Older boss/younger employee workplace romance [mf] [cheating] [anal] [hea] short sex stories

Older daddy boss, workplace erotica with HEA (one shot)

John: Can you tell me where the Stevens file is?

I balanced my phone in my hand as I tried to open my front door. The message was from John, my boss. I felt a ripple of excitement pass through me. I’d just started a new part-time job last week. And my boss was hot! Salt and pepper hair, gorgeous eyes and a killer smile. I couldn’t help the way my heart would beat around him. He’d always text me about something work related once I got home.

Me: Sorry! I was logging it in, check my desk, right drawer

A few moments passed.

John: Got it, thanks

John: By the way, you looked very pretty today. I hope that’s ok for me say?

Me: It’s definitely okay, I’m flattered

John: Good, I hope you don’t think I’m a creepy older guy

Me: No, not at all!

John: I’m glad. And good news, Stevens is our biggest client this year. Don’t bring lunch on Friday, I’m treating you and Meredith.

Meredith was the other receptionist, an older senior.

Me: Looking forward to it 🙂

After another hard day at work, I relaxed with a bubble bath. When I got out I noticed a notification on my phone. I knew who it was.

John: So, one of the clients asked for your number

Me: Who?

John: Nick, he came in at 3, he’s older

Me: Omg! What did you say?

John: I said no, because you’re my employee

Me: Thanks, ugh, that’s kind of creepy

John: Yeah, I know some girls your age don’t like older guys

Me: I actually do like older guys. But, I just don’t like Nick.

John: Good to know and does he ever say anything inappropriate to you?

Me: No, of course not, he’s just not my type

John: What is your type?

You, I wanted to type it so badly but I chickened out.

Me: Someone I can talk to, kind, tattoos, smart. But, thanks for not giving him my number

John: Of course, can’t blame him though

Me: I appreciate the compliments, they make my day!

John: I’m glad, you’re very distracting

Me: Oh crap, Im sorry

John: No, no, should have been more clear, you’re distracting in a good way

John: Was that okay for me to say?

Me: Yes of course 🙂

Me: Hmm, maybe I should go shopping for some new clothes then.

John: Sure, I don’t mind 😉

John: Also, this Friday is annual cleaning of the office.

Me: What are we doing?

John: I close the office for the day and go through all my files. I’ll need you to go through the filing room. Meredith is off.

Me: Sounds good!

I did end up go shopping for some new clothes. When Friday rolled around, I took the chance and wore a black mini skirt. I wore a tank top that had a tendency to dip to low every time I moved. I did my hair up really big and applied bright red lips. Every time John called me into his office, I pulled it up my skirt a little more each time. But, we had a client emergency. He was on the phone the majority of the day. He texted later that night.

John: Your skirt today, wow

Me: Was it too much?

John: No, it’s fine, it was fine because there was no clients. I think it would have turn heads

Me: That’s why I wore it, no one in the office but you and me

John: I thought it kept getting shorter and shorter

Me: Ohhh, you noticed that did you?

John: Kind of hard not to notice tbh

I waited a beat to reply. Biting my lip, I put in the words, closed my eyes and pressed enter.

Me: Did you like it?

His response came after a beat.

John: Distracting, yes, liked it, also yes

Me: Okay good, I’m glad

John: So, did you put on the little teasing routine for me?

Me: Would it be bad if I did?

John: No, just very nice, very sexy

Me: I’m glad you found it sexy

John: I did, wow, I find you very attractive and sexy and gorgeous

Me: Well, I think you’re really attractive too and hot

John: Really? Wow, thank you

Me: Yeah, I know you’re older than me, but I like that

John: So, we both find each other sexy and attractive?

Me: It would seem so

John: This is setting into dangerous territory…what’re you doing?

Me: I’m just picking put clothes for tomorrow, do you want me to see?

John: Sure 🙂

I put two of the dresses for tomorrow on the bed and laid down in between them. I was only wearing panties. I covered my breasts with one arm and then took a selfie with my other hand. My heart was beating widely as I pressed send.

Me: *sends pic* Which dress would you like?

