On his Parent’s Pool Table (first time posting on here would love to know what you think) erotic short stories

I don’t have girlfriends who would be interested in my sexcapades so i guess ill just leave this here.

He invited me over to his house last night. The whole family is there and his dad is pretty hardcore so i definitely didnt expect any funny business, still, I wore my most respectable-but-still-cute-and-sexually-attractive outfit. It’s January, so dark pantyhose under a plaid skirt were a must, and I guess I couldn’t help myself, i know the thigh high white socks i pulled on over them were a little much, but if i wasn’t gonna show midriff i had to find a way to get in his head somehow, don’t judge me I’m a slut.

His mom makes a delicious caldo de rez with assorted veggies and spices mixed in, so we’re lightly full and cozy warm for the movie. They leave to their room so as not to crowd us, we’d gotten the questions out of the way at dinner, they knew we’d been friends in high school and I’m back in town from university abroad for the holidays, they knew we were both creatives who liked to work and collaborate with people on different projects regularly, whether it was paintings, screenplays, short films or what have you, so I think that’s what won me some alone time after. His brother had scurried back into his room and was laughing at something his friend said through the headset connected to the game they were beating each other’s asses on, he was as good as gone.

Abraham picked The Joker to watch, the perfect aphrodisiac honestly, fuck him lol. Everyone knows that psycho shit turns me on. I’m all about consent and respect but my fantasies get pretty wild.

“I’m literally obsessed with this maniac.” I breathed as we watched Joachin Phoenix dance on the screen.

“Yeah I bet,” he grinned as he side-eyed me for a moment and we both looked away chuckling.
But my peripherals catch his eyes as they quickly dart down to my legs, seemingly of their own accord, before he went back to focusing on the dramatic scene playing out before us.

I try not to care but a warm flush floods my body, before settling down to a pulse at my clit.
You have to understand, I’d been wanting to fuck this guy for a while, through countless flings and even a full-fledged relationship or two, I was so incredibly attracted to his passion for creating, and the genuine hilarity he brought to every single situation, funny guys always have good pussy.
Not to mention he had the longest lashes that framed almond eyes so deep and mahogany brown I could get lost in their depths, thick lips that looked so insanely suckable, luscious locks on his head I could just sink my fingers into, and a thick pair of shoulders that were begging to have my legs slung over them and my nails digging into them.

Thinking about these things doesn’t help to tamper down the heartbeat I feel throbbing between my legs, and I’m sure he notices the way I fidget in my seat, I squeeze my legs together to relieve a bit of the pressure but it has the opposite effect, and now I can feel the stickiness of my pussy.
The heat is everywhere, i feel it on my face and in my chest, and I decide to tease at him a bit, the least he owes me is a little suffering for having put me through meeting the entire family and sitting through their mild interrogation.

I reach over him to the in-couch cup holder to grab my water, in my defense my mouth had suddenly become parched, guess all the water in my body had traveled down south. I made sure to lean my tits into his chest as I did this, and as I was leaning back into my seat our eyes met, his pupils dark, dilated and just completely piercing into my soul, he knew exactly what I was doing. I unscrewed the cap of my water bottle and lifted my chin up to take a nice pull and his eyes tracked the movements my jaw and throat made as I swallowed.

Fuck he was so hot lmao, all he gave were these looks, leaving me wondering what was going through his head, if he even thought I was cute.
I mean I wasn’t bad looking, I’d even go as far as to say I was pretty cute, what with being thick in all the right places, my skin was always clear and I always had to show either some belly, booty or tiddy, so he definitely had to have noticed at some point. Still, he made it a little hard to tell and I think this was his exact intention, to put me off my game, I was used to guys making it known they found me sexy and wanted to pull my panties to the side immediately, this guy was practically making me beg for it.

Ok well not really he was just being a normal friend, but come on i hit him up on instagram at 3am while I was drunk, talking about some “woww just came across your art page again and I’m floored!!” 😂oh my god now that I think about it how obvious could I have been, don’t get me wrong I’d meant it, but he for sure knew I wanted his cock in my asshole from that moment on.

