My Wife becoming a Hotwife and taking a virginity on the way [MmF] short sex stories

My wife [41] and I [42] have been together since our early twenties/late teens. But over the past couple of years thanks to stresses of life and a couple of kids our sex life has become dead. So the next time we managed to have sex I really wanted to get her hot and horny. So i started to throw ideas out on how we can become more sexual again. I know she always wanted to take a virginity but never got the chance too. So I mentioned it too her She was a bit nervous at first to say she liked the idea but the wet she got the hotter the idea got for her. We finish having sex and she asks me can I actually take a virginity? I agree anything to help our sex life will be a plus.

Fast forward a couple of days and she starting to look for contenders. We settle on an 18 year old named Joel. Joel was a kissless virgin exactly what my wife was looking for.

Other the next couple of weeks they chatted away and had the plans for us 3 to rent a hotel room and see what happens from then. My wife all of a sudden wanted to buy lingerie, Which I loved the idea of because for our whole relantionship she shied away from wearing it. She would barely even wear stockings. But now she wanted to wear a nice set. She also went an got a wax done so she was as smooth as she could possibly be.

We meet up with Joel at a little bar in the city before returning to our hotel room. I could see Joel getting more and more nervous as the minutes approached to him and my wife finally having sex. I told him relax and if you nut early there will be plenty more chances to fuck her trust me.

My wife and Joel sat down on the bed and I went and sat in a chair in the corner. I wouldn’t be enjoying my wife this round of sex. She slowly starts to caress his thighs and chest and then leant in for a kiss. Joel took a while to get a hang of kiss but when He did I could see my wife start getting the hornier look in her eyes. She unbuttoned his pants and slide off his undies, got on her knees and said baby I’m going to suck your cock and i want you to finish in my mouth. This shocked me my wife hates cum but now shes turning into a cumslut. I have never seen my wife suck a dick that as she did to Joel. He also had a pretty big cock that I could tell my wife will enjoy. After 3 mins Joel blew in my wifes mouth. My wife went to clean up and wait for Joel to be ready again.

At this point She hadn’t even taken off her dress to show him her New honey birdette Elvis set she brought. After a while She sees Joel is ready to go again. She takes off her dress and reveals the outfit, Joel is breathless and i have to say I’m ready to get up and just stick my cock in her too. She has somehow turned her self into an MILF with a big fat round as and nice tits.

She throws Joel on the bed and just gets on top of him and just sit on his face while pulling her panties too the side. She starts to moan as joel starts to hit the right spots. My wife slowly rolls a condom on to Joel and asks Him do you want me to take your virginity. He says Please take it. She lips her wet pussy over his cock and slowly starts bouncing on his cock. He grabs her ass and She guides a finger into her ass. She would never let me do that but yet shes letting an 18 year old do it. She flips over into doggy style and just tells Joel to pound me hard and fast. He agrees and just starts hammering her. SHe moaning so loud now. SHe cums and is starts telling him He owns her pussy, She’ll be his sex slave for ever. He cums again this time in the condom in her pussy. He cleans up and so does he.

They fall asleep on the bed me getting related to the chair. But it’s ok cause i know my wife has turned into a slut and in the morning i’ll be sit roasting her

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