used by a crowd of well dressed party attendees.

The Luna’s tongue is hot and wet as it hungrily enters her pussy, plunging deep into her without warning. The lunas mouth engulfs Meenie’s gaping hole in a hot moist slurp. The Luna quickly fucks her tongue into meenie, scooping out her juices and sucking to ensure that any flavor of the Alpha is licked from her.

Meenie Moans softly at the Luna’s actions, fearful not to move too much to displease her leader. The Luna is done as quickly as she started.

The luna stands gracefully, and trailing a light touch of her fingertips walks along Meenie’s body to where Meenie can see her. “Are you ready for a command from your Luna, dear?” She asks seriously.

Meenie can hardly contain her glee. “Yes, Oh Yes Luna! Anything!” She pants out happily.

Her Luna smiles, her lips glossy, “If that man ever cums on you again, you collect it all and bring it to me. Do you understand?”

Meenie nods enthusiastically, “Oh yes Luna, I promise!”

The Luna nodds, turns and leaves.

Meenie has no idea why her Luna wants that Alpha’s jizz so bad, but whatever Luna wants, Luna gets. The flush of arousal and giddiness of pleasing a superior brings a smile to Meenie’s face she can’t manage to hide.

The position the Luna moved her into is a much more comfortable one too, she thinks happily. She rests on her elbows, ass in the air, watching the Betas and Gammas play. She tries not to move to much, but she can’t help but sway her hips a little, as if wagging her tail. She’s so pleased with how this party is going.

As she daydreams about the Luna licking her she almost misses the approach of the Luna’s son, Alpha Freddie. Alpha Freddie was born while Meenie was still a teenager, and she had been sad that she hadn’t been old enough to participate in the endless parties the Alpha had thrown to celebrate the birth of his first son. Meenie had watched him grow into a fine young man. His 18th birthday coming of age celebrations she HAD been a part of, and remembering how the randy Alphas had pounded her last year caused her body to moisten again. Her pussy hole was no longer twitching and gaping. Her constant squeezing as she waited had calmed it, but she felt a little of her juice begin to leak, dribbling down to her clit.

“Hey, girl – I smell my mom on you. Was she here?” The question was nearly a command and although a part of Meenie bristled at being called girl by a boy nearly half her age, she looked at him and confirmed, speaking in the formal way she had been taught to address her masters. “Yes, Alpha Freddie, she left about twenty minutes ago.” She wasn’t actually sure of the time, but it seemed accurate enough.

He sighed standing near her. After a moment of fidgeting he sat down in front of her. “What’s your name, girl?” Although he spoke quietly, there was an edge of command to his words. He was not used to being refused.

Meenie looked up at his handsome face. He had dark hair like his mother, but his eyes were a slate grey like his fathers’. He was about 6’5”, with the looks of a good ‘ol country boy. In her head she had always imagined him as a sort of Clark Kent.

“My name is Meenie, Alpha Freddie.” She pleasantly murmured, matching his quiet volume.

They looked into each others’ eyes for a moment. Meenie would have regretted the act had it not been so delicious. She felt his eyes deepen, almost swallowing her whole with their intense gaze.

Alpha Freddie broke the gaze to look at his lap. He began to undo his belt buckle. Meenie watched greedily. She bit her lip and couldn’t help but wiggle her ass in anticipation. Would she really be so lucky to catch the attention of TWO Alphas? Not to mention the appreciation of her Luna!? She was so giddy she gasped in delight as the young Alpha in front of her pulled his thickening cock from his pants.

He didn’t bother to pull his pants down. His bunched underwear elastic provided enough barrier from the harsh zipper. As he pulled the thick rod from his pants, it bobbed and swayed with the new found freedom.

“Well?” Alpha Freddie growled.

Like a cat pouncing on a mouse, Meenie left into action. In a swift and practiced motion she leapt into his lap – one hand reaching into his pants to carefully cradle and protect his fleshy ballsack, the other gripping the base of his dick before opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue.

She had been gulping to avoid drooling all night, but now she let her watery mouth fill with saliva as she began slowly licking the veiny sides of the wall – careful to avoid the sensitive head just yet.

She felt his dick grow in her hand. She had managed to close her hand completely around it at first when it was only semi hard, but her thumb was being slowly opened as the dick continued to stiffen and swell.

