My group project experience sex stories

Freshman year in college we had a small group project assigned to a partner (boy) and myself. We kept blowing off the plans to get it done in the library and so on. It was the night before he called me saying we needed to get this done and keep in mind we did not even start on this project. So like I said he called me invited me over to his place, spent hours brain storming and getting the project done. We were so exhausted and stressed out that we decided to relieve and reward our selfs with some alcohol. (Everyone knows add a lil alcohol and things will get frisky.) So as the night continued we were asking each other personal questions to my surprise I come to found out he has never done anything more than kiss a girl. (Kinda nerdy keep in mind) So me being me I took off my top so he can feel my breast and play with my nipples. Then came off my sweats n he began to finger me n taste his fingers. Which just got me dripping wet. So I grabbed his face and forced it to my pussy, he didn’t know how to eat it but it was still feeling great. I lay down on his bed as I’m telling him to fuck he pulled down his boxers n whips out this maybe 9inch monster. As he lead the head in I just gasp from the stretching it’s doing to me as he began to thrust the more and more I was feeling every inch of him. He didn’t last long but he felt so good that I let him finish inside me.

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