Our Affair – Intro [FM] real sex stories

Dave had started working at our firm about two years earlier and I was assigned to be his assistant. He is an amazing man and had the beautiful wife (complete cheating bitch), two kids, two dogs, and newly remodeled house. On the outside he was “the man”. On the inside, it was a completely different story.

Dave and Julie looked like the perfect couple, but he was miserable. Julie’s parents lived four hours away and she would take the kids and visit throughout the year. The problem was that Julie’s high school sweetheart still lived in the town and they had been fucking each other for years. Julie’s parents either didn’t have a clue or what he’d find out later, knew and turned a blind eye to the pint of even helping her cheat.

Dave and I would go to corporate events and tie one on. He would tell me all about Julie’s less than discrete escapades and I would share Jason’s (my boyfriend) obvious cheating behaviors as well. I was his his right hand woman and we worked well together. That all changed one day when both of our significant others were cheating on us and our feelings for each other finally came out.

Neither of us are serial cheaters and we look back and chalk what happened to two people in shitty relationships, finding each other. These are the stories of our experiences.

I hope you enjoy.

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