John: Wow!!!!!! Sexy sexy sexy, you look amazing

Me: You like?

John: Do you like teasing me?

Me: Yes, it turns me on

John: Are you turned on right now?

Me: Yes, are you?

John: I’m hard as a rock, send me more pics? Or a video?

Me: Mmmm…no, I think I’ll leave you wanting more

John: You’re so evil

Me: I know, but I like the thought of you hot and bothered

John: I’m so hard and horny right now, that pic is amazing

Feeling bold, I positioned my phone to take a video of me taking off my thong, showing off my ass.

Me: *send video* Another gift

John: Oh my god… you’re so sexy, I can’t stop replaying that video

John: *sends a video of him groping his dick*

Me: Oh my god, you look amazing, and so big

John: Do you like it?

Me: Yes, I’m so horny right now

John: Send me a video, please, I’m dying here

John: I’m gonna burst

Me: 😉 noooope

John: I’ll just have to get you back at work tomorrow

Me: I can’t wait, I’m going to sleep now 😉

John: Goodnight sexy

Me: Night handsome

I arrived to work early the next morning. Feeling bold I used my phone to take a picture of my pussy. I raised my skirt and touched myself. I wasn’t wearing any panties. I sat in the parking lot and sent him the video

Me: So… change of plans *sends video*

Me: I’m actually not wearing any panties

John: Jesus Christ. Where are you?

Me: In the parking lot at work. Is Meredith there?

John: Fuck, yes. Okay, I’ll tell her to go early.

Me: Okay sounds good.

Meredith smiled at me as I walked in. “I put these files away, can you just finish the rest?”

John stepped out of his office and I could feel him behind me.

“Yes of course,” I looked back and his heated gaze rested on mine.

“Morning, John.”


I shuddered as he said my name. As Meredith left, I walked to lock the door. John was back in his office and my phone chirped.

John: Come to my office when she’s gone.

I walked to his office and shut the door.

“So, she’s gone.”

He looked at me in a heated way.

“Did you like the pics I sent?” I asked.


“And the video form this morning?”

“Come here.”

He leaned back in his chair as I approached and I climbed into his lap, he instantly put his arms around me.


“Hey, you through teasing me?”

I glided my hands against his hair, “No.”

He leaned in and I kissed him back, his tongue in my mouth, his hands squeezing my ass.

“You’re so sexy,” he breathed, kissing my neck. I threw my head back and moaned against him.

“Have you been thinking about me all night?”

“Yes, I jerked myself off to you last night.”

“Are you hard now?”

He guided my hand to the hard bulge in his pants.

“Are you kidding? After that video you sent from the car, instantly hard.”

He tugged down my dress, exposing my breasts and he took in a deep breath, playing with them with his hands. He kissed my neck and I sighed.

“So hot, so sexy, teasing me all week.”

“I was hoping you did something about it.”

He pulled away, his eyes dark, “What did you want me to do?”

“I wanted you to spread me out on your desk and eat my pussy.”

“Take your dress off,” he demanded.

I removed it and straddled him completely naked. He looked at me, touched my thighs and leaned in to capture a nipple in his mouth. I groaned against him.

“That feels so good.”

He massaged the other.

“Get on the desk.”

I sat down in front of him and he spread my thighs. I touched his hair as he licked me. I threw my head back.

“Oh, God, John!”

“I’ve been wanting to do this since you started.”

The revelation shocked me. My knees shook and he licked me again, harder. I groaned against him as he slid a finger inside of me.

“Been dreaming about this pussy. Every night.”

He fucked me with his tongue till, I was squirming on his desk. He flicked my clit with his tongue over and over, till I was about to come.

“Don’t stop, I’m going to come.” He rubbed his face in harder, as I grabbed his head and whimpered against his mouth.

He continued till I shuddered against him, crying out his name. He licked me clean, sucking on my lips and diving his tongue deeper inside of me. My orgasm rolled in waves, I couldn’t stop it.

“You taste so good,” he continued kissing my pussy and rubbing his mouth all over me.

