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I fucked my bfs best friend & my bf joined in / threesome story XXX stories

January 6, 2021 | 1

So i get home after being at the bar all night, my boyfriend & his best friend are at home, they’re gaming, I didn’t know him & his best friend would be there, its always been something i thought about when I’m horny, him & his best friend 😍 instantly I’m in the mood, I’m … Read more

I just fucked a virgin boy! [23F] sex confession

January 6, 2021 | 3

A nerdy cute boy, skinnier than I usually like but with a cute face. Younger than me and a neighbour! lol. But anyway, he came over and he was nervous and cute so I took control and told him to kiss me. Well, once I said that he def took over and got agressive. Ripping … Read more

She Used Chapstick To Fuck (M)e erotic short stories

January 6, 2021 | 1

So I met this girl, Leslie, in one of my finance classes. She was a short latina with a thick ass and cute face. Every day after class, I’d walk with her to our next class. We’d bond by talking shit about the professor. He was so dry when he talked about numbers and put … Read more

A Weekend Outdoors – Day 1 [FM] [exh] [outside] erotic short stories

January 6, 2021 | 0

I came across your profile on a popular dating app. Right away, you interested me. Your stern stance, handsome features, and bio caught my attention. It seemed you already came across my profile and liked what you saw, as we matched right away. You sent me a message first asking me about my degree, making … Read more

Couple in the Hottub [MMF] real sex stories

January 6, 2021 | 0

Hey all, I spent last week in the ski resort of Whistler, and thought I’d post about a fun night I had, in speedos of course. I was staying in a condo with friends for the week, and due to the tightening travel restrictions lately, they decided to leave early – so I had the … Read more

A Deal Till Marriage… xxx stories

January 6, 2021 | 2

Jack Peterson, (21 years old), slouched on his bed, aimlessly scrolling on his phone. He glanced over at his sister Amy (20 years old), as she sat tapping away on her laptop. A year younger than Jack, the two had always been close but when they decided to take online university courses instead of going … Read more

Do you remember your first time? Well, here’s mine… XXX stories

January 6, 2021 | 0

I can remember the coolness of your bedroom. Dark. End of the hallway. Like it’s own private oasis, waiting for the primed young man’s imagination. Only tonight, there was nothing left to imagination. Tonight, you whispered, shyly, into my ear, “I have a present for you, you know, for your birthday. But, you have to … Read more

I’ll [21F] be in Palisades Park in Santa Monica, CA tonight erotic confession

January 6, 2021 | 26

I’ve been on holiday with my family and haven’t had a time to have fun. I leave back home tomorrow and want a random act of sucking a dick in public. I’ll be in Palisades Park tonight for one hour from 8pm-9pm Pacific Time near the cafe. I’ll be wearing a white sports bra and … Read more

My wife, her mom & sister are all my responsibility – Chapter 3 short sex stories

January 6, 2021 | 1

After the shower with my sister-in-law, I went to my room and got dressed in a loose fitting casual tank top with no arms and shoulders.. the ones bodybuilders wear to show off their muscular sides and upper body and cargo shorts with jockey boxer briefs that breathe very well. I was living my dream, … Read more

Current [MF] erotic short stories

January 6, 2021 | 0

The smell of vanilla and almond filled the room. She stared at him underneath the glow of the candlelight. She liked him. She liked his lips on her lips. She always took the chance to part his lips softly with her tongue when they reached for hers. Pleasantly murmuring, she pressed her body against him. … Read more

A Night Out on the Town Pt. 2 [MF] [Fiction] fiction sex stories

January 6, 2021 | 1

A night out on the town Pt. 2 [MF] The limo is rather spacious for just you, and a bit lonely as you make your way to somewhere unknown. The night is brisk, but not overly cold, the sun is setting in the distance. Your anticipation grows as time passes by. Your hands keep running … Read more

[M]24 chatted online to [F]52 – one hour later, my cock was in her mouth! non-fiction sex stories

January 6, 2021 | 2

One Sunny but boring afternoon, I was browsing some chat apps when I got speaking by text to Julie [54]. We exchanged the usual awkward “hello” “how are you” found out we lived within an hour of each other etc. About 5 mins into the conversation, I asked Julie what she was looking for on … Read more

Politician(F) has Sex for Votes xxx stories

January 6, 2021 | 0

A woman named Lori was running for a seat in my town’s council. She was around 40, very tall, with long dark brown hair, and thin. She was walking in my neighborhood and talking to various residents. She was wearing a long sleeve white button down shirt with a black floral skirt. She knocked on … Read more

LifeSource (Part 1) [apocalypse/fiction] [freeuse] [breeding] XXX stories

January 6, 2021 | 2

It should be obvious that this is a work of fiction. [Trigger] This story contains apocalyptic scenarios, breeding, CNC, cuckolding, feminine and male domination. John is awoken by a light tapping on his glass door. He rubs his eyes groggily and stumbles over to the door, peering through to the woman standing on the other … Read more

I [F 26] like to ‘help’ my guy friends by sleeping with them. sexual confession

January 6, 2021 | 8

So I am ‘that’ girl in the friends circle. I am the one that guys can always approach for relieve. I am open to all and also for almost all sort of sexual acts. No emotions are involved and it’s just purely physical pleasure. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong in this. In fact a … Read more

F[18] gives M[24] the blowjob of his life on public bus erotic short stories

January 6, 2021 | 1

[Author’s note: this story takes place PRE-COVID19. stay safe out there people. Skip to the XXXX if you’re here for the sex!] I stood at the bus stop, waiting for bus number 48 to take me back to my apartment. It was late and rain was pouring down, my spine was chilly from rain running … Read more

Discovering my wife is submissive [str8] [bdsm] erotic short stories

January 6, 2021 | 2

First, a bit of background. My wife and I were happily married for 12 years, without ever truly uncovering our dom/sub relationship. While we had a perfectly fine sex life together, nothing ever really crossed too far into the dom/sub world. But all of that changed one night a couple of years ago. We had … Read more

Bacon Bits: I Couldn’t Even if I Fried [Furry] [F/M] [Food] [Micro] [Vore] [Soft] [SciFi] [F Predator] [M Prey] fiction sex stories

January 6, 2021 | 0

All across the outskirts of the city rundown neighborhoods held their breath. Twilight hinged at dawn as blocks upon blocks of housing braced against the incoming miasma. Viscous polluted fog ran straight through a strip of townhouses. Barred windows ineffective against the bitter chill that settled. Everything silent and muffled in the overburdened air. The … Read more