My Neighbour [M] Chronicles. How I [F] made my neighbour explode allover his bedroom window. real sex stories

Let me start with a brief outline of our situation. He is in his 50s and married. He has a step daughter who I was best friends with and I was also good friends with his wife. I have ALOT of stories from the 2 years that I was teasing him.

We live in semi detached houses and our gardens are all in a line only being separated by fencing /trees/hedgerow. The gardens are on an incline, meaning the bedrooms are within eye level. We are all pretty close and privacy only happens by keeping your curtains, blinds, windows and doors shut. The short distance and open area was too my advantage though.

It was in the summer and I would, like anybody does when it’s hot, sit in the garden in not too many clothes. This day I had been in my hottub so I just whipped on the nearest dress and went to lay down in the garden.
Book in hand, drink made and soaking up the sun, I was not expecting what I saw next.

I had my legs bent up to my chest and was sat in the garden in an area I thought I wasn’t able to be seen if I was showing any of my cheeky bits.
Still dripping wet and pretty tired, I fell asleep. I must of only fallen asleep for 10 minutes but in naturally form, my legs fell opened as I dropped off.
I had fallen asleep with my head to the side, when I opened my eyes I was looking directly at my neighbours bedroom window.

His wife was not home that day, I knew this because I had dropped her off at work and knew she was due home in the next 30 minutes. His step daughter though was sat in the living room watching TV with the dog. The living room being right underneath his bedroom but too low for me too be seen on my garden. I was directly behind the fence so couldn’t be seen.

Looking directly to his bedroom window I could see him behind the blinds moving around but not entirely sure what he was doing yet. The sun was reflecting off the corner or the glass and was making it difficult to see. As my eyes became adjusted to the light I saw his arm moving up and down, not in a domestic cleaning kind of way either.

He opened his eyes and looked at me and instantly stopped, clearly disturbed by the fact he had been caught watching me. I smiled and messaged him saying “yes I can see you, are you okay up there?” he replied “I have just gotten out of the shower and I’m now doing maintenance” he then sent me a second message before I could reply “I saw you laying there with your legs open and my cock is now throbbing in my hand, that’s the maintenance”. With his replies I heard their back door open and the dog come running out. He looked at me and gave me a “shhhhh” motion, then proceded to open the blinds, giving me full view of him rubbing his cock over me.

His step daughter was stood at the back door and she spotted me through the fence. She started too talk to me while I’m sat their, legs open wide and her step dad is right above her getting seriously into jerking his hard dick. She couldnt see anything other than my head, so I started to cheekily run my hand over my pussy knowing it was driving him insane. Pulling my panties to the side when I knew he was close.

He was relishing in her being there. He just got faster and faster. I just carried on with a little smile on my face, occasionally biting my lip or giving my finger and little suck when she wasn’t fully looking. I’m talking to his Step daughter about her exams that were coming up. Until, after a short 2 minutes, he exploded allover the window. Cum was literally dripping down the glass. I abruptly shut my legs and blew him a kiss. Giving out a big sigh he quickly cleaned the glass up and disappeared. A few minutes later he emerged from the house looking all flustered and when challenged he blamed it on a hot shower, all the time looking at me with a knowing look.

Later that evening i was talking with his wife in the garden about her day and she happened to take a look at the windows as she was talking. She stopped the subject and burst out with “what the fuck has **** been doing too my windows, look at the smear marks on the bedroom window, it was only cleaned yesterday and he has left the blinds open”.

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