“You’re amazing,” I breathed, once he got up.

He leaned up to kiss me and we were frenzied and feral. I couldn’t get enough of him. I reached for his belt buckle. He let me undo his jeans and they fell to the ground. I pulled down his underwear and he sprang forward. I touched him gingerly and he hissed.

“You’re so big.”

“Do you like it?” he asked, rubbing my hair. I answered by flicking my tongue against his head. He groaned and swore. I guided him to my entrance where he watched as I rubbed him on my lips.

I tugged on him and he massaged my shoulders as I played with his balls. I grabbed some lube and massaged him.

“You like touching me?” he asked, leaning down to kiss me. I licked his lips.

“I’ve been wanting to touch you like this for a long time.”

He sighed happily and closed his eyes.

“I forgot condoms, I didn’t know if this would happen,” he admitted, groaning. “But I got a vasectomy years ago and I’m clean.”

I grabbed him and pulled him close. He leaned down to kiss me. I kissed him back, licking his tongue, “It’s okay, I want you to cum inside of my pussy. I want to feel you raw.”

He groaned. He didn’t wait and pushed inside.

“Lean back baby.”

I did and he entered me slowly. I sighed happily.

“You look amazing like this with my dick inside of you.” He grabbed my hips and began pumping into me at a tempo and strength I didn’t expect from him.

“You feel amazing, you’re so tight, you’re so wet.”

I withered against him, moaning, “Yes, harder, John, harder.” He kissed me as he pumped inside of me, I whimpered against him. The desk moved against our frenzied coupling.

“So, so good,” I chanted.

“You like it when I fuck you like this?”

“Yes, it feels so good.” I was gearing for my second orgasm.

He grunted against me, I watched his face serious, “I need to come inside of you.”

I nodded and he grunted twice spilling his seed inside of me. He was breathing hard. He pulled out slowly and I could feel his cum sliding down my thighs.

“I love seeing your pussy covered in my cum,” he sighed.

“You’re still hard.”

“I took a viagra, I’ll be hard again.”

He grabbed a tissue and helped me get cleaned up.

“That’s hot.”

I smiled and he cleaned me up. He grabbed my dress and I put it on. He buckled his jeans, then grabbed my face while I was sitting on his desk. He kissed me long and hard, making out with our tongues meshing.

He grabbed my chin and forced his tongue in. I moaned into his mouth. He pulled away.

“I’m still so horny for you.”

I grinned, “That makes me really hot.”

He groaned “Why did we put our clothes back on?”

There was a knock at the door.


“That’s why,” I laughed.

I grabbed my shoes, “It’s okay, I’ll go open it. Fix your stuff. And open a window , it smells like sex in here.”

He grinned and winked. I walked out and let the next client in.

“It’ll just be a five minute wait.”

They waited in our waiting area.

John: Okay, let them in, I’m good now.

I smiled at the customer, “You can go right in.”

The rest of the day followed similarly. John had clients back to back so we didn’t get to talk much. When it was time to get off, he still had a client in there.

John: He’s going to take a while 🙁

Me: Okay, sure, see you tomorrow

I drove home a bit sad, I wanted to talk about what happened. I was nervous about texting him. Did he regret it? Did I? I couldn’t help but feel good, but his lack of communication was driving me nuts. I kept my phone in my hands, checking it every few minutes. It was’t until I was in bed that my phone rang.

Caller ID read John. I picked up, bitting my lip.


“Hey, I’m just leaving the office,” I heard his husky voice on the other end.

“What? What are you talking about?”

“So,” he sighed, “The client kept me for an hour after you left. And then he was like, can we finalize today? He leaves for a trip on the weekend. I had to sit there for two hours while my lawyer made the contract and then we ordered dinner to celebrate, but man, I’m wiped.”

“That sounds terrible, but also good because we got another client.”

“Yeah, I just wanted to call because we got interrupted earlier. But today, that was amazing.”

“So you enjoyed yourself too?”

“Are you kidding, that was the hottest thing ever.”

I giggled to myself, “Okay that’s good, because I didn’t hear from you, I was worried.”