Maybe he just liked the slow-burn, and I was definitely the type to make my attentions known, maybe he liked being sweetly seduced as well.

Say less.

The credits were rolling up the screen so I stood and headed to his backyard.
The tour earlier had clued me in to the possibilities tonight had in store, for one there a was a whole billiards table out there, and more importantly there there was also the hot tub.
Abraham followed me out back soon after, pulling two cues from the mahogany wall rack before joining me at the table.

“Let’s see what you can do,” he said in a measured tone.

Our fingers touched as he handed me the pool stick and I couldn’t deny the chemistry that even our fingers touching carried with it, the tension was thick as fuck.

And of course that only worsened when I slowly bent over to break the triangle.

He stood directly across from me as I aligned my shot. For a second or two I just stared up at this gorgeous man and the way that one little curl fell over his forehead like it was purposely trying to torture me, the view from down here reminding me of a different situation I’d like for us to find ourselves in. Somehow I managed to drag my gaze away from his piercing eyes, I rolled my shoulders back, set up the target, and then let my right arm quickly pull through in one smooth motion.

The triangle shattered with a crack and a series of rolling and clacking sounds, and the battle was on.
We were down to the last couple plays, I was stripes and my odds were looking pretty good.

“High school movie rules?”

I played coy, “what does that mean?”

“It means if you win, you get to kiss me, and if you lose, I have to kiss you.”

I laughed at his phrasing, “that sounds like more of a win/win for you.”

He chuckled and the boyish grin on his face melted my panties, “Yeah maybe,” he said with a shrug.
I shook my head as I went back to beating his ass, and he continued to train his gaze on my form, even going so far as to press against me from behind, in an honest effort to “perfect” my shot he said.

I didn’t waste time and pushed my ass back into him, acting like I wasn’t aware of every single move I was making, and nodded along with his instructions I didn’t need.

I knew of his hardness before I felt it, there was just no way he wasn’t theoretically foaming at the mouth for me the way I was for him, not with how we were acting. But when I actually felt it, the vague but solid outline tracing out a shape against the lips of my pussy, fitting him across my center perfectly, my eyes almost rolled back in my skull from the deliciousness of it all.

His hands were in my hair now, a gentle but firm hold lightly raising me up so that our torsos were aligned and I could feel his breath forming inside him, a warm gust of air repeatedly fell against the back of my neck, eliciting goosebumps in its wake.
His other hand trailed a surreptitious path up my hip, smoothing into the indentation at my waist and up and along the contours of my ribs, every motion tickling me and shooting a white hot bolt straight to my core.

Having had enough of this bullshit, I turn around in his grip and his face is right there.

All I have to do is raise up on my tiptoes a little bit and he wastes no time in lifting me up on the table and stepping in between my pantyhose clad legs so my lips are closer to his.

My thunder thighs have him locked in and I can tell he’s living for it, if the thickening of his cock at my apex isn’t indication enough, his hands are gripping them first, then they move up to scoot my butt closer to the edge, aligning our hips together. Then they’re back in that little seam where hips meet leg.

The action makes my mouth water, I look up at him and whisper, “I win,” and proceed to pull his lip in between my own, nibbling and suckling at the soft pink skin for a second before slithering my tongue in his mouth. A throaty moan eminates from deep in his diaphragm before he grates his teeth on it a little, then he’s sucking on my tongue and I’m literally nutting 😩, not literally but I swear I see stars, he’s such a good fucking kisser.

My fingers are finally introduced to the thick bouncy mess piled atop his head, and I use it to pull him closer into me, my back arched so that he can feel everything on me from my face to my erect nipples all the way down to my toes, which press against the back of his knees so as to hold him hostage.

We’re all limbs as we tangle up in each other, dry-humping and grabbing onto any skin we can find. He flips my sweater up and palms my naked breast as his tongue traces the delicate veins at my neck, shivers just racking my spine as he plays my body like a song.

He moves down to lap at my eraser nipples that are so hard right now they could cut glass, and I finally remember to think to look around and ensure the coast is clear. From where we’re at I can see the edge of a blue screen, the Amazon prime selection of movies hasn’t been disturbed, so I’m pretty certain no one has come out to check on us.