She heard Alpha Freddie release a quiet groan as she moved her tongue’s attention to the head of his penis. He was so hard now, his uncut foreskin was beginning to retract, pulled back by the huge swollen head, beginning to release small beads of pre-cum.

She licked the sensitive cherry read head of him like a lolly pop, relishing in the feeling of his smooth, salty, velvet skin against her tongue. Alpha Freddie groaned again, lifting his hips an almost imperceptible amount.

Meenie took this as a command and slurped the head of cock into her hot mouth. Her hands began caressing gently against his balls, rotating the folds of his ballsack around, giving slight pressure without squeezing. Her hand at the base of his cock also squeezed – running up and down over where Meenie had previously licked and drooled, making sure his entire rod was slick as she squeezed and stroked.

The head of his cock was thick and girthy like the rest of him. Meenie had to be sure her teeth were safely tucked behind her lips – otherwise even with her jaw at its most open she might have had problems taking him in her mouth.

Her tongue swirled around him, gently teasing the slit that seemed to continually press out drips of the salty, delicious precum. She sucked and whirled the tip as she forcefully stroked him. With every stroke and swirl his hips lifted a little. She felt another gush of her pussy juices leak out to dribble over her clit before dripping onto the bench.

Alpha Freddy groaned more, louder than last time. “God yes, that’s good… keep going…”

Meenie didn’t need the encouragement. She pushed her head down onto the thick rod, her mouth stretched to its limits before she felt the tip beginning to tap the back of her throat. She took a deep breath in through her nose, and then, gripping the base of his dick pushed it deeper into her throat.

She had practiced on Betas and Gammas enough to dull her gag reflex, and it had paid off. As she swallowed against his huge dick, she felt her throat stretch painfully. She began bobbing her head quickly, fucking the back of her throat with him.

Alpha Freddie had leaned back, his arms resting on the top of the bench. “Fuck yeahhhhh…” he Moaned, “That’s so good, ungh,” He grunted in rhythm for the next few moments. “God, you’re making quick work of me,” he chuckled with pleasure.

Meenie could feel his balls begin to tighten in her gentle grip and she increased the pace of her furious onslaught. After another encouraging moan from Alpha Freddie she felt the spasm of his orgasm. With a few grunts, Alpha Freddie poured thick ropes of cum deep into Meenie’s throat. Ashe she pulled back, her lungs aching for air, her throat raw and painful she relished the feeling of his now softening dick splurting last jets of hot bitterness into her mouth. She jealously gulped and sucked, coaxing every last drop from the quivering dick.

“Damn, that was… “ He paused as Meenie sucked another small splurt of his spunk out of him, “That was actually really good.”

Meenie didn’t take offence that he hadn’t expected her to be a decent tool, and instead relished the praise that she had managed to exceed his expectations.

Alpha Freddie ran his fingers through her hair over the back of her head and after a moment of him stroking her and her suckling on him, he took a handful of hair and pulled her head up and off him.

He looked at her, her lips red and shiny, drool mixed with cum dripping down her chin. “What did you say your name was?” She smiled. “Meenie, Alpha Freddie.”

He nodded and using the hand still gripping her hair shoved her back off him. She reared up into a sitting position as he let go of her. He then carefully tucked himself away. After redoing his belt he looked at her, closed his eyes and exhaled loudly in pleasure.

Meenie was so happy she’d managed to please the Alpha. She practically gleamed with pleasure and happiness, waves of contentment washing over her.

He stood up and left her sitting there without a second glance, but Meenie took no offense. She had done well, and she had received praise for her efforts. Anything more would have been out of character for the Alphas after relieving themselves on unworthy omegas like herself.

With her view from the bench, she languidly watched the billiards and crowd around her until it petered out. About a half hour after all the party guests had left, Beta Anna had stuck her head in. “Party’s over. Go home.”

Meenie stiffly stood on her shaky legs and awkwardly waddled down to the staging room where she had left her robe and sandals. She gathered up her belongings, nodding hellos and goodbyes to the other Omegas who were similarly sticky and wobbly.

She put herself to bed without bothering to bathe. She knew in the morning when she woke with the delicious aches she would want the hot musky smells to linger so she could please herself.

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