“You should have called baby, aww don’t do that next time.”

“Okay, I’ll call next time.”

“Honestly, I found you so hot and sexy in the interview. But then just working with you and your personality is a ten. I was dreaming of doing things with you, never imagined you’d like me back.”

“Wow, last night, I was so scared sending you those videos and pics. I was like, hope he does’t reject me.”

“No man would ever reject that. Holly shit.”

“So you liked me from the beginning?”

“Yes, I thought you were gorgeous, smart and those little dresses you wore,” he whistled. “I may have even jerked off to some of your instagram pictures at home.”

I laughed, “They’re not that sexy!”

“I know! Shows how horny I am for you, god. And that skirt you wore, my God. I wanted to come over there and just slide right into you.”

“I wish you had, I wore it in hopes you would make a move, we were all alone!”

“Are you serious? You’re my employee and younger than me. I was like there was no way she’s trying to seduce me.”

“I figured, that’s why I made the first move, I kinda noticed you flirting with me. I’m like the worst could happen is you’ll fire me.”

He burst out laughing on the other end.

“No, never. I keep replaying today in my mind, by the way, I get hard every time I think of you.”

“I’ve been soaking my panties since I got home.”

He groaned on the other end. He was silent for a moment.

“But you should know, I am married. We don’t sleep in the same bedroom. We were going to get a divorce a few years ago, but she said it would be too hard on the kids. So, yeah, I wanted to be upfront about that.”

“Yeah, I figured. But I’m okay with that. I was hoping we could just do what we did today, and like keep it a secret thing?”

“Wow, okay,” he blew out a breath, “I was hoping you would say that. It’ll just be easier this way.”

“It honestly makes things 10x sexier.”

“You’re so bad,” he laughed.

“Whatever you like me being bad.”

“Oh, I do, don’t ever change.”

“So, you’re headed home now?”

“Yeah, I’m wiped, and I gotta come in early tomorrow to sign one last thing.”

“Aww, okay. Do you need me to come in early tomorrow?”

“No, you sleep. Come in your regular time.”

“Wow sleeping with the boss and my perks include coming in at the regular time.”

“I was going to give you a pay raise after today.”

“Yes! I was going to ask for one.”

“So, you’re just doing this for the money?” his tone was joking and light.

“I was going to ask for one before today happened. To be honest, I could really use it. But it works out because I think you’re really hot.”

He burst out laughing, “Good to know. Ah, you’re funny.”

“Okay, okay, I’m gonna go read and then go to bed.”

“Bye baby.”

“Bye.” I said suddenly feeling shy.

A couple hours later, I got another text.

John: Are you up?

Me: Yes, was going to bed.

John: Mmm, I wanna see what you sleep in.

Me: I sleep naked ;P

John: Tease! Show me?

Me: Mhmm… I don’t think so.

John: I wanted to ask you, do you think I could video tape us? It just sounds so hot to me.

Me: Okay, but only on my phone, no faces.

John: We can even post it online? I find that really sexy.

Me: Me too. Okay, let’s try tomorrow.

John: I’m too excited to sleep.

Me; You’re such a horny old man.

John: Damn right.

Me: Goodnight!

John: Sleep tight baby

The next day, I kissed John good morning. He grabbed me and pulled me into his office.

“That was a lousy kiss.”

He kissed me deeply. He let me go when there was a knock. He had clients all day. He couldn’t even spare a moment for me at lunch.

John: It’s so busy today. But I’m so horny for you

Me: I’ve been sitting at my desk, horny and wet all morning

John: Fuckkkkk, that’s so hot

John: Do you wanna stay afterwork? There’s a bed upstairs for when I used to stay nights.

Me: Yes!

John: My little nympho

Me: I just want to feel you cream into my pussy

John: So hot. I swear.

John: I’m on a conference call, it’s by telephone, come in here.

I walked in, quizzical, I sat in his lap, my back against his front, as he went over the numbers. He massaged my breasts and I threw my head on his shoulder as his hands travelled lower.