“We’re fine, they’re watching their show,” the deep timber of his voice reassures me and I’m quickly distracted from my vigilance with a giant slurp of my tiddy in his mouth. I’m frantic, rubbing my pussy up and down the front of his bulge, desperately chasing the feeling that’s originating in my clit but beginning to envelope my entire being.
His hands are on my ass cheeks, squeezing and holding me in place as he pumps, before he gets frustrated and just pulls my leggings and panties off in one fell swoop, they’re twisted up together around my knees which are pushed up against my chest, the skirt at my waist doing little to cover the thin landing strip at the top of my pussy. His nostrils flare at the smell of my arousal, and then he licks his lips, the sight before him leaving him completely ravenous.

He sinks down on his knees and gets to devouring his meal. First he places a sweet featherlight kiss on my clit, as if he’s thanking her for her kindness, then he really sets to work suckling at her, and kissing on my labia, and lapping at my entrance as if he’s trying to suck all the taste out. I have to literally keep my hand slapped on my mouth as I look down and catch a glimpse of his eyes watching me, tracking my moves as he manipulates my pussy, lest I accidentally let out a long cat-like mewl at the ministrations he was planting on my soaked cunt.

His hands smooth up my legs as he continues to bury his face in me, they lock me in place so that I’m helpless but to surrender.
My hands are now wound so tight in his tangle of hair that I actively have to work to relax my grip so as not to hurt him, not that he notices. His tongue makes a particularly swirly move and I’m racked by a twitch so hard it leaves me speechless, this man is the devil I’m sure.

That wiggly reaching tongue of his is finding every nook and cranny, penetrating every crevice, feeling on every ridgy substance it can find, the wet friction and the sloppy noises all coalesce into one blinding lightning strike of a moment, “Abe baby,” I call out softly as the waves tremble through me, rocking outward from my core, leaving me shaky and breathless.

He notices. I can fucking see the proud, satisfied grin on his face from up here, he got what he wanted, my orgasm.

His mouth and tongue alternate as he guides a path back up my chubby pussy lips, over my hips, dipping into my belly button for one delicious second, thereby leaving my still trembling body in a tizzie, before continuing the torture upon my nipples. He lays his tongue flat against one and slathers it to and fro while rolling the other between his fingers, my hips undulate of their own accord, his cock positioned just so due to the makeshift missionary position we’re in, still sensitive and abuzz, insatiable, and ravenous for more. His lips finally make it back up to my own and his tongue is shoved in my mouth and I’m a squirmy little slut for him. I can taste myself on him and eagerly suck the rest of the flavor off of it, for some reason him smelling and tasting of me made me so fucking hot I was already dripping for more. And making sure he knew it with the way I was grinding my needy cunt on him.

A quiet chuckle reverberates from deep in his chest, “You have to relax baby, I can’t very well take you the way you deserve while my parents are still up.”

Embarrassingly enough it takes a second or two for the fog to clear up and me to process exactly what it is he just said.

“Excuse me I need your dick inside me now.” I say with a raised eye brow.

He shakes his head, “No baby, that wouldn’t look good for either one of us if we got caught, and with all the noise we’ll be making, we’ll definitely get caught,” he finishes with that same crooked smirk that got me into this mess in the fucking first place, I’m shocked at the audacity he has, to so cruelly withhold what I’m positive will be the dicking down of the century is just mean.

I know my face has gone full pouty because he’s laughing now, drunk off power and high from the satisfaction of completely wrecking me with that perfect beautiful mouth of his.

“How about you just do one pump inside me?Pleaseee.” I’m begging now, almost frantic at the thought of not having him, needing him to pound me deep, needing him to fuck me into oblivion.
He lets out a grown before covering my mouth with his, “You’re so fucking hot and such a fucking horndog, but the answer is no, you’ll just have to wait until next time.”

Oh my god I could’ve killed him.

But fuck lmao that was so fucking hot, him making me wait, teasing me like this, being disciplined enough to be patient and let the pussy miss him, if I wasn’t careful I could become obsessed.

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