Only for him part 4 sex stories

I was chatting with him last night while I played with my pussy. We talked about how this all started many years ago.

My friends had lived on the top floor of the house. He rented out the downstairs with with his friend. I had seen him the first time probably coming home from work. He was gorgeous I couldn’t stop staring at him. I needed to find a way to to meet him. Thought he was out of my league but I’d figure something out.

A few weeks go by, I’d look out the window when I was hanging with my group of friends but hadn’t seen him again. One Friday night both parts of the house were having separate parties. They eventually merged into one big night of drinking. Was on the deck upstairs smoking… magic he appeared. Tall dark an utterly handsome. There was no playing it cool….he was near me but hadn’t yet noticed me. As the drinks flowed I gained a bit of liquid courage. He told me last night during out texts that i was brazen. His memory is that I grabbed his cock without even a hello first. Some lame ass excuse escaped my lips claiming to be looking for my lost lighter. He laughed and didn’t stop me. Feeling this was my shot….I wasn’t going to waste it. His dick grew hard in my hand under his jeans. I just smiled……like my actions were no big deal. Other people came out on the deck joining us. This deck wasn’t safe by any means. I walked back inside to refill my drink….use the bathroom. Not noticing he followed me….a proper introduction happened. I found out his name as he grabbed my tits. Him saying it was only fair that he gets to touch me too.
I knew in that moment I was his. I replied that I wanted to suck his cock later after the party wound down. He looked me deep in my eyes and quipped back “why should we wait”
My cunt instantly was wet.

We went downstairs to his dark empty bedroom. I dropped to my knees not waiting for an invitation….undid the button on his pants pulling down the zipper freeing his rock hard cock. I started sucking……Moaning into it, placing my hand around his shaft. A combined jerk off blow job. Time seemed to stop, I was in heaven. He came violently filling my mouth with his big load. I swallowed every drop like a good cockwhore.

We returned to the party to our separate friend groups.

That was only the beginning of our story.

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