He then slipped a hand inside of me as he played with my clit. He put a hand over my mouth as he listened to the meeting. I gripped his thighs, letting him know how much I was enjoying it. He nipped my neck, kissing it hard. I grabbed his member and felt the hard length I rubbed it up and down. He made me come and I bucked against him. His eyes were wild with desire.

“Yeah, let’s make sure the numbers are up,” he added. I licked his tongue and he kissed me hard. He released me, but I got down on my knees. His eyes went wide.

I nodded and grinned. I opened his button to his jeans and then slid the zipper slowly, he cough and moved so I could get it all the way down. His member sprang upwards. I put my tongue on him and he watched me. He got out his phone but I shook my head, grabbing mine instead. He filmed me as I went down on his hard cock. I massaged his balls and guided my head up and down. He closed his eyes. He came in my mouth and I swallowed, letting it rolls off my tongue.

I kissed him quietly and left the room.

John: You’re so fucking sexy. I can’t take it. That was hottest BJ ever.

Me: 😉

Once he was finished work, we went upstairs after locking all the doors.

He climbed onto of me.

“I have been waiting all day to be inside of you again,” he groaned as I opened my thighs. I had already taken off my underwear. I took my dress off, as he touched me. He grabbed my camera and position it so you couldn’t see our faces.

“You’re so sexy,” he exclaimed as entered me. I groaned and he pushed hard. He grabbed my leg and bit it as he pumped into my harder. Once he came, he laid down.

“Sit on my face,” he asked. I did and I rode him. He groaned. I turned around and bent down so I could also put his dick inside my mouth. He groaned and we both made each other come. I shuddered against his face as I squirted on him. He moaned and swore and kissed my pussy even harder. He came moments after I did, drenching my mouth with his cum.

I was breathing hard when I slid back down and kissed him.

“I can’t get enough of you,” he said, in-between kisses again. We were both breathing hard, our legs tangled. We cuddled on the bed and he kissed my shoulder, holding me tight. He was rubbing my thighs.

“You’re so sexy, I feel like I’m dreaming.”

“What you do with your tongue.”

“Just ask baby, and I’ll do it again.”

I covered my face with my hands, “I love you eating out my ass.”

He moved over me, “Get on your stomach, now.”

I laid back down on my stomach, and he kissed down my back, split open my ass cheeks one at a time, softly, teasing me. He kissed the seam and then licked it.

“This is what you want?”

“Yes,” I sighed.

He spread my ass cheeks and found my hole. He licked around it until he opened me up and slid his tongue inside. He flicked me from the inside.

“John, Oh God, John, Don’t stop it feels too good.” I moaned and raised my hips to drive his face further into my ass.

He continued to torture me, retreating and coming back till I was whimpering with pleasure.

“I love eating your ass,” he said in-between kisses and licks. “It’s so sexy, I’m so hard.”

I moved my hips side to side for my friction and he nipped my asshole. I screamed in pleasure and came moments after.

“So sexy, so so, sexy.” He commented as I lay there spent. He jerked off his member and I felt the hot moisture of his cum on my ass.

Eventually we made our way out and we went our separate ways.

At home, I edited the video to crop our faces out and edited it so it flowed more smoothly.

Me: Are you alone?

John: Sitting in my bed, thinking about you, yes

Me: Here it is *video sent*

John: Oh my God, you’re so sexy. I’m getting hard all over again

Me: I know, it’s making me wet, just watching us

John: Facetime? I wanna see you touch yourself

Me: Okay

He smiled to the camera as I rested it on the bed.

I slid off my panties and spread my thighs.

“Mmm.. I missed this, show me what you do when you think of me.”

I put two fingers inside myself and watched as he positioned his camera so I could see him touching himself.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he groaned.

“I’m so wet,” as evidenced by my fingers. I threw my head back and squirted.

“Fuck, fuck,” he said as he came. I watched the cum squirt out of his penis.

He grinned to the camera, “That was so sexy.”

“Jesus, I can’t wait till tomorrow,” he said.

I laughed, “You’re like insatiable. You’re always so horny.”

“You bring it out of me! It’s all your fault.”

