My Sex Only Arrangement [MF] real sex stories

Part 7. The link to part 6 is below.

Trying to be quiet while getting fucked in my parents house [FM] from gonewildstories

Needless to say we didn’t get caught. He left the next day and resumed texting and calling me. We continued our sex only arrangement.

Jace would drive down to see me and fuck me at lunch on an abandoned road in his car. Or he would sneak into my parents home at night and fuck me while covering my moans with his hands.

He became rougher and more possessive with me. He started choking me, pulling my hair, slapping my clit every time we had sex. I still had to refer to him as Daddy. He kept tabs on me at all times and started dictating what I wore.

I’ve always been on the casual side. I don’t like heels. If I wore a skirt, it was usually a denim one accompanied by a t-shirt and chucks or my combat boots.

He gave me cash and instructed me to buy skirts & dresses.He wanted easier access for our meet-ups. I obliged, but drew the line when heels were requested. He could kiss my ass in that.

Jace loved seeing me be the girlier version of myself for him. He loved being able to lift me up onto his lap and have immediate access to my pussy for him. Unfortunately, it had the added side effect of getting me waaay more attention than what he was used to. He would see guys staring at my ass as I walked back into the school as he dropped me off.

And then when he would fuck me in my bed that night, he would choke me and ask if I had let someone else touch his property.

As dark as this all sounds, my 18 year old self loved it. I loved being Jace’s property. He was obsessed with me & I with him.

Our arrangement continued well into the next 2 months. Jace was in my bed at least 3 nights a week, and picking me up for lunch time extracurriculars 2 times a week.

When my graduation night came, I was actually allowed to stay out all night. I of course took advantage of this & had Jace pick me up instead. He rented a room for us.

As I entered the room, I saw it had a hot tub in the room. I immediately started stripping down to to my Electric pink g string and lace bra.

As I got in the hot tub, Jace stripped down to join me. He immediately impaled me on his hard cock. I was so eager and excited to take my time with him. I rode him slowly. I swiveled my hips in a circle. He bit my nipples through the lace of my bra. I moaned in sensation of my hard nipple in his mouth, his dick in my wet pussy, and his hands on my ass.

We spent the night fucking in every possible way. He tried to convince me to try anal. I was still scared and told him no. But we tried to everything else.

He came on my face, chest, stomach, ass, & the front of my pussy. He choked me as tried to deep throat his dick.

At one point he tied my wrist with his belt to the leg of the bed and spanked me anytime I came close to cumming. I was denied my orgasm and my ass was so red when I finally came in a fit.

I was so spent and tired by the time 5am rolled around. I fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was to the sound of my mom, Dad, & Abe knocking on the door.

I was completely busted.

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