My husband drove, while I was in the backseat… [MF] non-fiction sex stories

We met him in a nearby parking lot. We parked next to him, my husband got in the drivers seat and he and I in the back seat. My husband began driving around nice quiet neighborhoods while I removed my top and began sucking his cock. It was very roomy back there so I was able to work my magic comfortably. Before long he covered my tits with his warm sticky cum. We drove back to our vehicle got back in and left. My husband asked how I liked it, and I told him very much. He said, good when we meet him again, bring a condom. A few days later we we parked next to each other again, us getting in the back, and hubby driving. Same quiet neighborhood. After a few minutes of sucking him I took out the condom and asked if he’d rather fuck me. He said he very much wanted to. We flipped up the seats, I pulled my yoga pants to my ankles and got on all fours. He put on the condom and pushed into my pussy from behind. He fucked me and I came hard on his thick cock. Soon after that he pulled out, peeled off the condom, and covered my fat ass with a huge load of cum. We got cleaned up, and again disappeared in our own vehicles.

18 thoughts on “My husband drove, while I was in the backseat… [MF] non-fiction sex stories”

  1. I expected a masturbation story, clicked in, and discovered something 1000x hotter 😍
    New bf/ husband goals🙏🏼 I love this!!!

  2. So the really hot thing about this is that it’s not really about what’s going on in the backseat – it’s about all of the other senses besides sight which your husband is using to enjoy your play. Sounds and smells… being able to steal a glimpse of what’s happening. Maybe your backseat partner was verbal for your husbands enjoyment or maybe he purposefully kicked the driver’s seat to show how he’s straining from your attentions. Knowing what’s going on without being able to see it all lets your mind fill in the blanks, and that often can make the experience that much hotter. Nicely done…

  3. While you were bent over I have to ask, did you make sure your butthole didn’t stink? Having a stinky sphincter shoved in your face is a turn off for some.
    Not for me though. I lovvvvve smelling stinky bums! Especially while their husband watches me sniff it.


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