“I wanna kiss you so badly,” I said.

“You have no idea, how badly I want you here right now, naked in my bed.”

“Oh my god, okay, let’s stop. Go to sleep, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight sexy.”

I waved to him and shut the camera off.

I went to bed with a smile on my face.

The next day, there weren’t as many clients. But more paperwork for me.

John: Come here

Me: I have so much work

John: Let me suck on you

Me: Stop making me wet

John: I just wanna pleasure you, put my tongue in your ass

I walked into his office as he smirked at me.

“You’re very evil, you know that?”

I kissed him.

“I know,” he said.

“But I wanna ride you,” I said, instead. He didn’t complain and started taking off his pants. I climbed onto of the chair and slid him inside of me. We both groaned and I road him hard, he swore.

“Yes, baby, yes.” he moaned. “Is this what you wanted, you wanted to ride Daddy?”

I nodded, as I picked up the speed and he groaned. “I wanted to ride you so badly, feel your hard cock inside of me.”

The chair groaned and creaked along with us. I was afraid it was going to break, but I couldn’t stop. I got up to ride him reverse and he groaned seeing my ass. I got down and moved so fast.

“Are you coming for me?”

He grabbed my hips, bucking against them as he came inside me, spilling his sweet warmth inside of me. I was breathing hard against him as we kissed, trying to catch out breaths.

I cleaned myself up but wound up on his lap again, leaning against him as he filled out some of my work.

“I can’t believe I’m doing your work.”

I pouted to him, “The fucking was too good. I just wanna rest against you.”

He kissed my temple, “I’m only joking, you stay there.”

I kissed him and he continued doing the work.

He played with my breasts.

“I’m getting horny again.”

He laughed and kissed me. “I’m already hard again.”

“You know I don’t think this is normal. I slid off my pants and bent down in front of him, He kissed my ass and squeezed both cheeks.

“It’s not normal that I’m this horny near you? I don’t think it is.”

He parted my ass cheeks and licked my hole. I gasped.

“You really love this, don’t you?”

“It feels amazing. I love your tongue in my ass.”

“Like this?”

He opened the entrance and licked some more. I groaned against his mouth and he slid two fingers in my pussy, massaging my clit at the same time.

“Oh God, John, don’t stop it feels too good. Please”

He continued to suck and got faster. I bucked against his face and came in record time. I slumped against the desk.

He laughed and carried me to the sofa and laid me down. But he didn’t stop. Instead he opened my thighs and ate my pussy. He fucked me with his tongue.

“I don’t think I can come again.”

But he didn’t give up. He licked my clit, with two fingers inside of me and another pinky at my ass. He was stimulating me over and over again. I rubbed his face harder, harder, and he relished in it as I grabbed his hair.

“I’m so close!”

He felt it too, when my hips bucked against his lapping mouth. He licked every wet inch of my pussy. I screamed as my orgasm lasted longer than normal. He pulled away, finally satisfied.

I yawned, “So tired, need nap.”

He kissed me on the forehead. “Sleep. I’ll finish this.”

I found myself drifting to sleep. I woke up after an hour nap.

John looked from his computer, “Feeling better?”

“I feel amazing,” I grinned and close my eyes to enjoy more of my nap.

“I just finished, so that’s amazing timing.”

He shut off the computer and found me. He kissed me deeply. Sliding onto of me on the couch.


I smiled. “Hey.” I ran my hand down his thigh and sure enough he was hard.

“Get inside of me, now.”

He didn’t need to be told twice.

“Get on all fours,” he demanded. I got up and turned around he kissed my ass. He massaged my asshole, using my wetness as lube. He stretched me a little and put two fingers inside of me.

“I wanna fuck you in the ass, so badly.”

“Okay, just go slow.”

“I will, baby, I will.”

He massaged me some more and managed to get his head just after my asshole. I gasped.

“You okay?”

“It feels nice, keep trying.”

I groaned as my ass stretched to acclimate to his girth, as he got more of his hard cock inside of me. I breathed deeply trying to relax as he massaged me, trying go in deeper.

“That’s it, baby, take me in.”

“It feels good,” I sighed.

“You’re so tight, baby, you feel amazing.” He managed to fit the rest of his cock in my ass and we both gasped.

He was slow at first, making sure I got used to his size as he slide in and out of my ass. But soon the pain went away and it became enjoyable. I groaned and bucked against him.

“Harder, John,”

He pumped harder and I lost it as he grabbed my tits, pummelling into me. He groaned and swore as he rode me harder. I cried out his name, it felt amazing. I was seeing stars.

“Feels so good, baby, I can’t control myself.”

“Cum for me, John, cum inside of me.”

He came inside of me, dripping down my ass as he pulled out breathing hard.

“Christ, that was amazing.”

“Oh my God, I didn’t know I’d enjoy that so much.”

“You’re fucking amazing,” he kissed me hard.

He put on his clothes and I put on mine as we kissed again.

“I hate saying bye to you,” he confessed as I stood next to my car.

“Oh, right, it’s the weekend.”

Today was Friday.

“I’ll try to get away, but if I can’t…”

“No, it’s okay, you be with your kids, it’s important.”

“But we can video chat?” I nodded and watched him go, my heart breaking.

We talked on the phone all the way home, making each other laugh. I loved being with him, talking to him and of course, sleeping with him. We did’t get to talk much on Saturday, he had to go to his in-law’s house. He texted me as best as he could, making me smile. We texted at night, but I was too tired and went to bed. On Sunday, I found myself in the shower. I made a little video of me and texted him.

Me: Hey, are you alone?

John: I got up and am in the bathroom now, what’s up?

Me: Turn your volume on low, when you press play. *video sent*

John: Sexy, sexy, sexy oh my god, I’m instantly hard

I didn’t hear from him and he messaged about after five minutes.

John: Just finished jerking off to you in the shower, so sexy. So hot. I want to fuck you in the shower so badly. I’m so horny for you.

Scared that he might turn to his wife. I texted him.

“Come over for an hour and you can.”

He managed to leave with the excuse of a client emergency and came over.

We were in a frenzy to take our clothes off, we stumbled into the shower and he kissed every inch of me. He bent me over and fucked me hard in the pussy first. After he had me bent over and stuck his tongue in my ass, while fingering my clit, I screamed his name, begging him not to stop as I came again. He kissed me underneath the shower and bit my lip lightly.

“I just want to fuck you, all day, every day, you’re consuming me.”

I was breathing hard, “You’re so sexy, I can’t take it anymore.”

We kissed again and this time it was slower, more tender. We wound up in the bedroom. This time he bent me over again and played with my ass. I grabbed my phone and put on the camera and put it on the night stand, filming us.

“I keep thinking about my dick in your ass, I can’t get over how amazing it felt. Did you like it?”

I bit my lip, “I really, really, liked it.”

He groaned, “Come on, sweetie, let’s try again.”

He began by kissing my ass, sliding his tongue. I was getting wet and he used it to lube up my ass hole. I grabbed some lube form my bed side table and gave it to him.

“Mmm, good idea.”

He used it to lube himself and my ass. He massaged me.

“That’s it baby, just relax.”

I breathed out slowly and he stuck a finger in me, then two, massaging until I opened enough for his penis. It was easier now that I knew what to expect as he got his head totally in.

“Shit, yes, yes, baby, let me in.”

“John,” I moaned as he got in deeper. He stopped and massaged me more, getting more lube. It hurt a lot less this time and I breathed out again as he slid more of himself into me. We both groaned in relief when his entire cock was inside my ass. He moved slowly.

“Your ass feels amazing,” he moaned. “So tight and wet, holly shit.”

He started to increase his speed and the familiar pleasure built up in me. He pumped harder and harder. Our slapping body parts the soundtrack to our moaning in pleasure.

“Baby, cum inside of me.”

He moaned pummelling into my ass till I was screaming in pleasure. I came shortly before him and he grabbed the phone, breathing hard, getting a close up on his dick come out of my ass as the cum dribbled out.

“Fuck, so, so good.”

I was breathing hard. He put the camera down and gathered me into his arms.

I was closing my eyes, breathing hard. He kissed me hard.

“You’re fucking amazing. I’m so glad we did this.”

I kissed his neck, his jaw and hugged him close.

“Don’t leave.”

“I don’t want to, trust me.”

He kissed me deeply. We stayed together, talking about work, school, everything we could in the short amount of time we had.

He left reluctantly. My heart broke every time he left.

I was sitting in his office one day reading our online comments. Our videos blew up. So many people loved seeing our age-gap.

“I love jerking off to you guys,” I read one comment. I giggled. I was in his lap, as he kissed my neck.

“Best orgasm ever,” another comment read. “This guy is so lucky, he gets to fuck that little piece.”

“People are jealous of you.”

He hummed, “As they should be.”

I smiled, not knowing what was coming…

Much of our days were spent in a haze of sex, until I got a notice from my school. I had completed all the necessary requirements for graduation. There was even a job lined up for me in Paris.

I walked into work and found him at his desk. I was wearing a soft blue dress, no bra. I leaned against the door. How would I break it to him?


He looked up and smiled. “Hey, I missed you, come here.”

I did and kissed him softly. He tasted the same as he always did. I looked at him sadly.

“What is it?”

“I graduated…”

“What!” he exclaimed, “That’s amazing, we need to celebrate.”

Tears began pooling my eyes as I shook my head. “I got a job in Paris, France. My supervisor wants me to come with her…”

His face fell, “You’re joking.”

I shook my head and hugged him tight.

I heard his voice thick with emotion, “When do you leave?”

“A week.”

“Fuck.” he squeezed me tighter and looked into my eyes. “I knew this was too good to be true. I knew it had to end sometime.”

I sniffled. “Why?”

He laughed, “Why? Because of our age-gap. You’d want a family one day, and to get married…”

“And you wouldn’t want that with me?”

He jerked his head up, “Really? You’d want that? With me?”

I laughed through my tears, “When did this go from work fucking to falling in love?”

“Baby,” he brought me closer, “I wouldn’t be able to divorce my wife for another few years, wait till my kids in college…”

“You don’t want to,” I said dully. “Wow…so this was… I got you all wrong.”

I got up, but he grabbed me instead. “Just stop, let’s talk.”

“Let me go,” I struggled against him and ran out to my car, needing to get away.

It was two days before I finally looked at my phone.

John: I’m a mess, please call me back.

I stared at the message. I was hurting so bad.

John: Please, baby, I love you, I really do, just hear me out

I went to bed instead.

I woke up with the doorbell ringing. Bleary eyed, I walked to the room and checked to see John standing outside. His eyes bloodshot. He looked terrible. Despite hurting myself, I hated seeing him like this.

I opened the door slowly.

“Can I come in?”

I opened it fully and let him in. I was wearing a t-shirt and panties for sleep. He slammed the door shut and came up behind me hugging me close.

“You haven’t called, I was so worried about you.”

“Well, you shouldn’t.”

“I told my wife.”

I froze and turned around.


“I told her, came clean. She…was upset at first. But she took it better than I thought. She confessed to having an affair a year ago with someone. But she broke it off because of our son.”

My jaw dropped.

“You…you told her?”

He looked tired and nodded, “Yes. I told her and I said that I’d be hiring an assistant manager to take over the day to day, because I’d be working remote from Paris, France.”

I jumped into his arms as I kissed him hard.

“Are you serious? I’m not dreaming?”

“I love you, so much. I already talked to a lawyer, it’s happening. She’s going to sign.”

I laughed as I kissed him harder.

“Just don’t ever do that again, ignore me,” his smile dropped. “It hurt like hell.”

I cried, “I’m sorry… I was so hurt.”

He kissed me deeply. “I missed you so much.”

I hugged him closer and he took me to bed. There was no frenzy this time, just slow, deep loving. After all, we had the rest of our lives ahead of us.

I smiled up at him, “Is this our happily ever after?”

“Yes it is, baby.”

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